Project Slayers Trello link - Tips and game details

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Project Slayers Trello
January 25, 2023: Check out the Project Slayers Trello after the game's first big update.

A new hit Roblox game is here in the shape of Project Slayers and fans are scrambling to find all the information they can on it. If you're looking for information of all sorts, here's the Project Slayers Trello link to help you out.


The Trello is already full of helpful things for anyone diving into Project Slayers. There are NPC and quests details, a breakdown of the weapons, and of course details on the updates that will be coming to the game. With details on the items in the game and their locations, it's a vital resource for any player.

With the community also here to help via the Project Slayers Discord, where players can discuss the game together, you'll have everything you need. We've also got a handy page of all the Project Slayers codes, and a Project Slayers tier list covering Breathing, Demon Arts, and clans.

What is the Project Slayers Trello link?

Much like the Discord, finding the Project Slayers Trello isn't that easy. Rather than trawling various searches to try and find it, getting the direct link is the best way to got. To help you out, just click the Project Slayers Trello link right here.

You may need to log into Trello to make the most of what the board has to offer you, but going direct to the page via that link will get you on the right path.

As for where we found it, the game's Discord channel has had it pinned to its general chat board for a while now. Project Slayers itself entered development toward the end of 2020, and its progress was public for the most part.


If you had hopped into the Discord early, you could have followed along with development right up to this point. Even now, though, keeping an eye on it will ensure you're always aware of what's right around the corner.

A view of the Project Slayers Trello board.

What's in the Project Slayers Trello?

Essentially, the Project Slayers Trello is an organisation board with various tips on how the mechanics in the Roblox game work. We've put together a list of what exactly you can expect to find in it:

  • General Information
  • Codes
  • Update Logs
  • Information on quests and the NPC who give them
  • A breakdown of all the location in the game and what they look like
  • A list of the items you'll get while playing
  • A list of all the Project Slayers weapons
  • An explanation of who the trainers in the game are
  • Details on the Breathing Styles, Races, and Demon Blood Arts
  • A breakdown of the equipment and cosmetics in the game, as well as the boss drops you'll find
  • Info on the Clans and their rarity
  • Passes for the game
  • Guides on the game's mechanics, which can be complex
  • And finally, the Project Slayers credits

We're sure more will be added to the Project Slayers Trello over the coming days and weeks, especially if the game stays as popular as it currently is. Therefore, keep checking back with it for more details on the game, in case you're missing something important.

For more Roblox chatter, check out our Anime Adventures tier list and Anime Adventures codes guide. It's a title that's proving to be just as popular as this one. And if you're not set on just Demon Slayer stuff, it's a good game to keep on the side. Lastly, grab some extra Roblox codes or Shindo Life codes for even more freebies!