Tower of Fantasy Codes and How to Redeem Them

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If you’re looking for Tower of Fantasy codes, you’ve come to the right place. Perfect World Entertainment’s open-world gacha RPG periodically features support for a number of promo codes that earn you handy freebies. While the Western version has yet to enter beta, there are still some codes floating around for the Chinese version that may be worth hanging onto for the Western release as well.

This guide explains what Tower of Fantasy codes are and what to do with them, along with when to expect more.

If you’re after more Tower of Fantasy ahead of the beta and full launch, check out our overviews of the current character roster, including Zero and Samir.


What Are Tower of Fantasy Codes?

Like other gacha game codes, such as Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy codes give you free items you’d otherwise have to grind – or pay – for. It’s a convenient way to stock up on important items and save a few bucks, if you planned on spending money, so it’s always worth checking for new codes and using them as soon as possible.

Table of Contents

All Active Tower of Fantasy Codes

These are the active Tower of Fantasy codes right now:

• ht888

• huanta666

• huanta888


• huanta520

• ht666

• ht520

• YL666

• YL777

• YL999

We don't yet have access to the beta or the Chinese version, so it's actually a bit of a mystery what these codes will get you.


Expired Tower of Fantasy codes

No codes have expired yet.

How to Redeem Tower of Fantasy Codes

WIth the game running, open the menu with the gift box icon. Choose the bottom option on the left side of the screen, and then enter and redeem your code. Exit the menu, then open your in-game mail to obtain your items.

How to Get More Tower of Fantasy Codes

So far, it’s not clear what Perfect World has planned for the Western release. Like Genshin Impact, we assume these codes will release during special events, such as livestreams, or to mark important occasions. We’ll keep this page updated, so check back regularly for more.

Meanwhile, brush up on what to expect from Meryl the ice-wielding warrior when Tower of Fantasy launches later this year.