Best Tower of Fantasy weapons - every weapon type ranked

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Shiro Tower of Fantasy
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August 17, 2022: Updated the Tier list to reflect post launch testing.

It's time to make sure you're rocking only the best equipment with our best Tower of Fantasy weapons guide. Hotta Studio's massive mobile game is on the horizon, and if it's anything like the one it's being compared to, you'll want to pay close attention to the weapons your sink your time and in-game currencies into. A mistake can be costly.


In Tower of Fantasy, you'll have three weapons equipped at once that you can swap between on the battlefield and make use of the buffs that appear. Each weapon can be upgraded, too, and can seriously pack a punch.

The world of Tower of Fantasy seems huge, but don't worry - we've got guides to help you out. For starters, here are the working Tower of Fantasy codes, and a Tower of Fantasy tier list in case you need some help with your teams. Here's how Tower of Fantasy controller support works with the game, too!

Best Tower of Fantasy weapons

Tier Weapons
SDual EM Stars (Samir), Scythe of the Crow (King), Venus (Nemesis), Rosy Edge (Meryl)
AIcewind Arrow (Tsubasa), Thunderblades (Crow), Molten Shield V2 (Huma)
BNegating Cube (Zero), Absolute Zero (Cocoritter), Chakram of the Seas (Shiro), Pummeler (Ene), Staff of Scars (Pepper)
CNightingale's Feather (Bai Ling), Thunderous Halberd (Echo)
DThe Terminator (Hilda)

There are various activities in the game, from solo and group PVE to PVP, but there are a few weapons that stand out head and shoulders above the rest. On the standard banner, Samir, King and Meryl all sit at the top. This is due to their damage output, ease of use, and viability in multiple types of content. Nemesis being the only limited banner weapon in the game right now, plus it's synergy with Samir and strong ability set, also is at the top of the meta.


Most of the other SSR weapons fall into the A and B Tiers, but Shiro is right on the edge of B and C. It's a fine weapon, but it's a bit lacking by comparison. For the SR weapons, a few of them sneak their way into the B tier, being generally useful. Of note, the Staff of Scars (Pepper), is a fantastic option but only if you can get it to six star level and you can complete Chapter seven of the Wanderer's Log to get the matrices for the weapon.

The rest of the SR weapons fall short, not providing enough damage or utility, and in Hilda's case, a major lack of mobility. We'd generally recommend staying away from the C and D tier weapons, or most SR's if possible, but the higher tier ones can be good fillers to round out your team.

How do I get Tower of Fantasy weapons?

Tower of Fantasy's gacha system works a little different to what some players are used to, making the list of the best Tower of Fantasy weapons arguably more important than the character tier list.


Instead of pulling for characters and weapons separately, characters come attached to weapons as Simulacras; stored data of their looks, skills, and memories that you can use as a sort of 'skin'. Whatever character you choose to appear as will have three weapons equipped at any time, so it isn't restrictive.

Your custom character is equipped with a one-handed sword, and the first pull you get is Echo, with the Thundering Halberd. After that, any pulls on the banners are randomised. You won't get a weapon every time, though, as the SSR and SR characters are quite rare.

Which characters come with each Tower of Fantasy weapon?

Weapon Type Character
Thunderous HalberdSpearEcho
Chakram of the SeaWheel BladeShiro
Negating CubeCubeZero
Dual EM StarsPistolsSamir
Rosy EdgeClaymoreMeryl
Scythe of the CrowScytheKing
Guren BladeSwordClaudia
ThunderbladesDual BladesCrow
Absolute ZeroSpearCocoritter
Icewind ArrowBowTsubasa
Molten Shield V2AxeHuma
Nightingale’s FeatherBowBai Ling
Staff of ScarsSpearPepper
The TerminatorMachine GunHilda
Flaming RevolverPistolCobalt-B

Here is our handy list of which Simulacrums come with which weapon, and what type of Tower of Fantasy weapon it is.


Remember: when you unlock the weapon, you'll still have to get multiple copies to fully unlock it's additional effects for PVE. You'll also get the character skin to go with it. While they're generally cosmetic, as you give gifts to the simulacra, there are some player benefits that can unlock after enough gifts.

Now that Tower of Fantasy is out globally, we suggest you take a look at our character-specific pages if you're looking to follow build guides. We have a Shiro build, Samir build, Zero build, and Meryl build all ready and willing to show you the ropes.