Pokémon Unite Greedent Build - Best Items and Moves

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December 13, 2021: Reduced clutter in the second Pokémon Unite Greedent build guide and added a link to the game's tier list.

Looking for the best Pokémon Unite Greedent build around? You'll find two great options below. Greedent is classed as an Expert-level Pokémon, and with good reason. Maximizing its potential requires extensive micro-management, timing your attacks with higher stacks of stashed berries to deal the most damage, heal your wounds, and reduce the cooldown of your moves.


Greedent is a melee Defender that uses the Attack stat. Bear that in mind if you switch out any of the items below to suit your personal preference. If that has you a little confused, you might want to read up on the Pokémon Unite Physical vs Special attack split.

Before we dive into speculation, why not look into what we do know about Pokémon Unite? The recent mobile launch brought a bunch of changes to the game, including new Held Items and new Pokémon like Blastoise, Sylveon, and Mamoswine. Before trying your hand at a Pokémon Unite Greendent build, consider looking up how to view the Pokémon Unite statistic screen. It's a great analytical tool.

This is one example of a meta Pokémon Unite Greedent build.

The Best Pokémon Unite Greedent Build Options

Pokémon Unite Greedent Build - Berry Belly Belch

Best Items Best Moves
Eject ButtonLv. 1: Tackle
Focus BandLv. 3: Defense Curl
Buddy BarrierLv. 5: Stuff Cheeks
Rocky HelmetLv. 7: Belch

Best for: Top-Lane Offense


Greedent is all about the Berries. Its attacks either cause berries to drop around it, or it consumes held berries for additional effects. Taking damage also causes held berries to be dropped, making Greedent's moveset a little unpredictable the more hectic a skirmish becomes.

By focusing on Stuff Cheeks and Belch, this Pokémon Unite Greedent build relies on dropping berries with Stuff Cheeks, and consuming them again to power up a powerful Belch that comes off cooldown more quickly than normal.

The idea is simple: slap your targets around with whatever Basic Attacks you can muster. Use Stuff Cheeks to keep topping up your HP, then use Belch to deliver a powerful attack by consuming all your hidden snacks. With enough tasty treats in your belly, Belch can come straight off cooldown, allowing for a potential finishing blow.

Even the item choices are pretty simple. Focus Band gives you a lifeline that could string you along until your next Stuff Cheeks is available. Buddy Barrier, when combined with a Unite Move that already heals you, can help an ally stay in the game with you. Lastly, Rocky Helmet is there to whittle down a team that just can't take you down. The longer you live, the more damage you deal without even really doing anything.

This is another example of a meta Pokémon Unite Greedent build.

Pokémon Unite Greedent Build - Football!

Best Items Best Moves
Eject ButtonLv. 1: Tackle
Buddy BarrierLv. 3: Defense Curl
Score ShieldLv. 5: Covet
Attack WeightLv. 7: Belch

Best for: Top-Lane Defense


This build sacrifices survivability, but in the right hands, it could be the killer build option. Covet gives Greedent a way to aggressively pursue targets throughout the match. Charging through like a football player, both Tackle and—once upgraded—Belch can be used as Greedent travels, it turns the voracious vermin into a run and gun shooter.

It drops berries in this process, meaning the longer you wait to Belch, the less damage you'll do, but you're also more than welcome to pick them back up on your return trip.

It's a great offensive measure if played out quickly enough, but a good idea is to defend the goal, chasing targets away and then vacuuming up the berries to heal and speed back to your post, stocking up for another powerful Belch should anyone try to take you on again.

Before that, though, you'll be making use of Tackle in a similar way. Popping Covet changes Tackle from a lunge into a death run. Greedent's bulk makes it a formidable wall. Use this combo in the early game and you should have no trouble keeping enemies away from your own partners long enough for them to strengthen up.

What's really different with this build is the item options. You're more than welcome to take any Battle Item you think will suit your playstyle, but the Held Items are set in stone.

Buddy Barrier is still there to support the team and provide backup when you pop your Unite Move, but Attack Weight and Score Shield encourages you to use Greedent's dangerous mobility to not only defend, but to score points as well. Its high HP pool makes for a good Score Shield barrier, while Attack Weight will ensure you only get stronger with each successful attempt.

Before using a Pokémon Unite Greedent build, you need to unlock the character.

What Counters Greedent in Pokémon Unite?

Best Greedent Counter Reason
GengarGengar's swift movements will put Greedent at a disadvantage
LucarioLucario has perhaps the best chance as taking Greedent on. Its swift movements and sharp, consistent strikes will be hard to avoid.
GarchompGarchomp's talent for dealing more damage to bulkier targets makes it a prime Greedent smasher. Lifesteal only helps. It's a great bare-knuckle approach that won't require much technical play like the two above.

Though it certainly makes a good effort, mobility isn't Greedent's strong suit. It can get far, but it can't really react to things around it very well. For that, Lucario and Genger and run circles around it, dishing out damage and weaving in and out, causing Belch to become difficult to aim and swiping berries. Garchomp, on the other hand, can simply outlive even a healing Greedent. It hits bulky enemies harder than others, making Greedent a prime target.

What Pairs Well With Greedent in Pokémon Unite?

Best Greedent Pairs Reason
BlisseyBlissey's lavish heals can keep the self-sufficient Pokémon kicking around even longer.
EldegossThough its heal will make a big difference, a pro Greedent will get more use out of a similarly skilled Pollen Puff Eldegoss.

Greedent has crazy survivability with all of its self-healing methods. Pairing it up with another healer will only make it virtually immortal. If you can keep your support safe, you'll be literally rolling with the punches the entire match. Blissey is a safer bet, but Eldegoss can make for some strong combos.

How Do I Unlock Greedent in Pokémon Unite?

On release, you could unlock Greedent for free in Pokémon Unite by participating in the Halloween event. Now that is has ended, the only way to get Greedent is by paying either Aeos Coins or Gems in the shop or by simply enjoying it on the weekly free rotation.