Tower of Fantasy reroll steps and who to reroll for

A Tower of Fantasy character walking along a steel rail.

A Tower of Fantasy character walking along a steel rail.
January 3, 2023: Tower of Fantasy 2.0 is out! Currently this method for rerolling still applies.

Looking to pull off the best Tower of Fantasy reroll? In the world of mobile games, one thing you should always strive to do is reroll your account until you get the best characters you can with the early currencies you're given, and Tower of Fantasy is no different.

The reroll process can often be a bit cumbersome, and there's a little preparation that needs to be done a bit beforehand. On top of that, the Tower of Fantasy reroll steps take a little longer than your typical mobile game. That being said, if you follow this guide and get into a groove, you can reroll pretty quickly.

If you're looking to get stuck in on launch, definitely check out the most recent Tower of Fantasy patch notes. On top of that, you should check out our Tower of Fantasy tier list, matching Tower of Fantasy code guide, and our ToF weapon tier list as well.

Tower of Fantasy Reroll Preparation

Before you can start rerolling, there are a few things that we can do to speed up our process.

The first thing that you're going to want to do is create a few dummy email accounts. We'll use each of these accounts when we're rerolling. You can create these accounts however you wish, usually making a few free gmail accounts will suffice. We'll get more into the process with these in a bit.

The next thing that you'll want to do is to have your early game Gold Nucleus path map pulled up so you know exactly where to go. This will allow you to collect additional Gold Nucleus orbs to give you more summons.

The last thing that you could do is to load up the character creation "preset screen", and create what you want your character to look like.

Once you've completed this, you'll have a code for the character that you've created. You'll just click on "Lobby", the "My Presets", and you can copy that code.

When rolling new accounts, you can import your character's looks using that code by clicking "Import" in the bottom left on the character select screen, and you can use that character visual. That being said, you will get a beauty voucher to change your character's appearance, so you can skip this step if you want.

With that out of the way, let's get into the process. Before we do, though, we need to give a shoutout to YouTuber Volkin for the brunt of the information you're going to see below. If you prefer a visual Tower of Fantasy reroll guide, check out his video on the subject.

When should you do a Tower of Fantasy reroll?

In order to maximize your rerolling potential, there are specific times in the game when are the best to reroll a new account.

With the game's launch, we know that there's going to be a bunch of pre-registration bonuses, so doing this at the beginning of the game is going to be ideal.

The pre-registration bonuses will be available to all players for 180 days after the official launch, so you could spend quite a bit of time rerolling at launch.

Other times where it's going to do so would be during special events that come up in game, such as anniversary events or download milestone events. These events often reward players with tons of currency, making efficient rerolling possible.

Tower of Fantasy Gold Nucleus reroll farm
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How do I do a Tower of Fantasy reroll?

Before we get going, this method is going to be useful during the global launch celebration, as there are launch events and pre-registration rewards that will grant a bunch of Gold Nucleus you'll use to pull. You can still do this afterwards, but you'll be missing about 2/3 of the summons, assuming that there isn't an event going on.

Step 1 - account creation

So we're ready to start with rerolling. First thing to do is log into your account.

When you log in and pick your server, you'll be met with a short tutorial. This tutorial is roughly about two minutes long, but it can be skipped by closing the game and relaunching it when you gain control of your character. That being said, it's not super worthwhile to skip. It only saves you about 30ish seconds.

As for naming your character, the best thing to do here is to either use numerically increasing names, or use the name you want your permanent account to have. You can change this later if you don't like your pulls

Step 2 - free Gold Nucleus locations

Once you're out of the tutorial, you're going to be stuck in a long cutscene that is unskippble. Once you're out of that cutscene, the farming can begin. The first three Gold Nuclei that you'll get are in the main story quest before you unlock summoning Simulacra.

First Gold Nucleus location

Shirli is going to be walking towards the big ship on your way to find Celine. Run ahead of her and jump up on top of the ship, and run all the way to the end (the bottom left most dot on the map). There's an orb that you can snag for a Gold Nucleus. After this, continue on your way.

Second Gold Nucleus location

The next one is come up when you have to cross the river after Shirli to find Franz. When you gain control of your character, turn slightly to the right, and you'll see an orb hovering above the river. Jump up, and air dodge through it to secure another Gold Nucleus.

Third Gold Nucleus location

The last story orb is going to be when you obtain your jetpack. The game will put you in a small tutorial on how to use it, and direct you towards a dome, where you will unlock the ability to summon Simulacra.

Rather than heading straight to the dome, you're going to drop down a little bit over the river and you'll see another orb floating above the river. If you miss it, you can go back up the tower and try again. Once you've gotten this, head over to unlock summons, and you'll be able to claim the free 20 Gold Nuclei.

Step 3 - pulling (and more Gold Nucleus locations)

From here, you're going to want to do two ten-pulls using the Gold Nuclei from the launch event and pre-reg rewards. This is necessary to get the Fire bow that we'll need for getting the rest of the farm. Once you've done this, open your map and teleport back to the tower you started the jetpack tutorial on.

First Gold Nucleus location

From the tower, look around and locate a small mountain cliff with a big purple plant on it. Fly over to there with the jetpack, pick up one of the water orbs and throw it in for that Gold Nucleus.

Second and third Gold Nucleus locations

Next, work your way across the mountain towards a tower that has what looks like a bear head at the top. There are two Gold Nuclei in the top of the tower. One is in an orb on the ground like the first, and the second is floating in the air.

More Gold Nucleus locations

The next few are located in some tar-covered coves. Drop out of the bear head, and you'll see one on the cliffside. You'll need the fire bow to burn the tar away to get this. Then, head north and drop down off the cliffside towards the water. There will be another tar cove there.

Head west along the cliffside and you'll come across a little island that juts out. On the backside of that island is another tar cove, right on the water. Lastly, do a 180, stand still, and use your jetpack to go straight up in the air. Then dodge and glide across the water to the island, and that will be the final orb. This should allow you to do one more 10-pull.

Step 4 - rerolling

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At this stage, you hopefully should have gotten an SSR that you like. If you haven't, then you can change your name, log out, and start again on a new account with the next dummy email.

If you've run out of emails, you can delete your account by going to settings, customer service, and selecting "delete account". One thing to note with this is that it will wipe out all character data on all servers for that account, so only do this if you don't have alts on other servers.

When you're happy with the pulls that you've gotten, regardless of which email address was used, you're going to want to bind the account to either your Facebook, or Twitter account, and that will be how you log in going forward.

This entire process takes about 20 minutes per account, so if you're either picky or unlucky, be prepared to spend a bit of time actually doing these rerolls.

What characters should I want with a Tower of Fantasy reroll?

As for what characters you want, that's entirely up to you. If there's an SSR that you like the look of or the play style for, then try for that one. There are some characters that you can go for that are solid staple SSR characters depending on what role you want to play.


  • Meryl
  • Huma


  • Cocoritter
  • Zero


  • Crow
  • Samir
  • King
  • Shiro
  • Tsubasa

One thing to note here is that when you're rolling your accounts, you don't need to roll for multiple of these SSRs. First off, it's fairly unlikely to happen, but in addition, we also get an SSR selection box.

By completing some missions for the launch event, you'll get the choice of an SSR, so if you find an SSR you like in your rolls, it might be worth sticking with that account.

Generally speaking, for the average player, Samir and King are probably going to be really good starting options to go for. Samir has a very user-friendly playstyle and is particularly strong. King is a master of shredding enemy shields and has a very high DPS output to boot.

And that's all that we have for you! Big shout out and thanks to Volkin for the details on this guide, be sure to check out his channel and content. While you're here be sure to check out our guides for some top-tier characters in the game, like our Samir build and Zero build pages.

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