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Pokémon Unite follows in the footsteps of the countless other MOBA titles to have come before it. Two teams of five Pokémon drop onto either side of a symmetrical map and fight it out in a bid to score more points than the other.

To create a balanced team dynamic, the playable Pokémon Unite characters fit neatly into set roles. In this Pokémon Unite Best Attacker tier list, we'll be going over what makes a good Attacker Pokémon and which ones are currently the best in class. Here's where the best attackers (and the worst) currently stack up.

What Is a Pokémon Unite Attacker Pokémon?

Attacker Pokémon are designed to do just that: attack. With high offensive power and incredibly strong moves, these creatures are built to fight. But they're not built to take much damage in return. Their endurance is never that high, making them something of a glass cannon type.

The best Attackers in Pokémon Unite know how and when to strike in a way that will let them defeat their opponent quickly. They need to swoop in, deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time, and get out before the opposing team can retaliate. With proper backup from the best defenders and best support Pokémon, the best attackers can repeatedly go in and out of combat, confusing, distracting, and scaring the opposition.

Similar to defenders, attackers are great at pulling the attention of the enemy team. By shutting down or distracting the enemy team's support, attacker, or speedster Pokémon, the best attackers enable their team's speedsters to scoop up Aeos Energy and score without being interrupted. All Attacker Pokémon enjoy a boosted Basic Attack with each third hit, but their effects differ.

Pokémon Unite Best Attacker Tier List



Though it may not look it, Cramorant has a devious and typically unpredictable flurry of ranged attacks that can quickly wear the entire team down. Thanks to its passive ability, Cramorant can deal splash damage to Pokémon around its main target, making team fights its forte.

By perfectly timing the use of its moves to it taking damage, Gulp Missile allows Cramorant to deal additional passive damage through counterattacks. But as these can only activate when it's trading blows, Cramorant requires an aggressive playstyle.

The rapid cooldown of Air Slash compliments this well, increasing Cramorant's sustained damage output. But using one of three charges of Dive, it's easy for Cramorant to stay within range of its targets, all the while pulling up more Arrocuda to launch as counterattacks in battle goes on.

If you're brave and agile enough to use Cramorant, you'll reap the rewards. If you shy away from battle, however, look elsewhere.


Greninja prides itself as an assassin. By attacking and finishing off low HP targets, it deals increased damage and can even reset the cooldown of some of its abilities, making chaining knock-outs a devastating proposition.

Greninja earns a high rank on this Best Attackers list not because of its ability to bounce from KO to KO, but because of its adaptability. This funky frog has access to both melee and ranged attacks. If the opposing team is full of melee attackers, ranged combat could be the way to go. If not, its mobility will mean going melee against other ranged characters can negate their prime advantage.

Its mobility methods also work to confuse targets as well. Double Team, Substitute, and Smokescreen can all play mind games, enabling the smart Greninja trainer to outwit the team, opening up the potential for powerful strikes and sustained heals.



Cinderace is an incredibly charismatic Pokémon that wants nothing more than to get into the heat of the action. Virtually everything it does will burn the target Pokémon, passively whittling down its HP while it deals additional damage of its own.

Though it has decent area damage potential, its knockbacks and Passive--which builds up on a target with repeated strikes before exploding--make Cinderace a premier duelist in most cases.

To aid in its many future 1v1 battles, Cinderace is designed to deal more damage more quickly as its HP decreases. By saving skills like Feint and Blaze Kick, it can shake off defeat, deal incredibly high damage, and even heal itself back up in the process.

If living on the edge isn't your style, Cinderace can be built to make use of ranged attacks and gap-closing dashes. That way your job relies less on quickly knocking down single opponents, but scaring off others with more sustainable attacks.


Pikachu's rapidly available paralysis abilities make it great for defending goals from a larger group of enemies. It can run in fast, zip straight to a target, and interrupt every Pokémon around it in one fell swoop.

Though it can deal heavy damage, Pikachu's moveset relies on burst. Once it's fired off all its electrical attacks, its offensive power will drop fast, making it a prime example of an attacker that needs to secure a KO and get out before re-engaging. Its high mobility makes it a great assassin in a sense, but anyone who survives its burst will be able to fight back, potentially edging out in a longer fight.


The Gardevoir trailer is only out in Korean at the moment, but it gives you a pretty good overview of her abilities.

There are a few different Gardevoir builds you can try based on her diverse moveset. Psyshock does good damage in the early game, whereas Future Sight stuns opponents after a delay. The latter instantly recharges after it hits, however, making it a handy option, especially if you're going with Moonblast.

Both Moonblast and Psychic have similar ranges, but slightly different effects. The former is an Area of Effect blast that deals damage and slows Pokémon down, whereas the latter deals damage in more of a cone shape and stuns any Pokémon hit. Gardevoir offers something different to other attackers, especially if you build a stun-locking moveset to keep your opponents unable to attack.


Venusaur stands on the opposite side of the scales to Pikachu. Instead of getting in and out fast, Venusaur attacks from a distance, dealing massive area damage and pulling individual targets toward it and it rattles off Basic Attacks, forcing team formations to crumble.

Though it still suffers from sluggish cooldowns that makes it more suited to burst damage, Venusaur can opt for melee-focused Petal Dance and Giga Drain moveset to facilitate getting in close, shielding up, dealing more damage as its HP drops, and recover it from nearby enemies before making a timely retreat.

Its gargantuan size makes puts it on the edge of being a Defender in this regard, but it's more offensive-minded kit keeps it pinned to the Best Attacker list--albeit a little low down for now.


Alolan Ninetails

This chilling Pokémon is best viewed less like a raw damage dealer and more a strategic brawler instead. Alolan Ninetails uses its careful mastery of ice and snow to deal area damage and slow its targets. The more it hits a particular target, the more potent its effects will become.

Though its ability to freeze a target it focuses on makes Alolan Ninetails sound like the perfect 1v1 duelist, it's likely best played as a hindrance-afflicting Pokémon instead.

Rather than focusing on burning down a single target in a team battle, it's typically best to use its area skills to slow and gradually freeze the whole opposing team, allowing for its allies to prop up its damage numbers instead.

For that, Alolan Ninetails will struggle to shine in anything but the most experienced groups. If the user isn't constantly switching targets to keep enfeeblements up across the enemy team, there's a lot of potentials for counterattacks to cause it problems. It's a strategical choice that will likely be played like a more aggressive option.

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