Pokémon GO raid bosses (December 2022)

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Kyurem is one of the latest Pokémon GO raid bosses.
December 5, 2022: The list with all the legendaries and regular Pokémon you can get from raids in November has been announced.

If you're wondering whether diving into battles are worth it this month, you'll want to refer to the Pokémon GO Raid bosses list for December 2022. With plenty of legendaries on offer and a host of mega Pokémon too, it's another bumper month for community-focused raid battles.


The roster of Pokémon GO raid bosses constantly changes with each new event, and every month a new list of bosses arrives to shake up the rotation. As such, you can guarantee there's always something new for you to try and catch. There's no in-game resource for such a thing, so we'll have the updated list right here.

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Pokémon GO raid bosses for December 2022

Tier Pokémon
Legendary (five-star)Kyurem*
MegaMega Abomasnow, Mega Aggron, Mega Glalie
Three-StarVirizion*, Terrakion*, Cobalion*

The current Pokémon GO Raid bosses are as detailed in the table above. Any Pokémon with an asterisk (*) by the name can be shiny, but the odds of this will differ depending on the raid tier. Simply put, the higher the tier, the more likely it is that the resulting Pokémon will be a shiny, with legendary Pokémon roughly having a 1/20 chance.


Pokémon GO raid hours: December 2022

Here are the Pokémon featured in Pokémon GO raid hours for December 2022:

Date Pokémon
December 7Virizion
December 14Terrakion
December 21Cobalion
December 28Kyurem

November will see one Legendary Pokémon take to the five-star stage throughout the month. As such, you'll have plenty of chances to grab the Kyurem. Fortunately, it makes things super easy to catch a stack of Kyurem if you're able to reliably find and fight them.


You've also got a bunch of other beasts to capture, with Virizion, Terrakion, and Cobalion all up in raids this month. They're all fairly rare to find in the game, so it's a great chance to add some hard-to-find Pokédex entries.

What are the next Pokémon GO raid bosses?

Pokémon Tier Date
VirizionThree-star raidDecember 1 - December 8
Mega AbomasnowMega raidDecember 1 - December 8
TerrakionThree-star raidDecember 8 - December 15
Mega AggronMega raidDecember 8 - December 15
CobalionThree-star raidDecember 15 - December 23
Mega GlalieMega raidDecember 15 - January 1
KyuremLegendary raidDecember 23 - January 1

December is finally underway, and the month-long Pokémon GO raid bosses list is looking stacked. The highlight is probably still Kyurem, with the legendary Pokémon returning for an extended period in its origin formes.


There are a bunch of mega raids ongoing too, with Mega Abomasnow, Mega Aggron, and Mega Glalie all available throughout the month. That's a great chance to snag these holiday-themed Pokemon at just the right time.

That's on top of a healthy amount of three-star raid Pokémon, with several themed around the ongoing sixth anniversary celebrations. It's a great month to use those Raid Passes to grab some ultra-rare additions to your Pokédex!

A previous version of this guide was written by Ben Sledge.