YuGiOh Cross Duel - download link, Release date, and Bluestacks APK

Picture of the Dark Magician in Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel

Picture of the Dark Magician in Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel

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September 6, 2022: YuGiOh Cross Duel is out now and we've got the download links right here.

Looking for that YuGiOh Cross Duel download link? We've got it. Releasing as a soft launch app in Canada earlier in the year, the game that shared the spotlight with Master Duel late last year has finally arrived the world over. It's tricky to find right now, but regardless of whether you're on Android, iOS, or Bluestacks, we can help you get the game.

YuGiOh Cross Duel takes the traditional format of YuGiOh and turns it on it's head, introducing an interesting multiplayer aspect to the game. You'll get to battle with some of the game's most iconic monsters in a four player match of card game meets strategy board game.

If you're interested in more YuGiOh Cross Duel content, then be sure to check out our Cross Duel codes guide for some freebies, as well our Ace Monster tier list. Also check out the Forbidden and Limited list to know what cards are banned in the game.

How to download YuGiOh Cross Duel - iOS, Android, UK, US, and worldwide

YuGiOh Cross Duel is apparently out right now: as per the game's Twitter account at least. But in our own search - and evidenced by social media buzz - the game isn't showing up for a lot of people. Here's how to download YuGiOh Cross Duel on iOS, Android, iPad, and an emulator like Bluestacks if that's what you want.


On iOS, things work differently depending on your device. For example, if you're on an iPad, searching for Cross Duel will lead you to the game - you just have to scroll way down, passing Master Duel, Neuron, and a bunch of knock-off games. Keep searching.

yugioh cross duel on the Apple App Store.
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On an iPhone, however, no amount of scrolling will have the game show up right now. Instead, the quickest way beyond just tapping the iOS YuGiOh Cross Duel download link is to search for Master Duel (or any other YuGiOh game on the platform), click it, and then tap the Konami text beneath the app name. This takes you to Konami's app library, where you'll find the YuGiOh Cross Duel app page.


On Android, things should be easier. Just search from YuGiOh Cross Duel and it should show up. If you're getting noticed about your device being incompatible, it could be one of a couple of things:

  • Your phone is too old
  • The game isn't compatible with obscure screen sizes found on flip or folding devices (unconfirmed)
  • The app is rolling out to compatible phones and regions slowly throughout the days (this happened with Master Duel)

Bluestacks (or another emulator)

If you're using Bluestacks or another emulator, your best bet for downloading and playing YuGiOh Cross Duel is through the same steps as the Android method above. Just us the Google Play Store.

If you don't have access to this, you'll need to use a third-party app store or downloading and install the APK through a site like APKPure. It could take a little while for builds to show up on these platforms, so be patient. Konami isn't offering a direct YuGiOh Cross Duel APK on its website at this time, so downloading one from anywhere other than Google Play Store comes at a risk.

When does YuGiOh Cross Duel release?

While Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel has soft launched in certain regions across the world, it's global release has been officially annouced. YuGiOh Cross Duel will be releasing on Android and iOS on September 6, 2022.

Players who pre-register should get a notification of when the game becomes available on your platform of choice. At that point, you should be able to download the game. You may be able to preload the game early, but servers will not be live until the September 6 date.

How do I pre-register for YuGiOh Cross Duel?

If you're looking to pre-register for YuGiOh Cross Duel, then there's a few ways that you can do so. First off you can go to your app store of choice on an Android or iOS device, and select to pre-register for the game through there.

The other option that you have is to head over to the Cross Duel Pre-registration website, and select a method to pre-register there. You can pre-register through email, Facebook, Twitter, or through their Google Play link.

What rewards do I get for pre-registering for YuGiOh Cross Duel?

If you do pre-register for Cross Duel, then there's some freebies to be had. Here's a list of the potential rewards that can be earned based on the number of pre-registrations:

  • 100,000: Social Media Icons for Exodia, Dark Magician Girl, Kuriboh and Blue-Eyes White Dragon (to be distributed via social media)
  • 200,000: 240 Gems (2 Gacha draws)
  • 300,000: 360 Gems (3 Gacha draws)
  • 500,000: 600 Gems (5 Gacha draws)

These gacha draws are going to be very important for the early game, as they will give you chances to pull powerful SR and UR cards to go into your decks.

And that's all we have for you! Be sure to stay tuned to as we'll be bringing you a reroll guide and deck guides once the game launches. While you're here, be sure to check out what's coming in the latest Legends of Runeterra patch.

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