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January 12, 2022: Months after launch, it would appear that Monument of the Dead codes are never coming.

The latest Monument of the Dead codes should keep you from being ravaged by Roblox ghouls in a dusty old mine. And, luckily for you, we've put together a whole guide dedicated to them. Released by Badimo (the team behind the ever-popular Jailbreak game) this brand-new Roblox experience has a lot of eyes on it already.

Now released in a beta state, there are the makings of something great here. It's a PvPvE style game where players work together to survive. Anyone who doesn't make it then joins the ranks of the undead, becoming a major threat to the plans of the living.

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All Working Monument of the Dead Codes

  • There are no Monument of the Dead codes just yet.

The following Monument of the Dead codes were last checked and confirmed expired on January 12, 2022.

Expired Codes:

  • No codes have expired yet. How could they?

How Do I Use Monument of the Dead Codes?

Currently, Monument of the Dead codes aren't a thing. The game is still in beta. Made in eight days, there's a small amount of content here. It's just the core game, with players able to essentially playtest it.

While there's no promise, it's assumed that a warm reception and general popularity will spur the developers into working on Monument of the Dead updates: including elements for codes to exist.

There's a shop visible in the lobby, but it's not open yet. Once it launches, expect Monument of the Dead codes to follow. We expect them to be redeemed from a specific place: like the ATM system in Jailbreak.

What Is Monument of the Dead?

Monument of the Dead is a Roblox experience from the talented developer behind Jailbreak. The two titles couldn't be more different, however. Where Jailbreak is a fun game of cops and robbers, Monument of the Dead is a zombie survival game with PvP elements. One is scary, the other is just suspenseful.

In Monument of the Dead, the aim is to find the monument and hold the Remedium found inside. To do that, you need to dig through the tunnels and follow the flares that can help lead you to it.

You're up against AI eneny waves and other treasure hunters looking to push you aside for their own gain. Players caught out by the AI monstrosities become one themselves, where it then becomes a case of exacting revenge against the living.

What Do Monument of the Dead Codes Do?

Given there aren't any just yet, what Monument of the Dead codes will give when used is still up in the air. Weapon skins would be a safe bet, but they're not available just yet. The game is in beta, after all. Polish like that typically comes later down the line.

Is Monument of the Dead Co-Op Multiplayer?

Yes, Monument of the Dead features co-op multiplayer. You're tossed into a lobby with others as soon as the game loads. If you want to play with your friends, you'll need to use a private server.

Is Monument of the Dead on Mobile?

Monument of the Dead is made with controllers in mind. It's tricky to play on mobile, but it does work just find. Try it and see, but you'll probably want a Bluetooth controller on hand to make things a little easier.

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