Demon Slayer RPG 2 Codes - Free Resets and Rerolls

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Image of a Roblox character looking into the distance in Demon Slayer RPG 2.
June 30, 2022: We checked for new Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes, but there weren't any new ones.

The latest Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes you can keep ahead of the game and ensure your Roblox fighter is built for exactly how you want to play. Whether it's resetting your breathing style, Nichirin color, or Demon Art, there are ways to reroll your Demon Slayer RPG 2 character without spending Robux.

t's a dangerous world out there, and the right abilities and stats can make all the difference to your survival. Skipping the latest codes could truly be the difference between an easy win and a brutal defeat.

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All Working Demon Slayer RPG 2 Codes

  • !SpideyFreeBreathingReset – breathing reset
  • !SpideyFreeDemonArtReset – demon art reset
  • !SpideyFreeEXPBoost – EXP boost
  • !SpideyFreeNichirinColorReset – nichirin colour reset
  • !SpideyFreeRaceReset – race reset

  • !April2022FreeRaceReset - Race reset
  • !April2022FreeDemonArtReset - Demon art reset
  • !April2022FreeBreathingReset - Breathing style reset
  • !April2022FreeNichirinColorReset - Nichirin Color
  • !April2022FreeEXPBoost - EXP Boost

The following Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes were last checked and confirmed expired on June 30, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • !42kSubsRaceReset - Race reset
  • !42kSubsDemonArtReset - Demon Art reset
  • !42kSubsBreathingReset - Breathing reset
  • !42kSubsNichirinColorReset - Nichirin Color Reset
  • !42kSubEXPBoost - EXP Boost 1HR

  • !300klikesRaceReset - Race reset
  • !300klikesDemonArtReset - Demon Art reset
  • !300klikesBreathingReset - Breathing reset
  • !300klikesNichirinColorReset - Nichirin Color reset
  • !300klikesEXPBoost - EXP Boost
  • !100milvisitsRaceReset - Race reset

  • !100milvisitsDemonArtReset - Art Reset
  • !100milvisitsBreathingReset - Breathing reset
  • !100milvisitsNichirinColorReset - Nichrin reset
  • !100milvisitsEXPBoost - EXP boost

  • !32kSubsRaceReset - Race Reset
  • !32kSubsDemonArtReset - Demon Art Reset
  • !32kSubsBreathingReset - Breathing Reset
  • !32kSubsNichirinColorReset - Nichirin Color Reset
  • !32kSubsEXPBoost - EXP boost 1hr

  • !25kSubsRaceReset - Race Reset
  • !25kSubsDemonArtReset - Demon Art Reset
  • !25kSubsBreathingReset - Breathing Reset
  • !25kSubsNichirinColorReset - Nichirin Color Reset

  • !25kSubsEXPBoost - EXP boost 1hr
  • !600kfavRaceReset - Race Reset
  • !600kfavBreathingReset - Breathing Style Reset
  • !600kfavDemonArtReset - Demon Art Reset
  • !600kfavNichironColorReset - Nichirin Colour Reset
  • !600kfavEXPBoost - EXP Boost
  • !75milRaceReset - Race Reset

  • !75milDemonArtReset - Demon Art Reset
  • !75milBreathingReset - Breathing Style Reset
  • !75milNichirinColorReset - Nichirin Color Reset
  • !75milEXPBoost- EXP Boost 1 Hour
  • !OneYearAnniversaryRaceReset - Race reset

  • !OneYearAnniversaryDemonArtReset - Demon Art reset
  • !OneYearAnniversaryBreathingReset - Breathing reset
  • !OneYearAnniversaryNichirinColorReset - Nichirin Color reset
  • !200kEXPBoost - Awards an EXP boost
  • !200kNichirinColorReset

  • !200kBreathingReset
  • !200kDemonArtReset
  • !200kRaceReset
  • !50milNichirinColorReset

  • !50milBreathingReset
  • !50milDemonArtReset
  • !50milRaceReset
  • !10kRaceReset

  • !10kDemonArtReset
  • !10kBreathingReset
  • !10kNichirinColorReset
  • !10kEXPBoost

More Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes are set to release when the game gets 52k codes.

How to use Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes in Roblox.
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How Do I Use Demon Slayer RPG 2 Codes in Roblox?


To redeem the Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes, open up the game's chatbox (top-left) and type or paste a code into the chatbox, then hit enter. Though you'll notice errors popping up in the bottom-right of the screen, the codes (if active and working) will still award the resets and EXP boosts they promised.

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On top of that, you now need to join the Demon Slayer RPG group with the same account you use to play the game. It's not the first Roblox experience to lock codes behind a trick like this. If a code isn't working that's listed as active, chances are you haven't joined the group.

When Do Demon Slayer RPG 2 Codes Expire?

Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes aren't as generous as some of the other big Roblox experiences out there, and the developers aren't as open to discussing them as you might like.


Because of that, we're not entirely sure when codes expire or when more typically show up. That being said, it's generally safe to assume codes arrive with each update, causing codes issued during the previous update to expire.

When Will New Demon Slayer RPG 2 Codes Drop?

New Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes will drop when the Higoshi YouTube channel hits 32,000 Subs.

How to play so that you can access and use Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes.
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How Do I Play Demon Slayer RPG 2?

To play Demon Slayer RPG 2, just open up Roblox on your Xbox, phone, tablet, or PC. As soon as the game directory shows up, click on the search bar at the top of the page. Type "Demon Slayer RPG 2" and press 'Enter'.

Though the name probably won't look right (it changes with each update), the first result will always be correct in this case. Click it to be taken to the Demon Slayer RPG 2 page. From there, just hit the big 'Play' button and you'll be on your way to its dark and terrifying world.

Sit through a few opening animations and you'll land on the game's main menu. Hit 'Play', choose your gender, and you'll begin your new life as a demon slayer.

How Do I Use Resets in Demon Slayer RPG 2?

Rewards from Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes activate as soon as the code is redeemed. You can't store multiple free rerolls for a rainy day. You'll want to be absolutely sure that you want to perform the action dictated by the code before you use it. You won't get another chance, and you can't undo any changes after the fact.

How to get more resets in Demon Slayer RPG 2.
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How Can I Get More Resets in Demon Slayer RPG 2?


Currently, the only other way to reset character traits and aspects like colours, breathing abilities, demon arts, and races is to open up the shop in the bottom-left area of the screen.

The cost of rerolling and resetting your character varies depending on what you're trying to reroll. Be aware that without free codes, you will need to spend Robux to maximize your character.

What's New With the Demon Slayer RPG 2 Update?


  • Hantengu DEMON ART ADDED!
    • Hantengu Echo Scream (1st Skill)
    • Hantengu Thunder Shock (2nd Skill)
    • Hantengu Vacuum Shredder (3rd Skill)
    • Hantengu Spear Manipulation (4th Skill)
    • Hantengu Spear Thrusting Jabs (5th Skill)
    • Hantengu Spear Vault (6th Skill)
    • Hantengu Spear Thrusting Vacuum Shredder (7th Skill)
    • Hantengu Spear Counter (8th Skill)
    • Added Hantengu Spear Blocking Animation
  • Updated every sword hit effect (added more blood and blood splatter)
  • Added New Minobu Village Music
  • Added New Butterfly Estate Music
  • Added New Human Idle Animation
  • Added Demon Unique Idle Animation (Humans and Demons have different base idles)
  • Added new unarmed blocking animation
  • New Sword Block Effect
  • Gamepass swords should load in more consistently now
  • Added Startup Sound Effect for Akaza's Teleport Punch (3rd Skill)
  • Fixed Halloween Sword Nichirin Bug
  • Added new sword blocking animation
  • Added 5 new sword block hit animations
  • REMADE Flower 2nd Skill (Dash Skill)
  • Fixed Floating Blocking Animation Bug
  • Added new sword running animation
  • Added new dual sword running animation (Sound + Beast)
  • New Menu Music
  • Biwa has new sound effects for their skills
  • Biwa new music audio when you hold V
  • New Rain Weather SFX (Rain loop, Thunder sfx)
  • Started to work on the next breathing (50% done, not out yet)
  • Updated Gamemode GUI (not fully designed but looks better)
  • NEW Insect Breathing 4th Skill
  • Insect Second Skill is now 1.5x Speed


  • Removed Halloween Event
  • Nerfed Demon Running Speed
  • Nerfed Demon Evolution Speed Buff
  • Fixed Demons running super fast randomly
  • Fist Combat M2 Knockbacks if your not blocking
  • Lowered Night Ambient Volume
  • Lowered volume of combat music
  • Thunder Weather now has randomized delay between playing
  • Fixed some bug errors that are being spammed
  • Fixed Shinobu Sword Gamepass
  • Fixed demons having nichirin swords
  • Made hitbox better for second insect skill
  • Made raining less common
  • Optimized NPC's a bit
  • Removed Demons Traits
  • Swamp 1st Skill has been fixed


  • Nerfed Flames 4th skill speed by x2
  • Heavily reduced stun of Flames 4th skill (Flame 4th skill will be entirely re-worked in the future)
  • Flames 2nd Skill CD nerfed (5 seconds 7 seconds)
  • Increased Knockback of 4th Flame Skill
  • Wind Third Skill has knockback at the end of the skill
  • Buffed Wind Third Skill Hitbox
  • Increased Wind's 3rd Global CD
  • Buffed Flame's 4th Skill Hitbox Size
  • Buffed Flame's 4th DMG
  • Added delay to Demons M2
  • Akaza Cannot Escape out of combos anymore
  • Buffed Akaza iFRAMES by 2 seconds
  • Nerfed Akaza 3rd Skill DMG
  • Nerfed Swamp Puddle Clone Attack DMG
  • Distant Mist CD nerfed (3seconds-5seconds)
  • Mist 3rd Skill now has a new animation
  • Mist 3rd Skill now has a higher charge up delay
  • Mist 3rd can be cancelled during charge up
  • Mist 4th Skill now has a slight longer charge up
  • Mist 4th can be cancelled during charge up
  • Mist 3rd has a higher knockback
  • Buffed Mist 3rd Cooldown (15 Seconds 9 Seconds)
  • Buffed Mist 3rd Skill Global Cooldown (3.5 Seconds -> 2 Seconds)

Community Updates:

  • Updated Tanjiro's Morph (Mine)
  • Updated Mitsuri Morph (Hashira)
  • Updated Obanai Morph (Hashira) + Obanai NPC

The latest Demon Slayer RPG 2 update arrived on December 1, 2021. It was the long-delayed November patch detailed earlier. The focus was the Hantengu demon art, but new music and other animations were added as well.

When Is the Next Demon Slayer RPG 2 Update?

The next Demon Slayer RPG 2 update will arrive in time for the holidays. Expect a themed event alongside the usual bugfixes and community updates. The developer has promised to publish a video soon detailing some of the announced changes.

What Are Some Other Demon Slayer Roblox Games?

Right now, the biggest Demon Slayer Roblox game around is Slayers Unleashed. It gets updates every couple of days, adding new bosses, abilities, and dungeon content to mess around with. They're usually pretty difficult to clear as well.

Each update comes with stacks of codes, and the developer often drops 100 codes for bigger milestones: which are hit virtually every other week. It's very fun. Demonfall is still doing well for itself without giving everything away. They're both worth checking out. And yes, we do have Demonfall codes as well.