Pokémon Unite Machamp Build - Best Items and Moves

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Looking high and low for the best Pokémon Unite Machamp build? As a long-standing brawler in the world of Pokémon, the Pokémon Unite Machamp iteration brings brawn and not much brain to the battlefield, charging into the fray and suplexing anything it can get its hands on. If you want a pure melee character, this is it, and these Pokémon Unite Machamp build choices will make him glisten like a wrestler on fight night.

Machamp is a melee all-rounder that uses the Attack stat. Bear that in mind if you switch out any of the items below to suit your personal preference. You can read more about the Pokémon Unite Physical vs Special attack split by following the link.


Whether you're new to Pokémon Unite or a star on the ranked ladder already, there's always something left to learn. For the newcomers, be sure to learn how to cancel abilities in Pokémon Unite. For the pros, having a handy list of Held Items and Battle Items on your phone can help you size up your opponents from the load screen. The Mobile release even brought new items into the game, so be sure to learn about those.

Stats related to each Pokémon Unite Machamp build.

Table of Contents

The Best Pokémon Unite Machamp Build Options

Pokémon Unite Machamp Build - Slap Chop

Best Items Best Moves
Eject ButtonLv. 1: Karate Chop
Razer ClawLv. 3: Bulk Up
Muscle BandLv. 5: Submission
Scope LensLv. 7: Cross Chop

Best for: Top lane

There are very few viable Pokémon Unite Machamp build options out there. Most use some slight deviation of its two core moves Submission and Cross Chop to sprint into battle and toss targets around like they're ragdolls. And that's exactly what this Pokémon Unite Machamp build aims to do as well.


Playing Machamp isn't too difficult. Not at the early stages, at least. It's truly a brawn-over-brain Pokémon. That being said, the order you use its attacks can make a difference. Submission makes you unstoppable, which can make it a perfect initiation skill. But while it's fast, it still takes longer to run into battle than it does to dash in with Cross Chop.

Both attacks buff Machamp the same way, so mashing buttons actually becomes a worthwhile strategy. With no complicated attack patterns to weave, you're free to zero in on targets with Basic Attacks, launching them with Submission and generally ignoring the game's strange fixation on crowd-control abilities.

Muscle Band and Scope Lens augment Machamp's already powerful buffs, leaving Leftovers or even something like Rocky Helmet to support it.

Pokémon Unite Machamp portrait.

Pokémon Unite Machamp Build - Flying Fists

Best Items Best Moves
Eject ButtonLv. 1: Karate Chop
Scope LensLv. 3: Bulk Up
Float StoneLv. 5: Submission
Buddy BarrierLv. 7: Close Combat

Best for: Jungle or top lane


If the unimaginative Cross Chop isn't for you, building Machamp around its Close Combat skill can spice things up a bit. It lacks mobility, but the one-two combo of Submission and Close Combat can put opponents down fast. This is a good dive build that can translate to decent team fighting chops with the right teammates.

The main thing to remember with this build is that Close Combat deals more damage to opponents suffering from an affliction. Any affliction. Start your assault as Submission comes crashing down and you'll rip through just about anyone.

This is great for ganking lanes, making Machamp a good jungler in this case, but with something like Ninetales on the team, Close Combat can take on entire teams. Save Barrage Blow for bursting down bulky defenders and you should be on the path to victory.

As for items, feel free to swap out Buddy Barrier for Muscle Band if you're the type to hold onto your Unite Move for special occasions that never arrive.

In an ideal world, Buddy Barrier lets the team survive bigger skirmishes around Zapdos and the last goal while Machamp barrages the opponent with a flurry of fists. Scope Lens should be kept simply due to Submission's Critical Hit Rate boost, with Float Stone there for the stat boost and gank speed.

The progression screen showing the level in which Pokémon Unite Machamp evolves.

When Does Machamp Evolve in Pokémon Unite?

There's no link cable needed here! The Pokémon Unite Machamp simply evolves as it levels up, evolving from Machop into Machoke at level five and Machamp at level nine. It's a relatively late bloomer, but it matches most of the game's other attackers in its class. Don't fall behind.


What Counters Machamp in Pokémon Unite?

Pokémon Reason
CinderaceCinderace has the highest attack range in the game and relies more on Basic Attack damage and burning damage over time. It can keep its distance from Machamp and even dash away if it gets too close. Perfect.
AbsolWhile not perfect by any stretch, Absol can counter Machamp's own counter. You'll have to be fast on your feet, but pull off the timing and Machamp will struggle.

Machamp can fairly easily shake off crowd control and counter at melee range, making all but the best ranged attackers worthwhile counters. Anyone looking to take Machamp on needs to keep their distance and not rely on slows, stuns, and other hindering effects.

What Is the Best Pair for Machamp in Pokémon Unite?

Pokémon Reason
EldegossIf you need to take bottom lane or carry well into the late game, Eldegoss can help heal Machamp up and pin ranged opponent, helping it close in before it takes too much damage..
SnorlaxSnorlax can charge in on its own accord, displacing enemies for Machamp to pounce on. Rest helps here, but Block can even group them up for a high-powered Close Combat barrage.

Machamp gels well with Pokémon that can facilitate its need to grapple whoever is nearby. Support Pokémon are generally the best for it, but the lack of range on the lane at that point can make things difficult. For that, it's typically best paired with a top lane defender if it isn't jungling.

How to unlock Pokémon Unite Machamp.

How Do I Unlock Machamp in Pokémon Unite?

To unlock Pokémon Unite Machamp and add it to your roster for future fights, all you need to do is save up and spend 8,000 Aeos Coins in the Unite Battle Committee shop. If you don't have enough and don't mind spending some real-world cash, you can use 480 Aeos Gems instead.

If Machamp ultimately isn't for you, you might simply prefer a ranged damage dealer like Gardevoir, Cinderace, Venusaur, or the meta pick Alolan Ninetales. On terms of survivability, however, a Defender like Crustle or all-rounder like Garchomp can keep you rushing into battle in a slightly different way.