Tower of Fantasy mounts - mount list and unlock steps

Mount in Tower of Fantasy

Mount in Tower of Fantasy

Working your way toward cool new Tower of Fantasy mounts will no doubt consume your world soon enough. Like any open-world RPG, riding around a stallion or steed is a feeling that just can't be beaten, and the time-saving benefits are second to none. Aida, the world of Tower of Fantasy, is huge, and gathering up the materials you need to craft its various carts is no easy feat. Here's how it works.

Until the game's release, we can't say for sure which mount options will be available to us as we cross the many mountain ranges, but we've seen quite a few in previews and trailers. This page will be updated when we can confirm more details, but you can get most of the basics here and now already.

Tower of Fantasy's release is coming up very soon, and we're preparing for the next big open-world RPG release. To join in, check out our Tower of Fantasy tier list to find your first true main. And if you need a little help building them, our Tower of Fantasy codes guide can get your freebies to help. Lastly, if you're not be sure to check out the Genshin Impact 3.0 hub to learn about everything that's dropping in its next big update.

How do I get Tower of Fantasy mounts?

Getting these different mounts can be tricky, and they all have different means of being gained. Some of the mounts come in separate pieces, and all of these must be found before you can make the full item, but some come as a whole unit.

In the Chinese servers especially, mounts can be found in event stores or on certain banners, but most are rewards from quests, events, or pieced together over time.

Mount in Tower of Fantasy
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All Tower of Fantasy mounts

Mount Name
Parts are rare Vermin Brothers drop and found in a Supply Pod in Rusty Belt.
Dust Wheeler
Reward for reaching Grand Marshal rank.
Parts are rare drop from Devotees, and found in Supply Pods at Warren. One part is in a hidden quest.
Omnium Beast VII
Parts are rare drop from Behemoths, in the HT201 Shelter, and in a hidden quest line.
Parts are rare drop from Four Powers, in the Seaforth Dock bunker, and in a hidden quest line.

Currently, there are five available mounts in the worldwide servers for Tower of Fantasy. These are:

Chinese server exclusive mounts

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Mount Name
Pre-registration reward
Aida Knight
4th Premium Battle Pass reward
Crimson Meteor
Home Island Shop purchase
Desert Rower
Event banner
Future Chariot
Shop purchase
Heavy Bike
Reward for advancing Marc's weapon to 3-Star
Gachapon Capsule Machines in Mirror City
Event shop purchases

These next mounts are currently exclusive to the Chinese Tower of Fantasy server, but may become available worldwide after launch.

Mount in Tower of Fantasy
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What are Tower of Fantasy mounts?

Mounts in Tower of Fantasy, like many other games, allow players to get around the world a bit quicker without relying on teleporters. They're steeds.

Tower of Fantasy has a wide and wonderful range of mounts, spanning from a floating cube, to motorbikes, to a robot horse. These items will transport you around the planet of Aida at a quicker speed than walking, and will make you look super cool as you do it. It's a shared-world RPG, so having the rarest mount available to show off to your peers is all part of the fun.

While we await the full release of Tower of Fantasy, why not check out our character guides to help decide who you'd like to main? Some key characters are covered in our Shiro build, Zero build, Meryl build, and Samir build guides.

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