When Are Honkai Impact 3rd Characters Coming To Genshin Impact?

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Mihoyo has recently confirmed that Honkai Impact 3rd will have playable characters from Genshin Impact for an upcoming update. These crossover characters will have more moves than their base game counterparts when added to Honkai Impact 3rd. However, when will we get Honkai’s characters for Genshin Impact?

When Is The Event Updates Coming

According to Mihoyo, the crossover event between the company’s two Impact titles is slated on the Honkai Impact 3rd version 4.9 update on July 9. The event would showcase Genshin Impact characters visiting the Honkai Impact 3rd world.


The characters added to Honkai Impact 3rd's playable roster will be Fischl and Keqing. Mihoyo notes that both Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact development teams collaborated to recreate the guest characters to fit the world they're going in.

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How about Honkai to Genshin?

Honkai Impact 3rd Genshin Impact Event
The crossover event of Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact is coming soon.

As of now, Mihoyo has yet to officially announce any crossover event on Genshin Impact just yet. So far, the upcoming characters lined up for release in Genshin Impact are also original characters from the game's own world.

Fans looking forward to see characters from Honkai Impact 3rd or any other franchises are still far from happening.

Lore Connections

On the other hand, Mihoyo has confirmed that Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact are connected to each other when it comes to lore. The canon connection between the two games are yet to be bridged with any character in both games right now.


However, the new Genshin Impact region, Inazuma, is looking to solve that problem as two characters possibly related to Honkai Impact 3rd lore. Fans notes that the Electro Archon herself and Genshin Impact's Yae will be related to Mihoyo's previous ongoing game.

The Electro Archon and Shogun, Baal, is said to look similar to and also use electric powers like Raiden Mei from Honkai Impact 3rd. Previously seen on Inazuma teasers, the pink-haired Yae is also said to potentially be related to Honkai Impact 3rd's samurai character Yae Sakura.

For now, we've yet to see these characters in Genshin Impact and what their connection would be. If proven truly connected, these two characters will be the closest

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