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Pokémon Unite - Held Items

There's a difference between playing and competing in Pokémon Unite. While you can get by just picking a Pokémon and using its moves, the best know exactly how to customise their favourites to get the most out of their abilities. Part of that boils down to Pokémon Unite Held Items. Read on to find out how these incredibly useful pieces of equipment can turn the tide of battle. Here are all the Pokémon Unite Held Items, what they do, and how to unlock them.

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What Are Held Items in Pokemon Unite?

Just like the main games, Pokémon can take select items into battle to help it perform at its best. Pokémon Unite Held Items work like equipment instead; rather than being stuck to just one, you can pick and choose any three to take in battle, buffing your Pokémon's stats and offering neat passive abilities with various effects.

All Pokemon Unite Held Items

Below is a neat table detailing each available held item, what it does, and its cost. Expect this list to grow over time and more are made available through patches and updates.

Name Effect How to Obtain
Muscle BandIncreases basic attack damage.Aeos Emporium or Day 1 Mission Rewards
Rocky HelmetDeals damage to nearby opposing Pokémon when the holder receives damage.Aeos Emporium
Assault VestWhen the Pokémon is not in combat, grants it a shield that nullifies Sp. Atk damage.Aeos Emporium
Exp. ShareIncreases the Pokémon's passive Exp. Point gain while it has the fewest Exp. Points on the team. However, the Pokémon will only receive Exp. Points for defeating wild Pokémon if it deals the final blow.Aeos Emporium
Sp. Atk SpecsIncreases Sp. Atk after the okémon successfully scores a goal.Aeos Emporium
Attack WeightIncreases Attack after the Pokémon successfully scores a goal.Aeos Emporium
Aeos CookieIncreases max HP after the Pokémon successfully scores a goal.Aeos Emporium
Score ShieldGrants a shield while the Pokéon is attempting to score a goalAeos Emporium
Buddy BarrierGrants a shield to the Pokémon and to the nearby ally Pokémon with the lowest HP when the Pokémon uses its Unite Move.Aeos Emporium
Float StoneIncreases movement speed when not in combat.Aeos Emporium
Energy AmplifierHas the Pokémon deal increased damage to opposing Pokémon for a short time after it uses its Unite Move.Aeos Emporium
Focus BandContinually restores the Pokémon's HP for a short time when the Pokémon drops to low HP.Aeos Emporium
Wise GlassesIncreases Sp. Atk.Aeos Emporium
Shell BellRestores some of the Pokémon's HP whenever it successfully lands a move.Aeos Emporium
Scope LensIncreases critical-hit damage.Aeos Emporium
How to use Held Items in Pokémon Unite after equipping them.
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How Do I Use Held Items?

The effects of held items trigger automatically when their conditions are met - like being outside of combat for a predetermined amount of time in the case of the Float Stone. These aren't items you need to manually activate to enjoy. But you need to equip them before the match starts. You can do this one of two ways:

  • In the Battle Prep screen accessible by pressing X on the main lobby screen.
  • In the pre-match lobby.

Slot a different held item into each of the three available slots and you'll be playing at your best.

How Do I Unlock More Held Item Slots?

When you're first getting started in Pokémon Unite, you only have access to one of three Held Item slots. That can hold you back. But so long as you're only playing against people of comparative trainer level, things should still be fair.

Slowly unlocking Held Item slots is a way to ease you into the deeper Pokémon Unite builds and potential meta. But once you become more familiar with its mechanics and you favourite Pokémon's moveset and strategies, you're going to want to supplement them with more held items. Slots are how you'll do that.

You unlock more Held Item slots as you increase your trainer level. Keep playing more matches and you'll slowly unlock all three held item slots; the first as soon as you start the game, the second at level seven, and the last at level ten.

What Are Held Item Stats?

Upgrading Held Items in Pokémon Unite provides boosts to not only its raw stat bonuses, but its main effect as well. This can make a massive difference in battle. Fail to keep on top of held item upgrades as you unlock the ability to do so and opponents of the same level you used to take down might be able to suddenly fight back.

Upgrading held items in Pokémon Unite.
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How Do I Upgrade Held Items in Pokémon Unite?

As you progress through Pokémon Unite, upgrading held items will become a necessary step. Without the added stat and passive ability bonuses they provide, failing to upgrade them will put you at a noticeable disadvantage against the more competitive side of things.

To upgrade held items in Pokémon Unite, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Press 'X' on the main lobby screen.
  2. Go into Battle Prep.
  3. Go into Held Items.
  4. Go into All Held Items.
  5. Select the held item you want to upgrade.
  6. Hit 'X' and L/R to review each upgrade step.
  7. Hit 'B' to back out and press 'A' twice to initiate the upgrade.

Held items upgrade from stage one all the way to 20. Stats will increase with each step, but the held item's main ability will only upgrade at level 10 and 20 respectively. To do so requires various amounts of Item Enhancer coins, which you can learn more about in our Pokémon Unite currency guide.

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