Pokémon Unite New Items - Razor Claw, Choice Specs, and Weakness Policy Judged

New Items have arrived in Pokémon Unite to kick off the mobile launch. The Version patch notes have confirmed that the hit MOBA spin-off was open to the idea of adding new items for combatants to take into the various arena on Aeos Island. Though the Held Items list wasn't short by any stretch of the imagination already, it has since grown, adding even more build options, strategies, and team synergies to any already complex PVP brawler.

Looking for more Pokémon Unite info? With the game hitting a whopping 7,500,000 preregistrations across iOS and Android long after the Nintendo Switch release, it's safe to say the second coming of the game is expected to be big. Brush up on your builds by checking out our Pokémon Unite tier list, learn how to open the statistics screen to learn from past mistakes, and research Mamoswine and Sylveon. They're coming soon.

What Are the New Pokémon Unite Items?

The Pokémon Unite Razor Claw is a new held item.
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Razor Claw

Effect: Increases the damage of the next Basic Attack by 10/15/20 after using a move. If held by a melee Pokémon, this basic attack slows its target for a short time.

Stat Increase: Attack and Critical Hit Rate.

Verdict: With a damage boost from each move, power scaling from Attack, and an added slow effect for melee Pokémon, expect this to be a popular pick going forward. Most of the game's bruisers are going to put this to good use.

All-Rounders are typically melee-focused Pokémon that rely on their Basic Attacks to pressure opponents. If they can land one Basic Attack between each main ability, they'll enjoy boosted attacks and consistent slows with each swing, helping them keep up with ranged targets. Absol will get a kick out of it, but even Gengar can put that Crit Rate to good use.

The Pokémon Unite Choice Specs are a new held item.
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Choice Specs

Effect: Increases the damage of moves by a minimum of 40/50/60 when they hit. The higher the Pokémon's Sp. Atk the more the damage is increased.

Stat Increase: Sp. Atk.

Verdict: Rather than locking you into a single attack like it would in a mainline game, the Pokémon Unite Choice Specs simply boost any and all moves you throw out "by a minimum of 40." Scaling with the relevant stat like most items in the game, this is one for the Gardevoirs, Venusaurs, and Gengars of the match.

The Pokémon Unite Weakness Policy is a new held item.
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Weakness Policy

Effect: Increases the Pokémon's Attack by 1/2/3% for a short time when the Pokémon receives damage. This increase grows larger the more times damage is received.

Stat Increase: HP and Attack.

Verdict: The Pokémon Unite Weakness Policy is certainly different from its main series counterpart. That boils down to weakness and resistance mechanics being non-existent.

Because this ability stacks the more the user is hit, it's best suited to a Pokémon that can go a few rounds. Think Snorlax or Crustle. Enduring Pokémon like Garchomp and a perfectly played Cinderace will probably be able to put this to good use as well. Just remember that it boosts Attack. It won't suit Sp. ATK Pokémon like Blissey or Slowbro.

What Are Super Item Enhancers?

Another new item added to Pokémon Unite in the same update is the legendary Super Item Enhancer. This rare new item is a better version of the Item Enhancer that originally added to the Pokémon Unite P2W argument.

Super Item Enhancers can only currently be obtained by logging in during the new patch. Claimed via the Events screen, every player gets three for free. Super Item Enhancers upgrade a Held Item straight to Grade 30. Claim all three and you'll be able to immediately max out each of the new items above.

And that's the lot! That each of the new Held Items put into their place. They're all worthwhile additions to the Pokémon Unite system we expect to see sneak into the meta pretty quickly. Even if you're not using them yourself, memorize their effects so that you're not caught off guard in future matches.

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