16 Nov 2021 2:40 PM +00:00 UTC

Dislyte Tier List - All Espers Ranked

Looking for a Dislyte tier list? Lilith Games' new pop-fantasy RPG launched in open beta recently, letting players explore its equal-parts mythological and futuristic setting. As expected of the developer of AFK Arena, the game is pretty darn gorgeous, with unique character designs inspired by deities from all different cultures, but with an added modern twist. These Espers are who you collect in Dislyte, and each of them has their own powerful array of abilities.

But there isn't currently a character list in Dislyte, meaning it's hard to know who's who, not to mention who might be the best of the bunch. That's why we've opted to create a Dislyte tier list, ranking every Esper available for summon in the game, as well as listing the god that they're supposed to represent. We've also got some added info about how to get more characters, and whether it's possible to perform a Dislyte reroll.

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If you're on the lookout for more tier lists, why not take a look at some of our others? We have an Arknights tier list, an Azur Lane tier list, and even a list of Honkai Impact characters, including the newest battlesuits. That said, let's take a look at the best Dislyte characters.


Dislyte Tier List

Tier Character
SUnas (Shu), Biondina (Poseidon), Lewis (Ares), Sally (Sif) Raven (Odin), Narmer (Ra), Tang Mei (Sun Wukong), Li Ling (Nezha), Hyde (Hades), Triki (Loki), Gabrielle (Njord), Mona (Artemis), Lin Xiao (White Tiger), Chalmers (Idun)
ACeline (Siren), Malin (Freya), Lu Yi (Dayi), Kara (Serket), Sander (Set), Heng Yue (Chang'e), Luo Yan (Yanluo Wang), Coco (Medea), Catherine (Hela), Ren Si (Black Tortoise), Bardon (Baldr), Chang Pu (Yao Ji) Zelmer (Sekhmet), Nya (Heket) Ye Suhua (Shao Siming)
BJiang Man (Meng Po), Falken (Horus), Faery (Freyr), Arcana (Hermes), Jacob (Jormungand), Long Mian (Ao Bing), Brynn (Valykrie), Q (Eros), Drew (Anubis), Li Ao (Tao Tie), Melanie (Medusa), Hall (Hodur), Freddy (Fenrir), Tang Yun (Six-Eared Macaque), David (Jason), Berenice (Bastet), Lulu (Medjed), Leon (Vali)
CUnky Chai (Yue Lao), Eunice (Aphrodite), Pritzker (Mimir), Helena (Helen)
A Dislyte character activating his ultimate ability.
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How Do I Get More Dislyte Characters?

In order to pull for more characters from Dislyte's Esper Union, you need to tap on the 'Gacha' section of the menu. Here you can summon Espers with either the Silver or Gold Record Player. The Silver player is for recruiting Espers of ordinary rarity, while the Gold is for those of unusual rarity, which basically means better characters.

To summon, you're going to need Gold Records, which you can purchase using Organa, the game's currency. You can earn Organa through the initial Growth Plan missions, and that'll help you build a starting team.

You can also sacrifice your extra or lower rarity Espers to advance your better ones, making them more powerful in the process, so who you hang onto is important. The free characters you get initially are Valkyrie, Drew, and Artemis, with the latter being the best of the bunch and well worth investing in.


How Do I Perform a Dislyte Reroll?


Unfortunately, Dislyte doesn't give you ten free summons when you first start out, which is fairly unusual for a gacha game. Because of this, it's not possible to reroll. It is worth saying that the game is currently in open beta, so when it launches for real, it might give players some starting summons. Dislyte's currency drops are also pretty darn stingy, so expect to be playing a fair few missions to get enough for a ten pull.

And that's our Dislyte tier list. If you're a fan of other Lilith games, you might want to check out our AFK Arena tier list or our Rise of Kingdoms codes list for some in-game freebies.