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Pokemon Unite follows in the footsteps of countless other MOBA titles to have come before it. Two teams of five Pokémon drop onto either side of a symmetrical map and fight it out in a bid to score more points than the other. And to create a balanced team dynamic, the playable Pokémon Unite characters fit neatly into set roles. In this Pokémon Unite Best Support tier list, we'll be going over what makes a good Support Pokémon role and which Pokémon are currently the best in class.

We've also got a full Pokémon Unite tier list to see where Support Pokémon stack up against their more attacking counterparts, but be warned: a team needs balance and synergy to win a battle, so stacking your squad with Speedsters isn't the way to go.

Here's where the best and worst currently stack up.

What Is a Pokémon Unite Support Pokémon?

Support Pokémon in Pokémon Unite are designed and built around their ability to heal or buff their allies. They make it harder for the enemy team to score points or shut the attackers and speedsters down by generally being disruptive.

They're integral to the team's success. Because of that, they're generally targeted first in battle. Playing one requires exceptional situational awareness and a stellar understanding of how each skill can turn the tide of battle.

Pokémon Unite Best Support Tier List


Mr. Mime

Mr. Mine mixes support with both attack and defensive traits. It's a good all-rounder in a sense but doesn't actually fall into that category. And although it isn't focused on healing the party, an upgrade to Guard Swap ability can do so in a pinch.

The core of Mr. Mine's moveset revolves around bewildering your opponents. The only issue is your teammates will likely get lost in the chaos as well. Mr. Mime builds up a temporary defence with each move it uses, which it can then trade with an enemy through Guard Swap or use to increase an ally's movement speed to help a retreat, push, or score attempt.

There's a lot of on-the-fly decision-making to make with Mr. Mine, but by focusing on its mental abilities like Psychic, Light Screen, and Barrier, the experienced player can displace entire times by erecting multiple barriers and stunning or displacing foes.



Blissey is the ultimate defensive Pokémon in the main series Pokémon games, and it is finally bringing its bulk to Pokémon Unite as the second DLC character.

Blissey's moveset is focused on healing allies, and it naturally does very little damage with any of its moves. It fulfils the most traditional healer role more than any other Support Pokémon in Unite, and has the HP stat to stick around in the fight for a good while, too.

Communication with your allies is key, so they know when to push with you and when you need to hop out of a fight to heal, which could leave them vulnerable.

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Evolving from Jigglypuff at level four, Wigglytuff can just as easily become a powerful offensive option as it can be a genuine support. By focusing on its Slap and Sing abilities, you can slow and stun opponents that attack to take on whoever it is you happen to be protecting. This isn't much use against ranged attackers, but by switching one skill out for Rollout or Dazzling Gleam, you'll gain a way to attack distant opponents and slow them down long enough for the team to fight back.

Another way to play Wigglytuff is as a hyper-aggressive team disruptor. Similar to a Defender like Snorlax, Wiggytuff can access a bunch of gap-closing dashes with Defense Curl and Rollout it can harness to chase and intercept opponents. By targeting terrain, you can bounce around the map, reset the cooldown of your other skills, opening up windows to chain other enfeeblements.

Though Wigglytuff can quickly roll onto the scene, it will struggle to help a team that's already under siege. Its inability to heal allies is its major drawback, but its Unite Move Star Recital can shield them instead and cleanse any other hindrances holding them back, at least allowing for an escape attempt.


Eldegoss is one of the game's only proper healers, and they can be a powerful asset to the team. With so many restorative moves available to it, it should be easy to help heal an ally through an Attacker's potent burst abilities, leaving them wide open to a counterattack. Depending on how your build Gossifluer and Eldegoss when it evolves, you can tailor this potent Support Pokémon for enemy debilitation or straight-up allied heals.

How you decide to build Eldegoss can change from match to match, so be sure to take into account the opposing team's strengths before you commit to a particular new move. If they've gone heavy on the speedsters, Eldegoss's many slowing abilities could really turn the tide of battle. If they've focused on attack, do what you can to keep the heals coming. This is where the big heal and damage from its Unite move Cotton Cloud Crash comes into the equation.

Just don't expect any crazy damage with Eldegoss. You're going to need help farming Pokémon camps. You're also going to need to stick with a buddy to get any reasonable EXP. If you don't level up, your worth as a support will drop as the match goes on, turning you into an easy Aeos Energy farm for the opposing team.

That's all our tips for playing with Pokémon Unite Support monsters! You've got a thankless task if you're selecting these guys, but you're the real MVPs who don't hog the glory.

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