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Punishing: Gray Raven Codes - Free Gifts and Constructs

As is the case with just about every mobile game out there, Punishing: Gray Raven codes exist to give players the odd free gift. Whether it's for hitting a milestone download figure or just to bring attention to a new in-game event, Punishing: Gray Raven codes can come fast and expire even faster. For that, we've rounded up any and all currently active Punishing: Gray Raven codes. We've even listed expired ones just to let you know which ones you can't redeem and what you might have missed.

If you're a big fan of freebies, there are plenty of other games that offer just that. The latest Mobile Legends codes can get you some free characters and in-game currently. There are stacks of Coin Master free spins popping up every day as well. Even Pokemon GO codes sneak out from time to time, especially during the ongoing Pokemon GO Fest .

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The Latest Punishing: Gray Raven Codes

The below Punishing: Gray Raven codes were last checked and confirmed active and working on July 28, 2021.

Active Codes:

  • Cobbd2fpb0g - 50 Black Card, 2 Serum Bundle S (New!)
  • pb8msjg0g - 200 Black Card (New!)
  • GR777 – Free S-rank Construct (only available on the Taiwanese server)
  • aitecteb – 2,500 Blue Supply Tickets (only available on the Taiwanese server)

The below Punishing: Gray Raven codes were last checked and confirmed inactive and expired on July 28, 2021.

Expired Codes:

  • There are no currently expired Punishing: Gray Raven codes. Phew.
How to redeem Punishing Gray Raven codes using the in-game menu.
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How Do I Redeem Punishing: Gray Raven Codes?


The method of redeeming Punishing: Gray Raven codes isn't too difficult. Unlike some other recent mobile releases, you won't have to lean on an external site to claim them, but you will have to at least get through the game's relatively long tutorial before you can do so.

To redeem Punishing: Gray Raven codes, you need to first get through the in-game tutorial. You'll get close to the redemption menu during this, but you'll also have to clear Stage 1-1 before you can freely access it.

Once you've cleared the tutorial, just do the following to redeem your Punishing: Gray Raven codes:

  • Get to the main menu.
  • Tap your profile stats in the top-left.
  • Enter an active Punishing: Gray Raven code in the Gift Code box in the bottom-right.
  • Tap the 'Use' button to the right of the 'Enter Gift Code' field.

Assuming the code was entered correctly and is still active, your rewards will pop up on the screen. If not, you'll get the "invalid gift code, please check again" banner across the screen. Double-check you entered it correctly or ensure it isn't actually out of date.

When Do New Punishing: Gray Raven Codes Arrive?


Given the game just launched on July 16, there isn't enough information to accurately answer when Punishing: Gray Raven codes are likely to be published.

The anime RPG gacha title has been available in other parts of the world for quite some time now, and codes have typically been published with new updates and events, of which there are plenty.

That being said, the codes don't last for very long. They often expire within days of going live. That means if you're not staying up to date with the game, you're likely to miss out on some Punishing: Gray Raven codes sooner or later.

The best way of avoiding that is to bookmark this page and check back regularly. In other countries where the game operates, Punishing: Gray Raven codes have dropped on Twitter, YouTube, through event and update livesteams, and a few other ways.

That's not to say the same will happen with the worldwide release, but by checking back here regularly, you'll avoid having to trawl several different social accounts and videos looking for new Punishing: Gray Raven codes.

What Do Punishing: Gray Raven Codes Do?

Until we actually get our hands on some Punishing: Gray Raven codes, it's hard to say what they'll offer. As is the case with Genshin Impact codes and other similar titles, though, expect a mix of in-game currency (both basic and premium) and miscellaneous upgrade materials for the game's colourful cast of constructs.

A banner showing an incorrect or inactive and expired Punishing Gray Raven code was entered.
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Why Do Punishing: Gray Raven Codes Not Work?


The most likely reason why active Punishing: Gray Raven codes won't work will be down to them either having expired, being entered incorrectly, or being redeemed on the wrong server.

That last one is going to be a common occurrence in the early days of the game's launch. That's because a bunch of Punishing: Gray Raven codes out there right now are for the original Taiwanese version of the game, which launched a while back now.

As they're probably tied to events and updates that haven't landed on the new Europe and North American servers, they won't work. Examples of these would be 'GR777' and 'aitecteb': both of which are Taiwan Punishing: Gray Raven codes that will not work on the Western release.