Tower of Fantasy patch notes (January 2023)

The Tower of Fantasy cooking robot.

The Tower of Fantasy cooking robot.
January 18, 2023: Updated patch notes for Patch 2.2

Whether you played the original beta test, the Chinese version, or neither, you're bound to want read up on the Tower of Fantasy patch notes before you get stuck in. Set to launch in a matter of days, Tower of Fantasy has just got in equivalent of a day 1 update, and it includes some interesting tweaks and additions.

Coming here after hearing the launch day buzz? Tower of Fantasy is an shared open-world RPG from Chinese developer Hotta Studios. For the most part, it's best viewed as a competitor to Genshin Impact with its emphasis on an anime artstyle, fast-paced combat, and exploration all spun around a gacha mechanic.

If you're looking for more information about the game, be sure to check out our Tower of Fantasy codes list. We even have a Tower of Fantasy character list if you prefer to scout out your favourite character before you jump in.

Tower of Fantasy patch notes

January 18, 2023

Tower of Fantasy Update 2.2 patch notes


  • Maintenance compensation: 500 dark crystals & radar detector*2
  • Client update compensation: 200 Dark Crystal
  • Compensation eligibility: Reach Wanderer Lv. 6 before the update
  • We will deliver the aforementioned compensation to you via mail within 2 hours after the maintenance. Do remember to check your mailbox and claim them


New Content

  • Mirroria District B/C Unlocked
    • Places like the Mirramoon Street, Treasured Garden, Aquaria Palace, Coolyland, Entertainment Center, Tower of Tomorrow, Star Apartments, Mirafleur Hall Guest Room, Oasis Club, etc. are available
    • A large number of interior scenes and interactive content are now open. Wanderers can experience various everyday interactions such as settlement, amusement, racing, and audio-visual entertainment in Mirroria
    • New spacerift IN Mirroria: Entertainment Center Balcony/Mirramoon Street
  • New gameplay: Void Abyss (Unlocks on local server time 09:00 on January 1st, 2023 and when the Wanderer reaches Lv. 80 and after clearing Void Rift)
  • New team PvP gameplay: The Critical Abyss (Unlocks when the Wanderer reaches Lv. 80, and opens every day from 12:00–24:00)
  • New life entertaining gameplay: Fishing, Arcade Minigames, Fight the Landlord, Mahjong, Pet Feeding
  • Other New Content:
    • New equipment: Microreactor
    • New storyline for the research mission

New Events

We will launch a series of new events and activities after the update on the 22nd. For specific event rules, please refer to Ver. 2.2 First Event Preview

  • Supply Run – Christmas-themed sign-in: Available after the server is back online
  • Winter Festival series events: Available from (UTC+8) 2022/12/24 11:00:00
  • Yesterday Once More limited-time side missions: Available from (UTC+8) 2022/12/24 11:00:00
  • ToF Referral Program: Available after the server is back online
  • Tian Lang Limited Cache: Available after the server is back online
  • Lyra Limited Cache: Available after the server is back online
  • Claudia Limited Cache: Available from (UTC+8) 2022/12/26 11:00:00
  • A brand new set of 2.2 version gift packs will be available after the update and on the 24th, please see in-game for more details

New Feature

In order to bring you a better game experience, we will launch the server transfer feature, which is planned to be available in two batches according to the following time. For details, please refer to the follow-up server transfer instructions announcement:

  • The first batch will be opened on December 29, 2022;
  • The second batch will open on January 10, 2023.

Optimizations and Bug Fixes – Tower of Fantasy Update 2.2

  • Optimized instance difficulty (Spacetime Domain, Interstellar Exploration, Dimensional Trials)
  • Optimized the world boss combat experience
  • Optimized server lags
  • Optimized the issue where players could not enter the game after the game loading progress reached 90%
  • Fixed an issue where refreshing a web page on the PC may lead to crashes
  • Fixed the memory leaks found on some mobile devices
  • Optimized Thai fonts and fixed the problem of overlapping superscripts of some fonts
  • Fixed the text-overflow issue on the screens of Settings, Weapons, Simulacra, Mounts, and Relics
  • Fixed the missing translation of some mission dialogues in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Thai
  • Supplemented the missing English, Japanese, and Portuguese dubbing of mission dialogues
  • Optimized the translation of some mission dialogues
  • Optimized abnormal codes revealed by text formatting changes
  • Updated the Special Order page

Update 2.2 brings with it many optimizations and bug fixes to the game after it's massive 2.0 update. It also unlocks some new locations within Mirroria for players to explore. There's also some new gameplay activities to do, such as Void Abyss, a new PvP mode, and some fun things like fishing, mini games and pet feeding.

August 6, 2023

ToF Patch Notes

  • Character Customization includes the option to customize your character's Chest.
  • Fixed a bug with switching Audio Languages.
  • Improved Localization, fixing issues with text, translations, and subtitles.
  • Added text localizations for German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Thai.
  • Lowered requirements for some Activity Mission completions.
  • Lowered the difficulty of Joint Operations and Frontier Clash and adjusted the recommended CS.
  • Added some emotes and emoticons.
  • Fixed other general bugs.

The above Tower of Fantasy patch notes were revealed in a letter to the players, on August 5.

Alongside the brief list of changes, Hotta detailed that the beta tests were a great success and acknowledged the recent surge in pre-registrations, which saw the game go from 500k to three million in the space of a month. Revealed as a reward, we'll be getting quite a few freebies when the game launches: including a free SSR weapon.

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Additionally, the devs seem to be keen to interacting more with the communities on feedback and events for the game, which is a great thing to see.

The last thing that the devs left players with is a reassurance of transparency. They state that they know that there will be issues and bugs with the game, but they outline three points of this commitment to assure players they will do right by them.

  • They will never alter any data, stats or functions without first announcing it to the players publically with full transparency.
  • Their goal when it comes to dealing with bugs is to identify them quickly, and fix them as soon as possible.
  • For other major issues, they will be vocal about communicating known issues, and then resolve them quickly with an appropriate compensation to players for the issue.

The studio is also encouraging players to reach out via their social media or customer service inbox if they have any issues.

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Tower of Fantasy update schedule and roadmap

Though launch day was talked about, the Tower of Fantasy developers haven't really outlined what the future of the game might look like. It's easy to imagine it following the update schedule of the Chinese version, with new characters and stories releasing in the same order, but there's been no confirmation just yet.

As a comparison, Genshin Impact typically releases a big update every six weeks. There's no saying Tower of Fantasy will follow the same path, so expect some confusion as the game releases as people draw conclusions from comparisons that only lead to confusion.

And that's all that we have! The game is set to launch on August 10, 2022 on PC and iOS/Android, with Steam and Epic Games Store versions coming a little further down the line.

While you're here, definitely check out our Tower of Fantasy character tier list to get an idea of what the best characters will be for PVE, as well as some guides for some top characters like Samir, Zero, and Meryl.

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