Tower of Fantasy Shiro Skills, Weapon, and More

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The Tower of Fantasy Shiro simulacrum gives your party the power of a brilliant, if sometimes a bit too one-track, scientist. Shiro loves the sea and even found a way to turn seawater into a defensive weapon, but don't expect to have many conversations with her about anything else. While she might seem too preoccupied to take into battle, her skills with a chakra are unparalleled.

This Tower of Fantasy guide covers what we know about Shiro so far, including how to obtain the character, what skills she possesses, and the unique weapon she uses.

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Who Is Shiro in Tower of Fantasy?

The official description of Samir describes her as such:

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Talking about the sea is practically the only way to have a conversation with this laser-focused scientist. She altered a key gear on a desalination device into a defensive weapon that's tough and resilient.

How to Get Shiro in Tower of Fantasy

Hotta, the maker of Tower of Fantasy, hasn’t provided much information about how the game’s gacha system works, though based on gameplay videos from the original Chinese release, it seems the simulacrum - characters, in plain speak - is at least one thing you’ll pull for.

If that’s the case, expect some trial and error before successfully pulling Shiro. The Tower of Fantasy website lists her, along with Meryl and a few others, as headline characters, so she could be part of a free set of simulacrum you can earn after starting the game.

What Are Shiro's Skills in Tower of Fantasy?


We don’t have any solid information on Shiro's skill names yet, but a gameplay video from the Chinese release shows her chakram in action. Her basic attack combo swings the two chakras forward and generates continuous waves of chakra-shaped energy that fly out and come back.

Shiro also has some kind of charged skill that apparently creates a small burst of energy in front of her, and there's a unique ability that closes off a small area and sends several circles of energy bouncing back and forth in it, damaging enemies inside.

Whatever her moveset ends up being, it seems she's well suited to mobs and crowd control.

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