Pokémon Unite Zeraora Build - Best Items and Moves

Looking for the best Pokémon Unite Zeraora build? It's understandable: it's a standout team wrecker in the right hands. Though players are slowly learning how to deal with its fast and powerful attacks, that doesn't mean it's no longer capable of carrying a match when used correctly. With some proper risk assessment and practice in Standard matches, you'll be taking your preffered Pokémon Unite Zeraora build straight into the high ranks.

Zeraora is a physical attacker that uses the Attack stat. Bear that in mind if you switch out any of the items below to suit your personal preference. If that has you a little confused, you might want to read up on the Pokémon Unite Physical vs Special attack split.

Before we start to break down the details, why not refresh your understanding of the fundamental Pokémon Unite mechcanics? Zeraora is designed to score, and learning the stats and effects of Held Items and Battle Items can help you deduce who'll get in your way right from the loading screen. Knowing how to cancel abilities wouldn't hurt, either.

Stats related to each Pokémon Unite Zeraora build.
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The Best Pokémon Unite Zeraora Build Options

Pokémon Unite Zeraora Build - Jungle Cat

Best Items
Best Moves
Fluffy Tail
Lv. 1: Slash
Muscle Band
Lv. 3: Agility
Scope Lens
Lv. 6: Volt Switch
Float Stone
Lv. 8: Discharge

Best for: Jungle/roaming

By far the most popular Pokémon Unite Zeraora build right now sees the animal head straight into the jungle early on, clearing out Pokémon camps in the middle of the map to level up without much opposition or distraction.

This allows Zeraora to quickly reach a point where it can rely on its Float Stone and guaranteed critical hits to roam between lanes, shredding opponents who are already low or over-extending, putting them back further in terms of late-game prep.

A good Pokémon Unite Zeraora build works by augmenting this mythical Pokémon's already powerful Normal Attacks. Every third blow paralyzed its target, with any damage Zeroara takes being converted to Attack to strike even harder.

Though you want to finish off targets fast by hitting hard with critical strikes, the various stuns can typically force your opponent into an all-or-nothing situation. They often opt to attempt to take you on after you've already hit hard, which only makes you stronger.

You want to start this build off with Slash just to ensure you're taking down jungle Pokémon at optimum speed. Keep Fluffy Tail on cooldown for this same effect, then start roaming as soon as you have your main moves.

Pokémon Unite Zeraora build profile.
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Pokémon Unite Zeraora Build - Sustained Spark n' Slap

Best Items
Best Moves
X Attack
Lv. 1: Slash
Muscle Band
Lv. 3: Agility
Attack Weight
Lv. 6: Spark
Focus Band
Lv.8: Discharge

Best for: Top lane sustained damage

Another powerful Pokémon Unite Zeraora build leans more heavily on Zeraora's powerful Basic Attacks. This equates to a slightly longer time to kill average between Pokémon, but offers far more sustained damage, ensuring Zeraora is always ready to take on its next target rather than retreating when its moves have all been used up.

Though there is certainly a skill ceiling to this one, it's relatively fool-proof as well. The simple joy of Zeraora is that its various dashes appear borderline random to 99% of players. Just zipping about and pulling back is enough to confuse them: they won't know where you've gone, where you're going to come from next, or how to deal with you.

By learning to weave Basic Attacks between your hectic skills, this build can get you scoring goals to boost your Attack, knocking targets down like pieces on a chessboard, and using Discharge to take on low-HP groups while its shield and your Focus Band helps you turn your opponent's power against them. Just pop X Attack between your onslaught and you'll rip and tear time and time again.

The progression screen showing the level at which Pokémon Unite Zeraora evolves.
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When Does Zeraora Evolve in Pokémon Unite?

As a mythical Pokémon, Zeraora does not evolve. It starts each Pokémon Unite match as a level one Zeraora and won't ever really benefit from a sudden stat boost when it evolves. Its strength stays mostly the same throughout the fight. It's both a blessing and a curse.

What Counters Zeraora in Pokémon Unite?

Crustle won't take much damage from Zeraora, and its Shell Smash/X-Scissor build can position it to smack Zeraora into a wall, dealing heavy damage and putting a stop to its dashing.
Submission gives Machamp the ability to immediately slam anyone who gets too close. For an assassin like Zeraora, that's a death sentence.
Slowbro's maddening crowd control from Surf and Telekinesis can immediately pick Zeraora out of the group. After that, the team can shut it down with ease.
Snorlax can shrug off Zeraora's attacks, lunge enough to ignore its hinderances entirely, and both stun and sleep Zeraora. It's a counter made in heaven.

Now that the game has had time to mature, finding the best Pokémon Unite Zeraora counter has become a sport. Punishing the yellow cat for its early unfair combos is a sport now. Anything that can stop it from zipping around will typically win out. Defenders are perfect for this, but even a certain four-armed all-rounder can do a great job.

What Are the Best Zeraora Pairs in Pokémon Unite?

Slowbro's single-target crowd control suits Zeraora's single-target damage perfectly. It can pin them long enough for Zeraora to easily grab a kill. Attackers beware.
While it can't pin targets for quite as long as Slowbro and is susceptible to crowd control attempts, Snorlax can launch and lunge into battle, tossing enemies for Zeraora to pounce on.
Although its heal can keep Zeraora going, it likely won't be enough to clutch a kill. Instead, it can rush in and stun Pokémon long enough to allow Zeraora to refresh its abilities and go another round.

While strong, Zeraora's kit generally depends on taking down one enemy at a time. If the positioning isn't perfect, the enemy can survive its attacks and retreat to the goal, becoming more of a nuisance. Pairing up with bulkier Pokémon with crowd control skills can help Zeraora stay on the offensive. They're able to peel survivors away from Zeraora, giving it a chance to finish the job.

How to obtain Zeraora in Pokémon Unite.
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How Do I Unlock Zeraora in Pokémon Unite?

Zeraora has one of the most unique unlock methods in Pokémon Unite right now. Like a bunch of other Unite Licenses, you can unlock Zeraora completely for free: but only for a limited time. We've gone over how to unlock Zeraora for free in a separate guide you can check out by clicking that link. It's the only way to unlock it.

If you're not feeling Zeraora's chaotic playstyle, check out Absol for more precise assassination attempts. And if melee range just isn't for you, Cinderace, Gardevoir, and Venusaur are some great ranged attackers that can be built to fit both long-range attacks and close-range assaults. They're not great scorers, but if that's not where your skills lie, it's better to save the Aeos Energy for others anyway.

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