Pokémon Unite Medals Explained

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Pokémon Unite medals present a way to get a lot of valuable information very quickly. At the end of a match, every player is put on a pedestal in the final roundup, with a select few getting icons beneath their trainer and Pokémon. These match medals signify what that particular trainer brought to the team, which can go a long way in finding out who is worth bringing into your next match or even how to improve your own strategy going forward.

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What Do Pokémon Unite Medals Do?

Pokémon Unite medals are purely cosmetic decorations. They don't unlock anything new and they can't be used as Pokémon Unite currency for any sort of item or cosmetic. They serve only one purpose: to highlight what you brought to the team during the course of a match.

Though these can be shrugged off and ignored for the most part, medals can give vital performance data at a glance. If Venusaur earned the Healed medal in a match with an Eldegoss on the team, you'll know that your Support choice was generally underperforming. Likewise, if one player is consistently earning the KO medal, you know they're particularly strong.

Someone who earns the Best Score medal contributed the most to the objective. It's all useful information. Pokémon Unite medals won't earn you rewards, but they will earn you recognition in your team.


All of these contribute, in a way, to the final score each trainer gets on the results screen. The one with the highest overall score (out of 100) on the winning team is crowned the Gold MVP of the match. The person on the losing team with the highest value will be awarded the Silver MVP crown. Just like Pokémon Unite medals, MVP crowns serve no purpose.

All Pokémon Unite Medals

Right now, there are 16 Pokémon Unite medals you can be presented with at the end of each match. You can't have all of them at once (some are based on your Pokémon's role or serve as runner-up medals) but you'll likely see each and every one of them as you play more matches.

These, of course, can only be earned once per match, but can be earned an unlimited amount of times total. It all depends on the criteria you meet throughout the match.


Here are all the Pokémon Unite medals you can earn:

Medal Criteria
AssistHighest Assist score.
Best ScoreScore more points than your teammates.
HealedHealed the most HP.
InjuredTook the most damage on the team.
KOKnocked out the most Pokémon on the team.
Goal InterruptInterrupted the most goal attempts.
Gold All-RounderBe the best All-Rounder.
Gold All-RounderBe the best Defender.
Gold All-RounderBe the best Speedster.
Gold All-RounderBe the best Attacker.
Gold All-RounderBe the best Support.
Silver All-RounderBe the second best All-Rounder.
Silver DefenderBe the second best Defender.
Silver SpeedsterBe the second best Speedster.
Silver AttackerBe the second best Attacker.
Silver SupportBe the second best Support.

Whether more Pokémon Unite medals will be added over time is anyone's guess as the minute, but it likely won't be the core focus of any major update.

Checking Pokémon Unite medals in the Battle Record screen.

How Do I Check Pokémon Unite Medals After a Match?

If you missed the medal screen or just want to check the medals you earned a match after the fact, you can do this by going onto your Battle Record screen.

To do so, hit the 'L' button on the main lobby screen to access your Trainer Info. Tap into the Battle Record screen here and select the match you wish to view the results for. You'll see your earned medals under your Pokémon and player avatar.