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As a MOBA title, Pokemon Unite takes cues from the dozens of other games that have come before it. League of Legends, Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, and Heroes of the Storm all use gameplay elements similar to Pokemon Unite. By familiarizing yourself with the long history of MOBA mechanics, you'll learn how to level up fast in Pokemon Unite, giving you the means to stay one step ahead of the opposing team at all times.

Leveling up fast in Pokemon Unite can truly make all the difference in a match. Your Pokemon grows in strength each time it levels up. Especially so when they evolve: which, if you learn how to get Zeraora for free in Pokemon Unite you won't even have to worry about. If that's not your style, check out our Pokemon Unite tier list for the best Pokemon to level up fast.

By maximizing your EXP gain to level up fast in Pokemon Unite, you'll reliably stay stronger than the opposing team. This, in turn, increases your chances of clearing the field in time to score another goal. And yes, that awards EXP, too.

How Do You Level Up Fast In Pokemon Unite?

Leveling up fast in Pokemon Unite means gaining EXP fast. And this can be done in a number of ways. For most Pokemon, it's going to mean defeating others; whether that's Pokemon on the opposite team or wild Pokemon dotted around each map.

How to last hit and level up fast in Pokemon Unite.
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Last Hit Every Pokemon

Last hitting is a staple of traditional MOBA titles that still applies to Pokemon Unite. To level up fast in Pokemon Unite means doing your best to deliver the killing blow.

Confused as to what it means to last hit in Pokemon Unite? It's easy. Though anyone around you, whether they participated in the fight or not, will gain EXP when a non-friendly Pokemon goes down, the player who delivered the final blow will gain the most: typically double. If you're not last hitting every Pokemon you fight, you're losing EXP.

Of course, this doesn't mean teams should be fighting over who gets the last hit. When the team is split into lanes, Support Pokemon should allow Attacker-class Pokemon to get the last hit. Without them leveling fast, they'll struggle to defend against the opposing Pokemon as the match goes on.

Farm Pokemon Camps

Like in just about any Pokemon game, Pokemon Unite features an extensive list of wild Pokemon. These can, and should, be attacked, as they provide vital EXP used to level up fast in Pokemon Unite. Wild Pokemon spawn and respawn at set places throughout the match.

By getting the timing of their respawn rates down, you'll be able to map strategic routes around the map to get the most amount of EXP possible. As before, ensure you're getting the last hit on these Wild Pokemon for this very reason.

Another feature to come straight out of the mainline Pokemon games is Pokemon that give drastically more EXP than others when defeated.

Those with higher HP pools tend to give the most. By focusing on last hitting your way through areas like Audino camps (traditionally big EXP providers), you'll be able to level up fast in Pokemon Unite by targeting hyper-specific Pokemon as you wander around the battlefield.

Defeat Drednaw to level up fast in Pokemon Unite.
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Defeat Drednaw When It Spawns

While it works the same way as the wild Pokemon dotted throughout the map, the Drednaw on Remoat Stadium awards considerably more EXP: typically a whole level to the team that defeats.

Last hitting Dreadnaw isn't important. It awards the same amount of EXP to the entire team whether they were present for the fight or not. But its strength will typically require entire teams to come together to defeat it later in the match.

With so much EXP at stake, expect the opposing team to come looking to steal it if they deduce you're taking it on. If you've already lost a bunch of HP to it, it's easy for the opposite team to pick you off and steal Drednaw.

It's a high-risk-high-reward objective that can give the opposing team a sudden advantage if you let them take it.

Keep scoring points to level up fast in Pokemon Unite.
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Keep Scoring Points

It doesn't matter why or how to level up fast in Pokemon Unite if you're not trying to score points. You can only win the game by playing the objective, and defeating other Pokemon isn't it. Thankfully, scoring points actually gives EXP as well, giving plenty of reason to mix the essential job into your EXP farming route.

Make Use of Double EXP Periods

In the last few minutes of the match, you'll level up fast in Pokemon Unite. Faster than before, that is. At double the speed, actually.

As a sort of bonus round likely designed to give the losing team a chance to catch up and turn the tables, either side can use these last few minutes to speed through any levels they have yet to gain. The same methods apply in this case, but you'll do well to seek out any currently available Pokemon camps to farm.

If there's a stack of Audino out in the field, these already bountiful sources of EXP will become massive EXP cows toward the end of the match.

Have Support Pokemon use EXP Share to level up fast in Pokemon Unite.
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How Does EXP Share Work in Pokemon Unite?

While most of the tips above on how to level up fast in Pokemon Unite won't apply to Supporter Pokemon, there is a way that's designed just for them: EXP Share.

It's imperative Supporter Pokemon level up just like any other Pokemon. But as they're not really designed to fight others, any attempt to do so can lead to them falling behind. This typically slows the rest of the team down as well. Simply put, any time spent trying to solo farm as a Support Pokemon is time better spent helping your team level up fast instead.

To aid in that, EXP Share can be held by the Supporter Pokemon. With it, EXP Points earned by the team will all be passively shared to the Pokemon holding the item, allowing them to level up fast as the rest of the team does so as well, leaving them able to actually using their helpful abilities to help the whole team level up fast in the process.

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