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There are four Pokémon vying for the title of Pokémon Unite’s best Speedster, but only one can be crowned the champion. Of course, the easiest way to find out which is best would be to let them loose in Shivre City, the 4v4 Pokémon Unite map, but then things could get confusing and player ability could get in the way. Besides, four Speedsters does not a balanced team make.

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What Is a Pokémon Unite Speedster Pokémon

Speedsters occupy the ‘glass cannon’ role in Pokémon Unite - or perhaps it would be more accurate to say 'fast cannon'. Generally, they have great movement abilities and pretty strong attacks, but very little in the way of endurance or support. You’ll need a strong team and good communication to make Speedsters work to your advantage, but if you have good synergy you can pull off some outrageous plays. Learning how to cancel abilities in Pokémon Unite is a good skill in order to bait opponents into wasting their attacks in return.

It’s always worth making sure you have a teammate playing one of Pokémon Unite’s best supporters, as their, well, support will help you out of tight spots and stay in the fight for as long as possible. If you haven’t unlocked all the Speedsters yet, then you’ll need to stock up on some Pokémon Unite currency and then head over to the shop to unlock the characters

Pokémon Unite Best Speedster Tier List


The best Speedsters in Pokémon Unite is a little subjective - and will change as the meta shifts - but this is a good starting place as the game releases.

Talonflame in Pokémon Unite
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Level 1
Level 5
Level 7
Unite Move
Gale Wings
Flame Charge
Flame Sweep
Aerial Ace
Brave Bird

Even early in the Pokémon Unite beta, Talonflame shone as one of the best Pokémon in Pokémon Unite. Its Fly attack is brutal, ensuring Talonflame can come out of nowhere to deal a devastating blow to its opponent. After all, if you can make it into the fight without taking any damage, you have an immediate advantage over an opponent.

As an added bonus, Talonflame can also fly over obstacles on the map with an innate flap of its wings. There are so many options for surprise attacks with Talonflame, it has to be crowned the best Speedster in Pokémon Unite.

Absol in Pokémon Unite
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Level 1
Level 5
Level 7
Unite Move
Super Luck
Night Slash
Psycho Cut
Midnight Slash
Sucker Punch

Absol has the perfect attack for getting out of a sticky situation, making it one of the more forgiving Speedsters to use. Midnight Slash, Absol’s Unite Move, throws opponents away from it as well as dealing damage, which can give you a chance to escape – or double down and attack again. The Psycho Cut/Pursuit combo is also brutal.

This makes Absol a great team player. If you know that you’ve got an allied Charizard or Lucario ready to pounce, Absol can slash an enemy right into their furious path. This will take good communication – and a lot of practice – to pull off, but it can do well.



Level 1
Level 6
Level 8
Unite Move
Volt Absorb
Volt Switch
Plasma Gale
Wild Charge

If you don’t know how to get Zeraora in Pokémon Unite, you’re missing out. This free Pokémon is the perfect starting place if you want to learn how to use Speedsters, purely because you don’t need to waste any precious currency to get a taste for the Speedster role.

Zeraora also seems really strong. As the only mythical Pokémon currently playable in Pokémon Unite, you’d expect nothing less. Its Unite Move, Plasma Gale, does area-of-effect damage to enemies in range, and can easily change the tide of a fight.


Gengar in Pokémon Unite
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Level 1
Level 5
Level 7
Unite Move
Shadow Ball
Dream Eater
Phantom Ambush
Sludge Bomb

Alas, poor Gengar. On paper, Gengar’s abilities look great! The Ghost-type can disappear entirely to pounce on opponents from the shadows, which seems really useful. However, it is outclassed in almost every regard by Talonflame. Why attack from the shadows when you can drop from the sky?

Its stats aren’t bad, but Gengar already needs a buff to be in with a chance of becoming the best Speedster in Pokémon Unite. But that won’t stop me from maining it - who can say no to that cheeky grin.

That’s everything for our list of the best Speedsters in Pokémon Unite – until they announce a new one, that is. Until then, get your running trainers on and be ready to go fast, just make sure your team can keep up.

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