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Pokémon Unite Gengar Build - Best Items and Moves

Pokémon Unite is already filled to the brim with creatures that come along and decimate you with a quick one-two punch. It's a competitive game, and its players already know exactly how to knock you away from the goal in record time. Gengar was a Pokémon that was drastically underrated at launch, but now that the best Pokémon Unite Gengar build options have been figured out, Hex is something you'll regret not learning to master early on.

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Before settling on your preferred Pokémon Unite Gengar build, it's important to refresh your understanding of the fundementals. We have guides on Held Items and Battle Items, explainers on how to cancel abilities, and even how to report and block bad players.

The Best Pokémon Unite Gengar Build Options

Below, we'll cover a variety of the best Pokémon Unite Gengar build options you can choose right now. As these are primarily based on a person's individual playstyle, we've included a selection: a build focused on sustained aggression and pressure, and one that uses Gengar's area attacks to deal heavy damage to the whole team.

Gengar is a melee speedster that uses the Sp. Atk stat. Be sure to bear in mind if you switch out any of the items below to suit your personal preference. You can read more about the Pokémon Unite Physical vs Special attack split here.

The stats related to the best Pokémon Unite Gengar build options.
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Pokémon Unite Gengar Build - Speed-Sludge Spectre

Best Items Best Moves
X AttackLv. 1: Will-o-Wisp
Energy AmplifierLv. 3: Lick
Wise GlassesLv. 5 Sludge Bomb
Float StoneLv. 7: Hex

Best for: Jungle/roaming

One of the most popular Pokémon Unite Gengar builds right now allows the grinning king of the ghouls to deal considerable damage in record time. It all boils down to Hex; which both deals increased damage to poisoned targets and enjoys a ridiculously short cooldown when it lands on an opponent suffering from the status condition.

By pairing it with Sludge Bomb and a Float Stone, Gengar can speed around the battlefield dropping puddles of poison beneath groups of opponents and delivering swift death with Hex before they have a chance to react.

With this particular build, there's room to swap out the Energy Amplifier if you typically struggle to follow up with your Unite Moves. The stealth effect of Phantom Ambush paired with the Sludge Bomb/Hex combo can make Gengar a little too fast on its feet for some: especially given how quickly it can get shut down if you make even the smallest mistake in your attack pattern.

The only decent solution here would be to add Shell Bell into the mix instead. Like Pikachu, Gengar's high Sp. Atk stat can make replenishing HP this way fairly easy. That being said, its more melee-focused approach means it's typically all or nothing when diving into battle. There might not be much time to replenish enough HP in battle before Gengar moves to the great beyond.

Although Gengar's speed can help with scoring, the Score Shield won't help much due to his low Max HP and defenses. Some opt to toss Sp. Atk Specs in place of the Float Stone, but with limited scoring potential, there's every chance the only Sp. Atk boost you'll get is the passive bonus it ships with. Float Stone is forever.

Pokémon Unite Gengar build portrait.
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Pokémon Unite Gengar Build - Jungle King Ghoul

Best Items Best Moves
Fluffy TailLv. 1: Will-o-Wisp
Wise GlassesLv. 3: Lick
Float StoneLv. 5: Sludge Bomb
Sp. Atk SpecsLv. 7: Hex

Best for: Jungle/roaming


Gengar is particularly squishy early on. Until you're comfortable with its innate strengths and weaknesses, going all-in during the laning phase can set you back so far that you'll struggle to catch up. With one quick change to the item list, though, you can avoid confrontation by heading straight into the jungle, gaining EXP without much opposition.

It's a more reliable road to its late-game strengths, with the core offensive idea remaining the same: to poison and power through targets. You won't be blocking as many early goals this way, but there's less risk you'll become a literal ghost as well.

Although not radically different, another route you can take the above Pokémon Unite Gengar build simply involves picking up Fluffy Tail and heading off into the jungle. The previous build used the Float Stone to enable Gengar to quickly reach (and blow through) just about any goal on the map, collecting energy and EXP mostly from lanes.

This one, on the other hand, sees Gengar head straight for the jungle at the start of a match, collecting what it needs to take on the world without running the risk of falling behind in the lanes. Gengar is particularly squishy early on, so avoiding confrontation this way can be a more reliable road to its late-game strengths.

The progression screen showing at what level Pokémon Unite Gengar evolves.
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When Does Gengar Evolve in Pokémon Unite?


Gengar's high damage potential means it's a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to battle. It starts off as a Ghastly, turning into Haunter at level five. It only reaches its final evolution at level nine.

Because of this, Gengar can easily fall behind in a match if caught out too many times early on. Jungling helps to reduce this risk somewhat, so stick to farming NPCs until you're ready to go. Grabbing Drednaw can really help speed this along.

What Is the Best Counter to Gengar in Pokémon Unite?

Pokémon Reason
LucarioLucario has multiple ways to dash around Gengar, escaping its burst and rushing in to finish the job.
ZeraoraSo long as Zeraora isn't hit with Hex before it dashes in, it should be able to burst Gengar down.
AbsolAbsol's physical counter can quickly shut down a trigger-happy Gengar.
Alolan NinetalesThanks to its slows and freezes, a nimble Ninetales can put Gengar in its place. It's an advanced play, but it can work.

Gengar is a burst assassin that relies on getting the drop on its opponents. If you can see it coming and beat it to the punch, attacking it while out of position, you'll generally be able to win the matchup.

For this, other all-rounders work a treat: Zeraora, Lucario, and Absol can all linger in the tall grass and strike before Gengar gets its chance. The grass works to prevent becoming a victim to the Hex that kicks off its combo. If it can't land that before you strike, it won't have time to fight back. Alolan Ninetales and its mobility reductions can, with proper kiting, kill off Gengar as well.

What Are the Best Pairs for Gengar in Pokémon Unite??

Pokémon Reason
Alolan NinetalesAs with most Pokémon, Alolan Ninetales' heavy crowd control effects are perfect for increasing Gengar's uptime on targets.
SnorlaxSimilar to Alolan Ninetales, slows and stuns from Snorlax can keep Gengar pinned to its target. Block can give it a reasonable escape route as well.

Pokémon Unite speedsters generally work best with allies that can stun and slow opponents. Though they can get in fast, their damage generally isn't as high as attackers, meaning they require more time to take down their targets. And once they're in, they struggle to catch up to Pokémon that manage to escape, making slows and stuns perfect to help them secure the kill.

How to unlock Gengar in Pokémon Unite.
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How to Unlock Gengar in Pokémon Unite

Although Gengar is in high demand right now, it isn't a particularly popular pick. That's purely down to the fact that most didn't see it as a genuine threat when the game first launched.

It's expensive at 10,000 Aeos Coins from the Pokémon Unite License shop, so unless more people decide to open up their wallets to buy Aeus Gems, having enough coins to grab this guy early will increase the odds you have of being able to pick him from the pre-match lineup before someone else.


If Gengar isn't gelling well with your playstyle, you may be suited to some of the game's other speedsters instead. For that, we have builds for Zeraora, Absol, and Talonflame as well.