Punishing: Gray Raven Release Date Lands This Month

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A Punishing: Gray Raven release date has finally been set, confirming that the free-to-play mobile anime action game is set for an English launch in the not-too-distant future. Pre-registrations have been live since April, but as is typically the case with localization jobs, a solid launch date was never explicitly mentioned. Thanks to Twitter, we now know that Punishing: Gray Raven will release in just a week's time on July 16.

Set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG world, Punishing: Gray Raven has already amassed close to 500,000 pre-registrations across the iOS App Store and Google Play, unlocking a bunch of bonuses for those who play at launch in the process.


Likened to Honkai Impact 3rd, which just got a massive Genshin Impact crossover event, Punishing: Gray Raven has you command one of many 'Constructs', each equipped with unique fighting skills, combos, and weapon systems, to dispatch waves of cybernetic opponents.

Free-to-play Constructs and those unlocked through the game's gacha system fill certain roles like Attacker, Support, and Tank. One example of these would be the dual-gunner Lee Entropy, an upgraded version of the Lee Thermite construct unit designed to "more effectively leverage Lee's computing powers."

What Are the Punishing Gray Raven Pre-Registration Rewards?

Once the game reaches the 500,000 pre-registrations milestone, the Lucia Lotus Coating-Daybreak construct will be given out at launch. If that happens, the following rewards will be distributed to all players:

  • 200x Black Card
  • 20,000x Cog
  • 2x C.E.M IV
  • 2x Overclock Alloy
  • Lucia Lotus Coating-Daybreak

What Are The Punishing Gray Raven System Requirements?

Ahead of release, the Punishing: Gray Raven system requirements have been added to the official website. Though it's only a rough guideline, the game will generally require the below hardware specs to run on your device:

  • OS: iOS 10.0 / Android 8.1.0
  • RAM: 3GB or Higher
  • Storage Space: 4GB

And that's pretty much everything you need to know about Punishing: Gray Raven ahead of its launch on July 16.