Project Slayers Discord link - how to get access and support

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January 25, 2023: Check out the Project Slayers Discord to find a buddy for all the new content.

A huge part of Roblox games is the community surrounding them, especially from the games' official sources. Here's how to find and get into the Project Slayers Discord. The creators of Project Slayers seem to be quite secretive - they don't advertise a Twitter page or any developer tools aside from the dedicated Discord.


The channel can be beneficial and fun for players to join and interact with. Discord communities are often where codes get dropped first, and where updates, polls, and Q&As take place with creators. And of course, where players can discuss the game together.

We've got a handy page of all the Project Slayers codes, and a Project Slayers tier list covering Breathing, Demon Arts, and clans. Lastly, the Project Slayers Trello link is something worth seeking out as well. That's where the developers keep all their own custom-made guides and content lists. If you're lost, that's where to go.

How do I get access to the Project Slayers Discord?

Some Roblox game makers readily advertise their communities, and really encourage players to get involved. Project Slayers has a Discord, too. It's quite big.


Where is the Project Slayers Discord link?

The Project Slayers Discord link can be found right here.

Of course, you can also join via the Roblox game page. Scroll down the Project Slayers page to the 'Social Links' tab, and there is a Community button for the Discord. Click this, and your app will open and ask if you would like to join. Of course, you can just click the link in the paragraph above to the same end.


How to talk in the Project Slayers Discord

You'll then be in the welcome channel, but before you can take part, you need to follow some steps to verify yourself as a user. This includes accepting the channel's rules, and verifying your phone number by entering a code sent directly to you.

Then, you need to run a command (/verify) in the specific verification channel. Due to the game being a new release, the bot working on this can be overwhelmed and may not work. Just be patient.


Once this is done, you'll have total access to chat and share with other Slayers fans. If you need to coordinate with them, the Project Slayers map is worth opening up as well.

The Project Slayers Discord link splash screen.

How to find the Project Slayers Support Discord link

If you've been a victim of the game's recent exploit spams and character wipes, you'll probably want to access the Project Slayers Support Discord instead. It's a completely different server dedicated to getting help with your account.


So if you've lost a character, been scammed, or just ran into some other bug, you'll probably get a response there faster than you would in the main Project Slayers Discord.

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