YuGiOh Cross Duel ace monster tier list - all ace monsters ranked

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September 6, 2022: YuGiOh Cross Duel is out now, and we'll be updating our tier list with more information as we make our way through the game.

Looking for a YuGiOh Cross Duel Ace monster tier list to help you pick the right starting monster? Well, you've come to the right place. One of the first things that you do in the game is pick an 'Ace Monster' to lead your deck. And in order to not have any immediate regrets and hamstring your progress early on, you'll want to avoid some.


YuGiOh Cross Duel takes the traditional format of YuGiOh and turns it on it's head, introducing an interesting multiplayer aspect to the game. You'll get to battle with some of the game's most iconic monsters in a four player match of card game meets strategy board game.

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YuGiOh Cross Duel ace monster tier list

This tier list looks at the different starting Ace monsters in the game so far. That being said, there are plenty of strategies that have yet to be developed so some of the monsters on this list could move around.


To kick things off, the S and A tiers right now are ace monsters that lend themselves to really solid beat-down style decks. These decks are going to be the preferred decks to play off the bat because they typically don't require many SR or UR cards, if any at all. At the top of the range, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon stands tall. It's a big attack stat with some targeted removal, which is always good to see.

As we move further down the list, the abilities and stats of the ace monsters get more niche or smaller. It's possible that those monsters could rise in the ranks, but typically they're going to be lower. The last section of unknowns are ace monsters that could be good, but have seen very little experimentation or top rank finishes on ladder, so we'll have to wait to see how the global meta evolves.

Which YuGiOh Cross Duel ace monster should I choose?

If you're just starting out with the game, you get your choice of an ace monster for free. While that's a huge benefit, unless you plan to throw a fair bit of money into the game pulling on the gacha system, your ace monster choice should lend itself to being useful in a free-to-play strategy.


As we said above, ace monsters that are good in beat down style (High attack monster heavy style) decks are going to be the easiest to construct. There are a bunch of good options at four star that have high attack, and generally they're all free-to-play friendly. We'd recommend Blue Eyes or Red Dragon Archfiend as your starter Ace, simply because they can be summoned easily through the beat down strategy and they are the highest attack stat monsters in the game right now.

And that's all we have for you! As more Ace monsters get added to the game, and the metagame evolves over time, we'll be sure to keep this tier list updated so be sure to check back.

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