Dislyte tier list (March 2024) - All Espers ranked

Three Dislyte characters.
March 1, 2024: Yu Xu enters our Dislyte tier list.

Looking for a Dislyte tier list 2024? With the game being so big, it makes sense to want the cream of the crop. And if you're hoping to kick things off on the right foot, you'll want to match your pulls with our tier list.

The Dislyte tier list below uses data and impressions from the game. New Espers are being added consistently since players were first able to get their hands on it so we make sure to constantly check over our information.

Dislyte tier list March 2024 - best Espers ranked

Ahmed, Lin Xiao, Li Ling, Raven, Narver, Lauren, Gabrielle, Sally, Mona, Chalmers, Unas, Lucas, Cecilia, Ye Suhua, Sienna, Melanie, Tiye, Fatum Sisters, Abigail, Intisar, Feng Nuxi, Cang Ji, Ethan, Elaine, Yuuhime, Alice, Jiang Jiuli, Jiang Man, Sander, Camille, Uday, Xuan Pin, Farrah, Jin Qiu, Su Jue, Yu Ran, Feng Xun
Clara, Donar, Unky Chai, Jin Yuyao, Tiya, Lewis, Biondina, Hyde, Long Mian, Ren Si, Freddy, Luo Yan, Chloe, Catherine, Celine, Tang Xuan, Q, Drew, Eira, Chang Pu, Fabrice, Asenath, Lu Yi, Laura, Nicole, Anesidora, Xie Yuzhi, Ashley, Gaius Zeus, Everett, Narmer, Brewster, Ife, Intisar, Yun Chuan, Li Guang, Embla, Alolin, Lian, Adrina, Toland, Norah
Stewart, Ollie, Bardon, Brynn, Jeanne, Bai Liuli, Dhalia, Tang Yun, Taylor, Xie Chuyi, Hall, Lynn, Bonnie, Triki, Helena, Tevor, Djoser, Heng Yue, Pritzker, Jacob, Meredith, Ophelia, Odette, Zhong Nan, Xiao Yin, Aurelius, Daniel, Parmi, Jiang-Man, Jinhee, Koharu, Leora, Valeria, Chantico, Sachiko
Li Ao, Helena, Falken, Zelmer, Kaylee, Jiang, David, Leon, Elliot, Zora, Ain, Emma, Archibald, Yu Xu, Yalina
Kara, Layla, Arcana, Alexa, Berenice

The Dislyte tier list above represents the best characters currently available. Keep in mind that the list above is subject to changes because Lilith Games, the developer of Dislyte, continues to release tons of updates.

Also, Lilith Games is giving away freebies for every chance they get, so make use of them to get the best characters in the game. Stack the best espers to top the leaderboards in a jiffy!

A Dislyte character activating his ultimate ability.
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Best healers in Dislyte 2023

Sally, Clara, Heng Yue, Ye Suhua, Asenath, Lauren, Cang Ji
Chang Pu, Cecilia, Fabrice, Luo Yan
Helena, Heng Yue

Healers are a crucial part of any team. No, really, you're going to want them. They can provide buffs, and Purify your team from any status effects given by the opposite team.

How do I get more Dislyte characters?

In order to pull for more characters from Dislyte's Esper Union, you need to tap on the 'Gacha' section of the menu. Here you can summon Espers with either the Silver or Gold Record Player. The Silver player is for recruiting Espers of ordinary rarity, while the Gold is for those of unusual rarity, which basically means better characters.

To summon, you'll need Gold Records, which you can purchase using Organa, the game's currency. You can earn Organa through the initial Growth Plan missions, and that'll help you build a starting team.

You can also sacrifice your extra or lower rarity Espers to advance your better ones, making them more powerful in the process, so who you hang onto is important. The free characters you get initially are Valkyrie, Drew, and Artemis, with the latter being the best of the bunch and well worth investing in.

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