Pokémon Unite Currency - How Much Do Gems Cost And Other Questions Answered

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Pokémon Unite currency is a strange one, if only because there are so many different coins, tickets, and gems to get your head around. If you’re finding yourself confused by how to earn each currency or what to spend it on, then look no further. 

As we approach the Pokémon Unite release date, we’re slowly learning more about the game, and currency is no exception. Whether you’re looking to unlock the best Pokémon in Pokémon Unite, or earn some cool holowear (that’s outfits or skins to you or me) for your favourite monster, you’ll need some currency to do it.


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Table of Contents

Pokémon Unite Currency Explained

Here's the rundown on what the five different Pokémon Unite currencies do:

What Are Aeos Tickets?

Aeos Tickets are one of the primary forms of currency in Pokémon Unite, and you can get them in all manner of ways. You can earn them by increasing your Trainer Level, completing Events or Challenges, and for winning ranked matches. 


The most important thing you can spend Aeos Tickets on is unlocking new Pokémon via Unite Licenses. However, you can also buy some Trainer Skins and Held Items with them. We’d recommend sticking to unlocking Pokémon, though, so you have a full array of options heading into every match.

A list of missions that reward Pokémon Unite Aeos Coins.

What are Aeos Coins?

Aeos Coins are the second major currency in Pokémon Unite, earned in similar ways to Aeos Tickets. Complete challenges, missions, and events to earn them, and win matches to net yourself anywhere between 40 and 500 coins.


Challenges can also earn you as much as 1,700 Aeos Coins per day, so make sure you try to complete these as well.

Aeos Coins can also unlock Unite Licenses, which will set you back between 6,000 and 10,000 coins, or Held Items for your battles. Items are all priced at 1,000 coins or 625 Aeos Tickets. 

What are Fashion Tickets?

Fashion Tickets do just what they say on the tin. You can earn them by buying Pokémon Skins and Holowear, then spend them in the Clothing Shop. They can only be spent on items for your avatar, rather than outfits and skins for your Pokémon - which is known as Holowear.

What are Holowear Tickets?

Holowear can be bought with, you guessed it, Holowear Tickets. Despite the unimaginative name, Holowear is the best way to customise your Pokémon and make them truly unique to you. We’ve all seen the Snorlax with the rubber ring around its portly waist, and if you don’t want a part of that, then you’re a lost cause.

Buying Holowear can also reward you with Fashion Tickets to deck out your trainer, so it’s a win-win as far as we’re concerned.

Talonflame adorned with pilot goggles.

What are Gems?

Finally, we have Pokémon Unite Gems. The game’s premium currency, you can buy Gems with your IRL, hard-earned cash. Gems cost the following amount of money:

Gems Cost
2,450 (+290)£38.99
3,050 (+450)£48.99
6,000 (+1,100)£99.99

The first four levels of Gems also offer a one-time bonus of double the number of Gems for the same price - so make the most of that while you can!


The best thing to use your Gems for, should you purchase them, is unlocking Pokémon by buying their Unite Licenses. You can also buy the Pokémon Unite Battle Pass using Gems, which seems like a good investment to maximise your rewards for playing. 

You can also buy Pokémon skins, Battle Pass levels, and coin boosting items with Gems. If you’re on the grind, then the latter could be worthwhile, but we’ll be sticking to buying as many Unite Licenses as we can get our grubby little mitts on.