Temtem crossplay - is Temtem cross save and cross progression enabled?

Creatures battling in Temtem.
September 9, 2022: We've added a note on how to enable Temtem cross save and cross progression.

After almost two years in early access, creature collecting simulator Temtem is finally entering its big 1.0 full release, and with that means the game arriving on a multitude of additional platforms, begging the question: is Temtem crossplay, cross save, and cross progression enabled?

For those not in the know already, cross-platform generally doesn't mean whether a game is on more than one platform or not. These days, it's more a way to denote whether a game's multiplayer features can be used regardless of platform, or whether an account created on one platform can be accessed from another. With it being a multi-platform console release, it's natural to wonder if there's a better single machine to play it on.

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Is Temtem crossplay?

The quick answer is that Temtem crossplay is absolutely a thing you can already enjoy in the game. Though it released on PC first a couple of years back, the eventual PS5 release set the scene for Temtem crossplay functionality.

New PS5 owners were all set to get stuck into the same adventure as their PC partners, joining these pseudo-servers, catch Temtem, and getting annihilated by the game's relatively surprising difficulty curve.

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Is Temtem cross save and cross progression enabled on all platforms?

In a sense, yes, Temtem cross save and cross progression is in at launch. Once Temtem came to PS5, it was made clear that anyone could take their game progress there or back to the PC version with ease.

As an online-only game, the data is all managed by an account ID and handled on the Temtem server, meaning there's no manual action needed when playing from one platform and then picking up your next play session on the other. Once you link your account to the platforms you want to play on, hopping between the lot should be a breeze.

Though Crema Games hasn't made it terribly easy to know whether Temtem cross-progression is a thing, this blog post about the Nintendo Switch performance of the game confirms that Temtem cross-progression is a thing in both the Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions of the games at launch.

That means you can play the game on the go on your Nintendo Switch, come home to play it on your PlayStation 5 in your bedroom, and even fire it up on the family Xbox in the living room if you fancy some time on the couch instead. You'll need a copy of the game on each platform, of course, but your Temtem account will be ready and waiting.

The Temtem cross-progression setting in-game.
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How to enable Temtem cross save and cross progression

If you're looking to enable Temtem cross save (or cross progression, if that's what you prefer to call it), it's a simple enough affair.

First up, first up the account you want to carry across to other platforms. From there, open the in-game menu, the Settings menu from there, and scroll all the way down on the 'Game' tab.

Here, you should see a Cross-progression entry under the 'Account' section at the bottom. Click that, use the blue button at the bottom to set it as your main platform.

With that done, just log into any of your other systems with Temtem on and follow the steps again, this time setting it as a secondary platform. You'll need to use the setting just above the cross-progression option selection to delete your account on a secondary platform if you happen to have made a second character, though, so watch out for that.

Is Temtem Switch performance good?

For those unsure as to whether Temtem Switch performance could match the smooth, hi-res, and stable FPS of the PC and next-gen console versions, the team actually had a lot to say about Temtem Switch performance in a recent blog post.

In it, the team confirmed that Temtem on Nintendo Switch runs at 30fps regardless of whether it's docked or undocked, using dynamic resolution scaling to keep it there.

When docked, it runs primarily at 900p while going up to 1080p and down to 700p depending on the circumstances. While undocked, it runs "very steadily" at 720 but can dip to 560p if needed.

And that's all there is to say on Temtem cross save and crossplay topics right now. We'll have more to say about the game real soon. Until then, though, check out our YuGiOh Cross Duel codes and YuGiOh Cross Duel tier list if you're into card game strategy titles as well.

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