Pokémon Unite Lucario Build - Best Items and Moves

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Searching for the very best Pokémon Unite Lucario build? Pokémon Unite welcomes the pseudo-legendary Lucario back into the spotlight. As an melee all-rounder, the Aura Pokémon shines in a bunch of different sitations., and our best Pokémon Unite Lucario build options will highlight the most useful items and moves and even walk you through how best to utilize them.

Lucario is a melee all-rounder that uses the Attack stat. Bear that in mind if you switch out any of the items below to suit your personal preference. Read up on the Pokémon Unite Physical vs Special attack split to understand why tossing something like Sp. Atk Specs on this character will only hold it back.


Whether you're new to Pokémon Unite or finally looking to pick up this powerful Pokémon, there's probably still a thing or two you can learn about the game. We have guides up detailing Battle Items, the cost and final stats of Held Items, and even how to cancel abilities before you waste them. That's a good technique to learn for this burst-heavy Pokémon.

Stats related to each Pokémon Unite Lucario build.

The Best Pokémon Unite Lucario Build Options

Pokémon Unite Lucario Build - Mach V

Best Items Best Moves
Eject ButtonLv. 1: Quick Attack
Muscle BandLv. 3: Meteor Mash
Attack WeightLv. 5: Extreme Speed
Float StoneLv. 7: Bone Rush

Best for: Top lane pressure

Potentially one of the most complicated and hands-on Pokémon Unite Lucario build choices relies on quick thinking and even quicker execution. It uses Extreme Speed and the multi-dash move Bone Rush to run rings around your opponent, using the resets from one attack to chain another.


After training your aim with Quick Attack, you'll have all the information you need to know how your opponents can respond as you unlock Bone Rush and Extreme Speed. This build is essentially a fast-paced take on how you fight in the first minute or two of a match, simply relying on a delicate weave of button presses to elongate the assault.

This boils down to how Extreme Speed and Bone Rush can reset each other's cooldowns. The effect of Bone Rush only kicks in after its second activation (the teleport). With that in mind, it's possible to launch its first attack in the team, Extreme Speed into your target, chain the resets by dashing to another, and, before it vanishes, tapping Bone Rush again to teleport back to its position, resetting Extreme speed once more.

You obviously want to deal area damage this way, but the more the enemy team is split up, the more chances you have to infinitely spam Extreme Speed. You can't chain it from the same target twice in a row, so being hyper-aware of your next victim and being able to pull off that kind of aim is the key to success here. Every Held Item just augments the power of your blows.

Lucario in Pokémon Unite.

Pokémon Unite Lucario Build - One-Punch Fan

Best Items Best Moves
X AttackLv. 1 Quick Attack
Muscle BandLv. 3: Meteor Mash
Scope Lens Lv. 5: Power-Up Punch
Float StoneLv. 7: Bone Rush

Best for: Jungle/roaming


This Pokémon Unite Lucario build channels the iconic monster's physical prowess to deliver a single, powerful punch to targets that, in an ideal world, can one-shot enemy carries and supports. If you can delete a Pokémon before they even come into the team battle equation, the match is as good as yours.

This build is best used as a roaming jungler, but it can work just as well when it comes to pressuring a lane with a buddy.

Quick Attack and Meteor Smash will help you get a feel for your opponent's movements and playstyle. Just pressure them away from objectives and Pokémon camps. Then, once you unlock Bone Rush and Power-Up Punch, you can exploit that knowledge to land a fully charged punch, get your distance with Bone Rush, and go in for another. Just pop X Attack before the blow and you're good to go.

Though it's nowhere near as fast as the Bone Rush/Extreme Speed build, it's just as prone to mess-ups. Miss a punch and you can land yourself in hot water, relying on Bone Rush to get out. If you think you still need a bit of practice, swap X Attack out for Eject Button and Float Stone for Assault Vest.

The progression screen showing at what level Pokémon Unite Lucario evolves.

When Does Lucario Evolve in Pokémon Unite?

Despite having a pre-evolution in other games, Lucario starts and ends each Pokémon Unite match as Lucario. There's no Riolu for players to play around with in the early game.


What Counters Lucario in Pokémon Unite?

Pokémon Reason
SlowbroSlowbro can take a beating. This goes a long way in giving it ample time to knock Lucario up with Surf or Telekinesis, prepping it for the team to deal with.
MachampMachamp can counter Lucario's hard-hitting entrance and stop its moves from resetting others, drastically reducing its damage potential.
SnorlaxSnorlax is great at taking a punch, standing its ground and stunning Lucario out of its resetting skills. It can use Block to protect the entire team as well, stopping any heavy advancement from Lucario's dash.

Lucario depends on skill shots and mobility to dance around its target, beating them up as they struggle to land their own moves. Any Pokémon that can withstand its initial burst or keep it close will do well to counter Lucario in Pokémon Unite.

What Is the Best Lucario Pair in Pokémon Unite?

Pokémon Reason
SnorlaxSnorlax's fast knock ups and other crowd control strategies can give Lucario plenty of time to line up its more powerful attacks.
Alolan NinetalesA staple on most teams, Alolan Ninetales can easily slow whole teams and force them to group up, giving Lucario plenty of opportunities to clean up.

Lucario primarily focuses on single-target attacks with plenty of dashes. Although it can keep on its target relatively easily, it will benefit from pairing up with Pokémon with heavy crowd-control effects or Defenders that can keep it from getting stunned.

How to unlock Pokémon Unite Lucario.

How Do I Unlock Lucario in Pokémon Unite?

Being one of the hardest and strongest characters in the game, it shouldn't come as a surprise to see Lucario fetch a high price in the Unite Battle Committee shop. It costs a whopping 10,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems. And there are no shortcuts here. Although there are a bunch of free Pokémon Unite characters available through events, Lucario is not one of them.

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If you'd sooner pick up or play one of the game's many other top-tier brawlers, check out our Pokémon Unite Crustle build guide. It might be a Defender, but this brick can break teams like it breaks its own stone shell. If melee is too much for you to handle, check out our Ninetales build or Cinderace build guides instead.