Tower of Fantasy tier list - best characters (March 2024)

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March 26, 2024: We've updated our Tower of Fantasy tier list with the latest update.

Using an unconventional team-building system, a Tower of Fantasy tier list still makes sense if you're only interested in running the best characters in the game. Things are sure to change rapidly as the game ages, but until then, we're ready to rank the launch characters you'll have at your disposal in this gacha RPG.

Likened to Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy's shared-world MMO system won't change much in regards to a tier list, but if you're a solo player (or just someone looking to top the damage charts of any team-based activity), here's the lowdown.

For more Tower of Fantasy guides, check out our Tower of Fantasy release date hub for launch information, our Tower of Fantasy codes guide for launch-day freebies, and our list of the best Tower of Fantasy weapons.

Tower of Fantasy tier list (March 2024)

Tower of Fantasy tier list


Samir - Dual EM Stars
Nemesis - Venus
Claudia - Guren Blade
Crow - Thunderblades
Alyss - Immortal Wings
Cobalt-B - Flaming Revolver
Fiona - Moonstar Bracelet
King - Scythe of the Crow
Rubilia - Liu Huo
Rubilia - Lost Melody
Umi - Mobius
Marc - Dawn
Nan Yi - Purple Bamboo


Frigg - Balmung
Cocoritter - Absolute Zero
Ruby - Spark
Lin - Shadoweave
Lyra - Vespers
Annabella - Cross Sniper
Saki Fuwa - Heartstream
Fenrir - Gleipnir
Lan - Vermilion Bird
Tsubasa - Icewind Arrow
Baiyuekui - Alaya


Ming Jing (Zeke) - Onyx Tortoise
Meryl - Rosy Edge
Shiro - Chakram of the Seas
Zero - Negating Cube
Icarus - Precious One
Tian Lang - Powerbreak
Gnonno - Little Hurricane
Huma - Molten Shield V2


Ene - Pummeler
Bai Ling - Nightingale's Feather
Pepper - Staff of Scars


Hilda - The Terminator
Echo - Thunderous Helberd

Our Tower of Fantasy tier list covers all the units that are available with the latest update so that you can make an informed decision on who to main and build.

There's a Chinese version of the game that has some additional units, so we won't touch on those until they're in the global release.

This early ToF tier list is subject to change as units get balanced as well. That shouldn't happen given these characters should launch with any balance tweaks made in the Chinese version of the game, but we'll be sure to keep an eye on things.

For now, we're just ranking characters that will be available from the get-go. There's no point in including characters that are available on servers that have been around much longer, just in case names, abilities, or stats are tweaked before they're made available.

A Tower of Fantasy character in the multiplayer hub.
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Tower of Fantasy reroll steps

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Pulling off a Tower of Fantasy reroll isn't something you can do in the early version of the game. It takes about twenty minutes per run after the initial prep work, but that could change even just a week after launch when the release rewards dry up.

For the full, lengthy explainer, check out our Tower of Fantasy reroll guide. It'll walk you through setting up multiple accounts, finding dozens of free pulls during the tutorial, and even tell you who you should aim for with your reroll.

How do I get more Tower of Fantasy characters?

Characters work a little different in Tower of Fantasy compared to similar games like Genshin Impact. There's still a gacha system at the heart of this open-world RPG, but the characters are painted more as skins than individual entities.

In a nutshell, Tower of Fantasy has you pulling for weapons rather than characters. The weapons have characters assigned to them, which can unlock that character as a skin if you're lucky, but they're essentially separate entities.

You can equip up to three weapons to your custom character and freely switch between them and their skillsets in battle, but you don't have to assign the character skin if you don't want to, meaning you can pull for years and never actually play as one of the characters you unlock if you prefer your custom creation.

The Tower of Fantasy gacha system unlocks partway through the tutorial in the first town. Once you're given the jetpack, you're pretty close.

And there we have it! Definitely check out character guides for tips on how to build your character to suit each weapon's signature skillset. Samir build, Zero build, and Shiro build. If you're down with Roblox, definitely check out our Project Slayers codes guide for some freebies!

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