Tower of Fantasy Zero Skills, Weapon, and More

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The Tower of Fantasy Zero simulacrum unlocks the memories and abilities of a child tech genius and master of fire. Zero might have a bit of a bad attitude, but he’s incredibly handy on the field. His fire attacks have a range of uses, such as generating shields, attacking enemies from afar, and even offering a little helping boost if you need some extra height to reach new areas.

This Tower of Fantasy guide covers what we know about Zero so far, including how to obtain the character, what skills he possesses, and the unique weapon he uses.

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Who Is Zero in Tower of Fantasy?

Zero is purportedly a 15-year-old warrior who specializes in technology, but there’s no actual way to confirm that since he wiped all records of his former life. He’s difficult to deal with, but always delivers when it counts.

Table of Contents

How to Get Zero in Tower of Fantasy

Hotta, the maker of Tower of Fantasy, hasn’t provided much information about how the game’s gacha system works, though based on gameplay videos from the original Chinese release, it seems the simulacrum is at least one thing you’ll pull for.

If that’s the case, expect some trial and error before successfully pulling Zero – maybe. The Tower of Fantasy website lists him, along with a few others, as headline characters, so Zero could be part of a free set of simulacrum players earn or are given after starting the game.

What Are Zero’s Skills in Tower of Fantasy?


We don’t have any solid information on Zero’s skill names yet, but a segment of gameplay featuring the tech wiz shows off a few of the skills in action. There’s what looks like his standard move, where he launches what looks like flaming data cells from the ground, and some floating wisps of flame that damage enemies on contact.

Zero can generate a flame shield, though it seems to last for only a few seconds. There’s also what looks like a variation of his standard attack, where the clump of data remains so he can climb on it.

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