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August 22, 2022: Tower of Fantasy should be live in all regions now!

Chinese developer Hotta Studios is currently cooking up an open-world action RPG titled Tower of Fantasy. As the game is developed in Unreal Engine, this action title is expected to be beautiful even on older mobile phones and tablets. Here's what we know about this game; from the Tower of Fantasy release date to how the game is expected to play.

First and foremost, we'll just put it out there that Tower of Fantasy is going to be compared to Genshin Impact a lot as it carves out its niche. Before that monolith hit its height, though, it was shot down for taking clear inspiration from Breath of the Wild. This one, at least, looks to be taking a little from sci-fi RPGs like Xenoblade, Phantasy Star, and Star Ocean as well.

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What time does Tower of Fantasy release?

Tower of Fantasy release time

Tower of Fantasy went live at 1am BST on August 11, 2022. For those outside of Europe, however, this generally means the game released in the evening of August 10, 2022.

The timer above should automatically show you the Tower of Fantasy release time in your region, so don't worry about translating the time listed above manually.

When is the Tower of Fantasy release date? - launch speculation

Tower of Fantasy released on August 10, 2022. This follows two closed beta tests throughout the year.

When is the Tower of Fantasy beta?

Tower of Fantasy beta signups went live as soon as the game was confirmed for a worldwide release. Invitations went out to successful applicants in early April, with the Tower of Fantasy closed beta date then set for April 19, 2022 soon after. A subsequent beta took place in late June, starting on June 22.

When will the Tower of Fantasy beta end?

Sadly, the June 2022 Tower of Fantasy beta has now ended. Progress will not be saved for the global release, so anyone who played then will be starting fresh on release day.

What platforms is Tower of Fantasy on?

Similar to Genshin Impact - its closest analogue right now - Tower of Fantasy is set to release on Android, iOS and PC.

The upcoming beta appears to be limited to mobile platforms at this time, but that's likely down to the team looking to test the game on a wide range of handsets. Genshin Impact followed a similar approach in its own beta days. Unlike that game, however, a console version of Tower of Fantasy does not appear to be on the cards at this stage.

Tower of Fantasy gameplay - is it an MMO?

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world action RPG where players can explore a large world and play as unique characters to fight enemies in the field. Players have access to all available weapons for every character and has futuristic vehicles to help players travel around. Take a look at some of the gameplay on the trailer above.

For what it's worth, Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG in very light terms. It featured a global chat and you see other players wandering around as you play.

And that's about all there is to say about the Tower of Fantasy release date right now. It's still a ways off, and while you can find footage all over YouTube, most Chinese games go through quite a few changes in their path to a worldwide release.

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