Pokémon Unite Decidueye Build - Best Items and Moves

The best Pokémon Unite Decidueye build has finally come home to roost. After months of teases and leaks, the final form of the much-loved Rowlet as arrived on Aeos Island, bringing sharp arrows and a keen eye to the MOBA title. Hopping on this character early will help you not only dominate the battlefield, but learn to counter it in response to the ever-changing average roster down the line.

Decidueye is a ranged attacker that uses the ATK stat. That means you'll want to prioritize items that boost this stat. You can read more on why that's an important distinction in our Pokémon Unite Physical vs Special Attack primer.

Looking for more Pokémon Unite content? If you haven't played in a little while, you may want to read up on builds for some other new-ish Pokémon. Blissey, Blastoise, Mamowine, and Sylveon all turned the original game on its head. Whether you want to play as them or learn how to defeat them, our guides will show you how.

This Pokémon Unite Decidueye build focuses on attack.
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Pokémon Unite Decidueye Build

Fan of Leaves

Eject Button
Lv. 1: Leafage
Muscle Band
Lv. 3: Astonish
Buddy Barrier
Lv. 7: Razor Leaf
Razer Claw
Lv. 8: Leaf Storm

Best for: Aggressive long-range assaults

First up, we have a Pokémon Unite Decidueye build that focuses on nothing but raw power. This ghastly archer deals more damage with its Basic Attacks the further away it is from its target. Successive hits also get stronger and faster. With that in mind, the idea is to do whatever you can to boost these Basic Attackers further and keep your opponents at arm's length.

Once you have that battle strategy down, understanding this Pokémon Unite Decidueye build shouldn't be too difficult. We kick things off with Leafage to pressure the opponent early on. This move boosts your own power and speed after use, so you'll generally want to follow up with some Basic Attacks. Astonish can work just as well if you're pairing up with a particularly aggressive teammate, but it suits a more reserved playstyle.

Once things get going, Razer Leaf will become a dear friend. On Decidueye, this move buffs its Basic Attacks, making them hit harder, faster, and more targets than its own buff allows. With this in effect, you'll want to keep your distance and rattle off Basic Attacks to shred groups—like Vespiquen and the opposing team. Just be sure to stand far back behind a tank.

Lastly, Leaf Storm will arrive just before your Unite Move. There isn't much to this move, but by hitting a target within its shorter range identifier, it can push them back just to the edge of your auto attack range, making it great for knocking back and dealing with potential melee assassins like Absol, Zeraora, and Lucario.

Keep your distance, though, and you'll be able to weave it between your Basic Attack barrage to pick off a specific opponent. One you grab your Unite Move, you'll have everything you need to tear up enemy teams.

Items like Razor Claw and Muscle Band will turn Decidueye's already killer attacks into things to be genuinely feared. And given it can't move during its lengthy Unite Move, Buddy Barrier is a good option to shield it and give a nearby ally the means to pitch in as well.

This Pokémon Unite Decidueye build focuses on offensive support.
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Ghastly Archer

Best Items
Best Moves
Eject Button
Lv. 1: Astonish
Float Stone
Lv. 3: Leafage
Focus Band
Lv. 7: Spirit Shackle
Buddy Barrier
Lv. 8: Shadow Sneak

Best for: Rear support

Though Decidueye is absolutely a powerhouse in the right hands, you don't need to by a hyper-aggressive damage dealer to get some solid utility out of this Pokémon. Opting for its popular Ghost-type attacks can turn into a great DPS/Support hybrid like the infamous Alolan Ninetales.

Decidueye has next to nothing to help its mobility, but it can limit that of its opponents as well. With the right team composition, it'll be able to pin the enemy in place reliably, giving your team plenty of opportunities to deal decisive blows.

With this Pokémon Unite Decidueye build, you'll play the role of a sneaky support with decent damage capabilities. Astonish will get you started early, slowing single Pokémon down for your allies to pick off. As you hit level seven, you'll begin to reach your full potential. Spirit Shackle is not only a great successor to Astonish, but also a fantastic way to snipe and finish off low-HP targets that may attempt to get away. You'll just need a bit of foresight to know who's about to run so that you get the full charge off.

One level after that, you'll get Shadow Sneak. This is a great retreat move in a pinch, slowing down the target and speeding yourself up, but it's also another great way to force some distance between you and a target, setting up Spirit Shackle to finish off a Pokémon you may be facing alone. While weak to assassin-like speedsters,

This build is best suited to the teams with plenty of low-mobility defenders or a reliable speedster. Decidueye's numerous movement-impairing effects can keep the right targets snared for the best brawlers to come around and finish off.

Items on this one aren't set in stone. They're mostly there to facilitate mobility and survival. Even without other high-damage moves, Decidueye's Unite Move is very powerful, but very risky. For that, we keep Buddy Barrier handy to protect our lane partner as well.

When using a Pokémon Unite Decidueye build,, it helps to know what level the Pokémon evolves.
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What Level Does Decidueye Evolve in Pokémon Unite?

In Pokémon Unite, Decidueye evolves just as quickly as other starter Pokémon in the game. Starting as a lowly Rowlet at level one, it evolves into Dartix at level five. Decidueye itself comes out to play at level seven alongside its first end-game move.

What's the Best Decidueye Counter in Pokémon Unite?

Gengar can easily sneak around the enemy team and into the rear where Decidueye should be. It won't survive.
Lucario can dance around Decidueye like there's no tomorrow. Just don't rely on Power-Up Punch. Get in fast.
Crustle can speed through the enemy team without a care in the world and deliver swift death to a badly positioned Decidueye
Gengar can quickly close the gap with Decidueye and wreck its limited HP with a burst combo. Even if this doesn’t one-shot Decidueye, Gengar’s various drains will see it through the fight.

Any speedster with a Full Heal will cause a problem for Decidueye. As it deals more damage the further it is from its target, getting close means it's unable to reach its full potential. Its defenses and mobility are very low as well. So long as you shake off any of its hindrance moves with Full Heal, it won't have a contingency plan.

What's a Good Pokémon Unite Decidueye Pair?

While not exactly the fastest defender, Slowbro's Telekinesis attacks can keep assassins pinned for Decidueye to shred. Likewise, it can grab a tank for its Unite Move to decimate.
Alolan Ninetales
This goes with everything. Alolan Ninetales can keep a group together, keeping it far enough away for an aggressive Decidueye to shred with multi-target attacks
Snorlax is a bulky defender with real staying power, CC, and surprising mobility. It can keep Decidueye safe and set up its powerful strikes.
Though the heals won’t come fast enough to let Decidueye run into a fight, its CC can help set up some powerful attacks.

The above Pokémon Unite Decidueye builds can work with a range of Pokémon. They're still being discovered through play, but Slowbro and Alolan Ninetales as especially good for aggressive builds on either lane.

These two Pokémon can either single out Defenders for Decidueye to take down, pin teams together for its multi-target attacks to shred, or keep would-be assassins at the perfect distance for this Pokémon to take out swiftly.

You need to unlock the Pokémon before you can use a Pokémon Unite Decidueye build.
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How Do I Unlock Decidueye in Pokémon Unite?

There's no way to get Decidueye for free in Pokémon Unite. Not now, at least. Though it'll be part of the free rotation soon enough, unlocking it for permanent play means spending either 10,000 Aeos Tickets or 575 Aeos Gems.

And that's about it for this Pokémon Unite Decidueye build guide. This new Pokémon has moves that sound more confusing than they actually are. It's relatively simple and works a bit like a machine gun with the more aggressive builds. If that's not for you, though, Alolan Ninetales is a good alternative.

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