Pokémon Unite Gardevoir Build - Best Items and Moves

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If you've just picked up the new Pokémon and are looking for a great Pokémon Unite Gardevoir build to train up with, you'll find plenty down below. The game's first post-release character is a particularly strong ranged attacker that's set to cause a bit of a stir in the established meta. Her insanely high Sp. Atk and timed moves can have her knock targets out before they even know she's around. By reading up on a variety of Pokémon Unite Gardevoir build options, you'll have an great idea of how to play Gardevoir as well as a decent understanding of how to beat it.

Gardevoir is a ranged attacker that uses the Sp. Atk stat. Bear that in mind if you switch out any of the items below to suit your personal preference. If that has you a little confused, you might want to read up on the Pokémon Unite Physical vs Special attack split.


Before we teach you all about the best Pokémon Unite Gardevoir build options out there, why not take a refresher course on the game's basics? Knowing how to cancel abilities can really work with Pokémon like this. Likewise, memorizing the games Held Items and Battle Items can help you work out the opponent's strategy before the match even begins.

A breakdown of Gardevoir's moves and stats in Pokémon Unite.

The Best Pokémon Unite Gardevoir Build Options

Pokémon Unite Gardevoir Build - Brain Burn

Best Items Best Moves
X AttackLv. 1: Confusion
Choice SpecsLv. 3: Teleport
Wise GlassesLv. 6: Psyshock
Energy AmplifierLv. 8: Psychic

Best for: Lane damage

A great damage-dealing Gardevoir build right now attempts to make the most of this Pokémon's powerful Unite Move. As it renders its targets immobile for a time, landing Gardevoir's various area attacks becomes incredibly easy.


By stacking items that can boost its already high Sp. Atk and using one that boosts this further after using said Unite Move, Gardevoir can potentially shut down an entire team that's stuck in its unique gravitational field.

Just pop X Attack, use your Unite Move, try to weave a third Normal Attack into the group to trigger the Sp. Def down effect, then toss your abilities in to deal some serious damage. The held items aid this and even decrease the time it takes for your skills (including your Unite Move) to come back up.

The reason we go for Wise Glasses over Sp. Atk Specs is because of how its fixed percentage boost scales off Gardevoir's already high stats. Choice Specs work in a similar way; the higher the user's stats, the more damage individual skills will deal.

Gardevoir in Pokémon Unite.

Pokémon Unite Gardevoir Builds - Future Fairy

Best Items Best Moves
Goal-GetterLv. 1: Confusion
Wise GlassesLv. 3: Teleport
Shell BellLv. 6: Psyshock
Score ShieldLv. 8: Psychic

Best for: Scoring


This slight alteration on the offensive build above simply increases Gardevoir's ability to score points for the team. It's still strong, but you'll benefit from adopting a slightly more objective-based focus with this.

This build swaps out the Energy Amplifier for a Score Shield and gives Gardevoir a bit more mobility in exchange for her burst damage potential with Eject Button.

The issue with this one is simply that Gardevoir doesn't have the highest Max. HP in the game. As such, the effect of Score Shield might not all that noticeable. Eject Button can help open up avenues for her to sneak toward the opposing goal, thus limiting the time she has to get blocked. The Score Shield in this case acts as a small buffer.

You could opt for Moonblast and Future Sight here to generate shields and area of denial spots to help while scoring. It would mean shaking up the moveset entirely, but there's scope for it to work for sure. Likewise, Goal-Getting helps the build for this most part, but only if you're proactive enough to land the dunks. If you struggle to stay alive to do so, you might want to take Eject Button as a lifeline.

When Does Gardevoir Evolve in Pokémon Unite?

Only matching Garchomp, Gardevoir is the slowest Pokémon Unite character to evolve. It's part of what makes it a premier risk vs reward choice. In Pokémon Unite, Gardevoir begins each match as a Ralt, only evolving into its middle stage Kirlia at level six. It won't evolve into Gardevoir until level ten.


What Is the Best Counter to Gardevoir in Pokémon Unite?

If you're going up against a Future Sight Gardevoir, high-mobility Pokémon are best: the kinds that can quickly escape its area of effect before it detonates. Similarly, avoiding early attacks like Confusion can be a breeze with fast all-rounders like Zeraora and Lucario. You either want to bait its attacks and then go in for the kill or simply concentrate on staying on your toes to avoid area attacks instead.

What Are the Best Pairs for Gardevoir in Pokémon Unite?

Gardevoir can support just about any Pokémon with its massive range, but it will struggle to defend itself during an enemy dive. For that, pairing with Pokémon that can quickly come to its aid can help. It's also a good idea to lane with a melee character that can distract opponents while Gardevoir deals damage from a safe distance.


How Do I Unlock Gardevoir in Pokémon Unite?

In Pokémon Unite, Gardevoir can only be obtained by purchasing it from the in-game shop. The Gardevoir Unite License should be in the Unite Battle Committee shop screen for 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems. It isn't the most expensive Pokémon in the game, but it certainly isn't the cheapest. If you spend your Aeos Coins before its release, you'll likely need to wait a while to unlock it.

If you're struggling to survive long enough in battle to have Gardevoir reach its full potential, a bulkier damage dealer may be for you. Venusaur is a decent pick in this case. Cramorant is mostly single-target, but it doesn't rely on an evolution to scale. Lastly, Greninja has some decent regenerative attacks that can keep you dueling just that little bit longer.