Tower of Fantasy Meryl Skills, Weapon, and More

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The Tower of Fantasy Meryl simulacrum unlocks the memories and abilities of a peerless warrior and master of ice. Meryl was once captain of a large army and learned to separate herself from her emotions. What she might lack in openness, she more than makes up for on the battlefield, where her massive ice claymore devastates enemies.

This guide covers what we know about Meryl so far, including how to obtain the character, what skills she possesses, and the unique weapon she uses.

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Who Is Meryl in Tower of Fantasy?

The official description of Meryl reads:

Senior Executor for Hykros who excelled in the most dangerous missions thanks to outstanding sword-fighting and combat skills. Keeps her distance from everyone and hides her feelings to herself, but that doesn't mean she is emotionless.

How to Get Zero in Tower of Fantasy

Hotta, the maker of Tower of Fantasy, hasn’t provided much information about how the game’s gacha system works, though based on gameplay videos from the original Chinese release, it seems the simulacrum is at least one thing you’ll pull for.

If that’s the case, expect some trial and error before successfully pulling Meryl. The Tower of Fantasy website lists her, along with a few others, as headline characters, so Meryl could be part of a free set of simulacrum players earn or are receive after starting the game.

What Are Meryl's Skills in Tower of Fantasy?


We don’t have any solid information on Meryl's skill names yet, but a segment of gameplay featuring the fearless captain shows off a few of the skills in action. Her standard move appears to be an ice-infused sword slash.

She can also plunge the claymore into the ground and generate a burst of crystals in a circle around her. Most of Meryl's attacks appear to have launch potential, hurling foes into the air, where she continues battering them with aerial combos.

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