Pokémon Unite: How To Cancel Abilities

pokemon unite

pokemon unite

Pokémon Unite marks the franchise's next big mobile game, offering a MOBA entry developed in collaboration between TiMi Studios, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. Bringing us real-time 5v5 battles, it's arriving across iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

Whether you want to train up the very best Pokémon in Pokémon Unite or learn how to level up fast, we've got you covered. But, before you take your finest monsters onto one of the four Pokémon Unite maps, you need to know how to play. One thing that isn't explained particularly well is how to cancel abilities in Pokémon Unite.

With a wide range of playable Pokémon included, each character comes with their own movesets to learn and master, alongside a level up system that'll keep you busy. But you might be wondering, if you've accidentally activated a move too soon or meant to press something else, how can you cancel that ability?

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Pokémon Unite: How To Cancel Abilities

Thankfully, that's pretty simple. On the Nintendo Switch edition, press the B button while holding the Ability you're looking to cancel. Afterwards, your range turns red and that's when you can release it, freeing you to choose the move you're looking at instead.

However, we don't currently know how this'll work on iOS or Android devices. While the Switch edition releases this July, mobile devices will see a later release this September. Once we know, we'll look to keep you updated.

Pokémon Unite: Why You Need To Cancel Abilities

As we mentioned earlier, you might just have misclicked or activated an ability to soon. As abilities take time to recharge, you need to make sure you click that B button to make sure it's ready to go when you need it most.

Cancelling abilities could also act as a feint of sorts, to bait an opponent into retreating or using their own ability to counter you. If you then cancel, you have the upper hand in that fight.

That's everything you need to know about how to cancel abilities in Pokémon Unite! We'll update this as soon as we know what you need to do to cancel abilities on mobile devices.

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