Pokémon Unite Garchomp Build - Best Items and Moves

If you're here attempting to look up the best Pokémon Unite Garchomp build, you've probably just seen one demolish a whole team and walk away hungry for more. This melee all-rounder might not pack the punch of Lucario, but it's far more likely to hold its own against an entire Pokémon Unite team. Read on to find out how to build Garchomp in a way that'll have your decimated team looking on in awe as you average their deaths and win the game.

Garchomp is a melee all-rounder that uses the Attack stat. Bear that in mind if you switch out any of the items below to suit your personal preference. You can read more about the Pokémon Unite Physical vs Special attack split here.

Learning how to properly utilize Garchomp means knowing exactly how its preferred Held Items and Battle Items augment its already powerful abilities. And if you end up in a match with a troll that won't let you live your best Land Shark life, you'll probably want to learn how to report and block players in Pokémon Unite as well. You don't need that toxicity in your life.

Stats related to each Pokémon Unite Garchomp build.
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The Best Pokémon Unite Garchomp Build Options

Pokémon Unite Garchomp Build - Razer-Sharp Jungle Shark

Best Items
Best Pokémon
Eject Button
Lv. 1: Bulldoze
Muscle Band
Lv. 3: Sand Attack
Assault Vest
Lv. 6: Dig
Score Shield
Lv. 8: Earthquake

Best for: Jungle/ganking

This build focuses on allowing Garchomp to quickly reach its full potential by gobbling up Pokémon in the central area. Its area attacks and decent mobility will make it a powerful displacing ganker during hectic team battles, but its item set means its speed can set up scoring opportunities as well. Don't get too hungry, and know when to go for the goal.

This double-whammy of ground-based moves helps Garchomp live up to its Land Shark moniker. Though neither are absolutely essential, they give Garchomp the means to deal solid area damage, buffing its own defences in the process.

As a bonus, you can use Dig to scurry straight for the goal after a fight and before the same Pokémon are able to respawn and use the launchpad to interrupt it. Assault Vest and Score Shield come into play here.

If you find they're not doing much for you, you might want to swap Score Shield for Buddy Barrier, giving you and your team a fighting chance of surviving your own eventual onslaught so that you're not left trying to dunk the Aeos Energy they left behind.

Muscle Band sticks around to augment Garchomp's already immensely powerful Basic Attacks. The added Basic Attack Speed ensures this machine hits its five-hit mark sooner rather than later.

Garchomp in Pokémon Unite.
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Pokémon Unite Garchomp Build - GarCHAMP

Best Items
Best Moves
X Speed
Lv. 1: Bullzone
Rocky Helmet
Lv. 3: Sand Attack
Assault Vest
Lv. 6: Dragon Rush
Muscle Band
Lv. 8: Dragon Rush

Best for: Top lane damage dealing

This build simply looks to launch Garchomp straight into battle, using the buffs and boons from its main attacks to increase its chances of landing more than five Basic Attacks before its target is able to get away. Once it's in that state, defeating Garchomp becomes a feat of strength as it leeches HP with each and every rapid-fire punch. It's easy to play, but it requires a brave mind and a bloodthirsty attitude.

Though it may not look like this one has a clear focus, it's actually just multi-layered. Garchomp excels at dealing increased damage over the course of a fight. It doesn't go for speed KOs. Not straight away, at least.

This build gives Garchomp the means to survive long enough into a fight that it becomes the unstoppable killing machine it's destined to be. Good against melee or even ranged thanks to the slows and gap-closers, each kill is just a Dragon Rush and Earthquake away. Launch in, slow them down, then use X Speed to speed up your Basic Attacks, decreasing the time it takes to get to those highly potent strikes five hits in.

Once you reach that point, Garchamp becomes GarCHAMP, quickly shredding one opponent and rushing to the next, healing with each blow and munching on Leftovers when the battle has been won.

Assault Vest ensures it isn't damaged too heavily to recover before it lands that first hit, leaving Rocky Helmet to pair with its Rough Skin passive to deal damage to further reduce the time it takes to defeat anyone else who takes it on.

The progression screen showing what at what level Pokémon Unite Garchomp evolves.
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When Does Garchomp Evolve in Pokémon Unite?

In Pokémon Unite, Garchomp goes through its full evolutionary line. Like most dragons in the franchise, it hits its final evolution quite late, evolving from Gible into Gabite at level six, and Garchomp at level 10. Be careful not to fall behind.

What Counters Garchomp in Pokémon Unite?

Typically rocking Feint, Cinderace can bait Garchomp, phase through its burst, and burn it down from a safe distance.
While not perfect, Gardevoir's high ranged damage can obliterate Garchomp as it burrows into battle. Drop Future Sight at your feet when you lock eyes with the speedy Pokémon and it'll surely get hit hard.

Garchomp is a bursty all-rounder that needs to get in close to knock down its opponents. If its potential prey can shrug off its attacks or avoid them completely, it can shoot the land shark down without any real issue.

What Is the Best Pair for Garchomp in Pokémon Unite?

Alolan Ninetales
Garchomp can beat down most opponents, but only if it can stay witthin melee range. Alolan Ninetales comes in handy here with its numerous slowing attacks and walls.
Pikachu's easy-to-apply paralysis effects can slow Pokémon long enough for Garchomp to gobble them up.
Slowbro makes singling out single Pokémon incredibly easy, giving Garchomp reason to rush in and pick them off before they're able to get back into the group.

Garchomp relies on being within melee range of a Pokémon long enough to deal more and more damage. To help with that, it's best paired with Pokémon typically seen on either side of the battlefield. If its pair partner can slow, stun, or snare the opponent in any way, Garchomp will have a field day. Bonus points for it they can seclude them from the rest of the group.

How to unlock Pokémon Unite Garchomp.
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How Do I Unlock Garchomp in Pokémon Unite?

As one of the best all-rounders in Pokémon Unite, Garchomp is a very expensive character to add to your roster. To unlock it, you'll have to save up and spend a whopping 10,000 Aeos Coins through the in-game shop. If you'd rather not play to pay, you can pay to play by tossing 575 Aeos Gems at the shopkeeper instead.

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if someone locks in Garchomp before you, you're going to need a backup. For that, it's good to learn and master Pokémon from a bunch of different roles. To help, we have all the info you need on the best Zeraora build and Lucario build. They're two similar bruisers. If you're looking for bulk, Snorlax and Crustle are good options as well.

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