Genshin Impact Fishing - How to Catch and Raise Fish

Looking to find out more about Genshin Impact fishing? Fishing is a new feature added in the Genshin Impact 2.1 update that lets you catch fish to exchange for free stuff at the fishing association or keep them in your very own ornamental pond. Fishing arrives alongside a whole host of other new events, including the Moonchase Festival.

Fishing is a multi-faceted side mode that's part athletic and part decorative. Fishing also ties in with a new 2.1 event called Lunar Realm, where you fish for points and rewards. If you're looking for more Genshin guides, be sure to check out our lists of Genshin Impact weapons and Genshin Impact codes. Now, on with the guide!

How To Get the Genshin Impact Fishing Rod

In order to get the fishing rod and start catching fish In Genshing Impact, you'll have to complete a few steps. First, look for the world quest 'Exploding Population' and select it from the menu. In order for this quest to appear, you'll have to have completed 'A Pot Called Home,' which unlocks the Serenitea Pot.

Follow the quest instructions and speak to Katheryne at the Adventurer's Guild in Mondstadt, then talk to Nantuck outside of the city walls. He'll direct you to your first fishing spot, give you some bait, and will explain how to fish.

The pre-Genshin Impact fishing screen where you decide the rod and bait you're using.
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Genshin Impact Fishing Spots

There are a variety of places to fish in Genshin Impact, and each region has its own fish to catch. Nantuck introduces you to the first two spots, at Cider Lake and the Stormbearer Mountains, but there are plenty more to find. You can see every Genshin Impact fishing spot in Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and even Dragonspine using the map below:

Every Genshin Impact Fishing Rod

The first thing you'll need to fish in Genshin Impact is, of course, a fishing rod, and thankfully the game currently has four.

Each region has its own unique fishing rod that gives you a higher chance of catching fish in that area. There are three when the update launches plus one basic rod, and we can expect new ones each time Mihoyo adds more regions.

You can earn the rods by catching fish and exchanging them at the region's association. Here's a list of every Genshin Impact fishing rod and where to use them:

  • Wilderness Rod: Claimed for free when you start the "Exploding Population" quest
  • Windtangler: Mondstadt Fishing Association
  • Wishmaker: Liyue Fishing Association
  • Narukawa Uzai: Inazuma Fishing Association
  • Moonstringer Rod: Gained from the Lunar Realm event when it launches
One of the many Genshin Impact fishing rods.
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How Do I Make Genshin Impact Fishing Bait?

You start with four kinds of Genshin Impact fishing bait, and each is effective for catching a different type of fish:

  • Fruit Paste Bait: Medakas, Dawncatchers, and Crystalfish
  • False Worm Bait: Shirakodai and Angelfish
  • Redrot Bait: Sticklebacks, Bettas, Venomspine Fish, Akai Maou, and Snowstriders
  • Fake Fly Bait: Koi and Pufferfish

You'll only have the crafting recipe for Fruit Paste bait to start off, but you can get the other recipes in exchange for catching fish and bringing them to the fishing association in Mondstadt. To make more bait, you simply head to the crafting table and follow the recipe.

Where Is Every Genshin Impact Fishing Association?

There are three regional fishing associations in Genshin Impact, each with its own particular rewards. Here's where you find each:

  • Mondstadt: This is where you are introduced to fishing. The association is located outside the city walls on the northeast side.
  • Liyue: Head to the wharf jutting out into the sea on the southeast side of Liyue Harbor and you'll see someone fishing there. This is where you get the Pool of Sapphire Grace that displays ornamental fish in your Serenitea Pot.
  • Inazuma: You'll find this association on the beach to the west as you exit Inazuma City. This is where you can get 'The Catch' polearm weapon.
The Pool of Sapphire Grace at the Liyue fishing association in Genshin Impact.
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How To Catch Fish in Genshin Impact

Here's how Genshin Impact fishing works:

  • Find a fishing spot
  • Select a rod and choose bait based upon what you are catching
  • Cast the line into the water, aiming close to your chosen fish
  • Wait for the fish to bite
  • Reel it in, keeping the cursor inside the moving bar
  • As you do this, a meter with a fish hook symbol starts to fill
  • When it reaches full, you've caught your fish!

How To Raise Fish in Genshin Impact

Raising a fish in Genshin Impact is a surprisingly simple process. All you need to do is craft a Pool of Sapphire Grace and place it in your Serenitea Pot to raise fish. You can place some of them as decorative items, while other, non-decorative fish have other uses as trade items or recipe ingredients. Yum!

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