Tower of Fantasy Shiro - Skills, weapon, and more

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Shiro in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy features a range of characters, each attached to a particular weapon. Attached to the Chakram is Shiro's Simulacrum. But who is Shiro in Tower of Fantasy?

Our guide will show you how to try and get Shiro in the game, and what her unique skills are. We'll update this page as we find out more about the scientist herself, and what she is capable of.

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How to get Shiro in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy works on a gacha system when it comes to getting new characters. It is a little different from other titles like Genshin Impact, though.

Instead of pulling on a banner for a character, players will be trying their luck for weapons. Certain weapons have characters' Simulacrums (essentially a skin with abilities) attached. For instance, the first character you get is Echo, as you pull her Thunderous Halberd.

The weapon that Shiro will come with is the Chakram of the Seas, so we'll probably need to wait for a banner featuring the item to have a good chance of getting her.

What are Shiro's skills in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy Shiro
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We don’t have any solid information on Shiro's skill names yet, but a gameplay video from the Chinese release shows her Chakram in action. Her basic attack combo swings the blade forward and generates continuous waves of energy that fly out and come back.

Shiro also has some kind of charged skill that apparently creates a small burst of energy in front of her, and there's a unique ability that closes off a small area and sends several circles of energy bouncing back and forth in it, damaging enemies inside.


Let's take a look at the benefits of her Chakram of the Seas with each level it gains:

Weapon Level Skill
1-Star+30% DMG and shield breaking
2-Star+15% base ATK
3-Star+15% shield breaking
4-Star+32% base HP
5-Star+7 seconds of DMG on targets inflicted with 'Heavily Wounded'
6-StarWhen using Shiro's skill, crit rate is +100% for 8 seconds.

Who is Shiro in Tower of Fantasy?

Shiro loves the sea and even found a way to turn seawater into a defensive weapon, but don't expect to have many conversations with her about anything else. While she might seem too preoccupied to take into battle, her skills with a wheel blade are unparalleled.

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