Tower of Fantasy Zero - Skills, weapon, and more

The Tower of Fantasy Zero simulacrum unlocks the memories and abilities of a child tech genius and master of fire. This guide covers what we know about Zero so far, including how to obtain the character, what skills he possesses, and the unique weapon he uses.

Zero might have a bit of a bad attitude, but he’s incredibly handy on the field. His fire attacks have a range of uses, such as generating shields, attacking enemies from afar, and even offering a little helping boost if you need some extra height to reach new areas.

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Tower of Fantasy Zero
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How to get Zero in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy's gacha system works a little different to some we're used to This time, we pull for the weapons, not the characters.

The characters we see are attached to the weapon and can be equipped as Simulacrums - memories, and skills saved from the character - to our main character. This does also change the appearance.

To have a proper chance of getting Zero, we'll need to wait for a banner featuring the Negating Cube with boosted drop rates.

What is Zero's weapon?

Zero uses the Negating Cube, a floating cube that can inflict flame damage, as well as create pillars and other formations to elevate Zero, and harm enemies. Think of it like the Catalyst weapon in Genshin Impact - there is no physical damage, just elemental.

What are Zero’s skills in Tower of Fantasy?

Zero is regarded as a support character, as he can provide a shield along with dealing damage.

He can generate a flame shield, though it seems to last for only a few seconds. The structures he can produce with the cube can be climbed on, and can come in many shapes and sizes.

We'll update this page when we know more of the specifics of Zero's kit!

Who is Zero in Tower of Fantasy?

Zero is a 15-year-old warrior who specializes in technology, but there’s no actual way to confirm that since he wiped all records of his former life. He’s difficult to deal with, but always delivers when it counts.

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