Project Slayers tier list - Clans and Demon Arts ranked

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One clan in Project Slayers.
January 27, 2023: We added the three new BDAs and Clans from UPD 1 into the tier lists below.

If you're just now making a start in the next big Roblox Demon Slayer game, you're going to want to know the Project Slayers clans available and where they rank on the all-important Project Slayers tier list. Beyond which Breathing styles you choose, your clan will play a big part in your overall power.


Down below, we'll go over what we know about the Project Slayers clans and, as explained already, the Project Slayers tier list. It's early days yet, though, so expect a lot of the rankings to move around soon. Balance patches are a dime a dozen early into a big new release.

For more Roblox stuff, check out the Project Slayers codes list. That's an important one if you're hoping to reroll for the best combo possible already. For other games, check out Slayers Unleashed codes and overall Roblox codes. And if you're just starting out, here's everything you need to know about the Project Slayers Trello and Project Slayers Discord. Both are final information sources you can use to gain an edge.

Project Slayers tier list - what's the best Project Slayers clan?

Clan Grade Rarity
Sakurai, Fujiwara, Mori, Hashimoto, Saito, Ishida, Nishimura, Ando, Onishi, Fukuda, Kurosaki, Haruno, Bakugo, Toka, Izuku, Suzuki, TodorokiFUnknown

Not only is the list above the current Project Slayers clan tier list, it's also just a general list of every Project Slayers clan available in the game right.


Though some (common clans) are "literally useless" according to the developers and don't really need to be even thought about, we've stuffed them into the tier list above to serve as a reminder.

As for grading, the Project Slayers clan tier list above ranks each clan based on their rarity for now. Over time, we'll likely see some more common clans edge out the rarest ones.

This isn't entirely due to the being stronger, but more down to a higher number of players having access to them, making it easier to work out the nuances and tricks of the clan's skillset.


What's the difference between Project Slayers clans?

In a nutshell, there's one clear difference between Project Slayers clans: Uncommon and above versus those that are simply labelled as common clans.

The main difference is that any clan that isn't common gets a passive buff. If you're rocking a common clan, you get absolutely nothing beyond the bare minimum. With no single boost to speak off, you're at a severe disadvantage against players with any other clan.

As you unlock rarer clans, though, you'll start to notice other key differences. You can check out the full Project Slayers clan passive list on the Project Slayers Trello page to get a deep-dive into how each one works, what bonuses they bring to the table, and why you might actually want an uncommon one over a rare one if there's a specific playstyle you just enjoy.


Project Slayers Demon Art and breathing tier list - best Demon Art and breathing style

Currently, players cannot gain Sun Breathing, as it is locked to only admins for now. If it becomes available, we'll add it to our list!

In terms of what each Breathing and Demon Art ability do, they can provide some extra abilities; for instance, the Reaper Demon Art will allow you to sprint instead of roll toward enemies.


Some are created with specific characters in mind, such as Insect Breathing that gives Shinobu Kocho the strength to cut down demons, but the ones you settle on are essentially up to you. If you're not hyper-competitive, just go for whatever setup you find the most fun.

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