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Pokémon Unite Venusaur Build - Best Items and Moves

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The Pokémon Unite Venusaur build options below can easily carry this recently-buffed Pokémon straight into the upper ranks. The game shockingly underrepresented the franchise's Grass-type Pokémon at launch. Now, Venusaur can hold on for dear life against the odds, sapping teams dry or sniping them in one perfect Solar Beam storm. Which path you choose depends on your playstyle. So long as you don't mind its limited mobility, you'll find something to love.

Venusaur is a ranged attacker that uses the Sp. Atk stat. Bear that in mind if you switch out any of the items below to suit your personal preference. You can read more about the Pokémon Unite Physical vs Special attack split here.

Before we dive into the guide, think about checking out some of our other Pokémon Unite content: like our Held Items guide that calculates each item's max stats and the cost it takes to get there. You might also want to check out where Venusaur sits on the Pokémon Unite tier list if you're not one for running something other than the best.

Stats related to each Pokémon Unite Venusaur build.
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The Best Pokémon Unite Venusaur Build Options

Pokémon Unite Venusaur Build - Sniper, More Sniping

Best Items Best Moves
PotionLv. 1: Razer Leaf
Shell BellLv. 3: Seed Bomb
Wise GlassesLv. 5: Sludge Bomb
Muscle BandLv. 7: Solar Beam

Best for: Ranged combat

By far the most fun Pokémon Unite Venusaur build right now plays on the creature's ability to fire a railgun-like blast down the line, vaporizing anyone it happens to touch. It's not going to wipe out a completely healthy target, but it can deal enough damage to quickly turn the tide of battle or rally otherwise shaken troops. Sludge Bomb is there to punish those who can't decide to commit to battle or turn tail and run. It also helps to line up an easy Solar Beam shot.

Take Venusaur straight up to the top lane with Razor Leaf and you'll burst down mobs no problem. Practice your aim with this skill by harassing your lane opponents: Razor Leaf has a similar range to Solar Beam, so the more your practice, the better odds you'll have of landing your most important skill later in the match. Use Sludge Bomb to make the opponent's half of the lane a veritable minefield, gaining control and stifling their growth.

Once you have access to your full kit, your goal becomes sniping targets from max range, using Sludge Bomb to pit groups in place for your railgun attack to sweep them up. The relatively short cooldown of Solar Beam means you'll generally be able to use it to both start and end a confrontation.

Toward the final few minutes, you can drop Sludge Bomb on the opponent's central path to Zapdos, whittling down the HP of those who funnel in to take it on and lining them up perfectly for a destructive Solar Beam.

Once you master staying a safe distance, think about swapping Potion out for X Speed or Eject Button to help get you out of combat or closer in to ensure another Solar Beam strike. Venusaur is generally too slow to rely on using Sludge Bomb to get away, so any little speed boost will help when things get hairy.

Pokémon Unite Venusaur build portrait.
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Pokémon Unite Venusaur Build - Giga Brain

Best Items Best Moves
Eject ButtonLv. 1: Razor Leaf
Assault VestLv. 3: Seed Bomb
Focus BandLv. 5: Giga Drain
Wise GlassesLv. 7: Petal Dance

Best for: Close-range combat

If being Pokémon Unite's answer to a sniper doesn't appeal to you, there is a set that relies more on close-range strikes to get the job done. This is Giga Brain: a Pokémon Unite Venusaur build that requires risk assessment and aggressive close-range plays to deal the most damage, slurping HP from the enemy to keep you guzzling even longer.

It might sound simple with the move choices, but Giga Brain build requires careful HP management to play properly. It's not that you won't deal damage by forgetting its main gimmick, but by letting your HP drop to around 1/3th of its max and attempting to keep it there with Focus Band and Giga Drain, you'll activate Venusaur's Overgrowth, boosting its already high Sp. Atk even further.

Petal Dance isn't really even the main damage dealer here. It's just great to passively deplete the HP of those silly enough to get in range of Giga Drain while trying to take Venusaur on. In the end, it's the big toad's quietly killer Basic Attacks that will likely deal the most damage to individual targets. Petal Dance and Giga Drain are just there to deal the final blow.

The progression screen showing the level Pokémon Unite Venusaur evolves at.
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When Does Vensaur Evolve in Pokémon Unite?

Venusaur starts as a lowly little Bulbasaur at the start of each Pokémon Unite match. It's a late bloomer, evolving into Ivysaur at level five and Venusaur at level nine.

What Is the Best Pokémon Unite Venusaur Counter?

Pokémon Reason
CharizardLike the good old days, Venusaur falls victim to Charizard. It can swoop in against ranged Venusaur and bait melee Venusaur by flying above it. After that, it's just a matter of burning the big bush.
PikachuAgainst a ranged Venusaur, Pikachu can bait Solar Beam and use that opening to run rings around the tree toad. In melee, it can slow Venusaur down to the point where it will pose little threat to the team.
CinderaceAgainst a melee Venusaur, Cinderace can quickly escape Petal Dance and blast Venusaur down with its long-range Basic Attacks.

The first step to countering a Venusaur is knowing exactly which moves it has learned. Venusaur can go heavy on ranged with Solar Beam or melee with Giga Drain and Petal Dance. How it fights will change how you're meant to deal with it.

What Is the Best Venusaur Pair in Pokémon Unite?

Pokémon Reason
EldegossEven with a Giga Drain Pokémon Unite Venusaur build, the big toad can't take too much damage. Eldegoss helps to sustain it further, allowing it to get off more high-damage Basic Attacks or pin targets for attacks like Solar Beam.
SnorlaxThe heavy CC of Snorlax its great for keeping groups of enemies away from Venusaur and pinned perfectly for it's bigger moves to clean up.

Venusaur is primarily a laner. This means it'll typically be on a lane with another Pokémon, and the Pokémon it pairs up with can make all the difference. It's about attacking in unison with one that fills in for your own weaknesses to allow maximum damage or uptime on the opponent.

How to obtain Venusaur in Pokémon Unite.
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How Do I Unlock Venusaur in Pokémon Unite?

Venusaur can be unlocked in Pokémon Unite completely free of charge. The classic Kantonian starter can be grabbed by reaching Trainer Level Five, at which point it can be claimed by pressing 'R' on the main lobby menu hitting the beast's Unite License.

Not having much luck with the fragile frog? If Venusaur isn't carrying you to victory, you might prefer some of the more popular attackers. We have builds for Gardevoir and Cinderace as well if you're looking for exceptional damage, but Alolan Ninetales is always a welcome sight on the battlefield thanks to its heavy crowd control.

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