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genshin impact 3.0

genshin impact 3.0

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September 8, 2022: Sumeru is here! Ganyu and Kokomi's rerun banners begin tomorrow with Dori on them, too.

The Genshin Impact 3.0 release date is close at hand. A slew of leaks and datamines let us know most of what's set to arrive ahead of time, but with the patch livestream now having taken place, we now know for certain what we'll be getting up to, and when.

Version 3.0 will be a big update for Genshin Impact, heralding in new area Sumeru for Travellers to explore, and the release of Dendro element. There's going to be a huge new story update, including Archon quests and hangout events. We've collected all the information we can find right here including banners, new characters, and more.

Want to get your Genshin Impact fix? Here's our build guide for relative newcomer Yelan, and our hub on all things Genshin Impact 2.8 if you still have some unfinished business there. There's also the banner schedule, and some Genshin Impact codes left to redeem if you want some free stuff.

When is the Genshin Impact 3.0 release date?

Genshin Impact 3.0 is now available!

The announcement was made during the corresponding patch livestream, which also announced the release dates for the three big updates set to succeed it.

Characters in Genshin Impact 3.0 and beyond

In recent weeks, Hoyoverse has released a few trailers for the Sumeru region, which confirmed the existence of Nilou, Nahida, Alhaitham, and Dehya. It also gave us another look at Tighnari, but more importantly: Cyno.

  • Tighnari
    • Tighnari is a Dendro and Bow user, who will likely be another new 5-Star character. They are a ranger for the Avidya Forest, and their constellation is Vulpes Zerda.
  • Collei
    • Linked to Cyno, Collei isn't a new face to Genshin. She will be a 4-Star, Dendro, bow user. Collei's character art has been confirmed, as has her constellation: Leptailurus Cervarius.
  • Dori
    • Another 4-Star is the Electro Claymore user, Dori. The Sumeru Merchand has the constellation Magicae Lucerna, and can summon a round, pink genie on the battlefield.

Tighnari will have his first banner alongside a Zhongli rerun in the first half of Version 3.0, with Collei as a boosted 4-Star. Then, Ganyu and Sangonomiya Kokomi will have rerun banners, with Dori as the new 4-Star.

Dori in Genshin Impact
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What are the 3.0 Banners?

We now have confirmation of the banner schedule for Version 3.0, and it goes as follows:

  • First half
    • New 5-Star: Tighnari
    • Rerun 5-Star: Zhongli
    • Boosted 4-Stars: Collei, Diona, Fischl
  • Second half
    • Rerun 5-Stars: Kokomi, Ganyu
    • Boosted 4-Stars: Dori

As for the other 4-Star characters with boosted rates, we'll need to wait a little longer for information.

Will the Sumeru region come in 3.0?

Screenshot of the Sumeru trailer
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Finally, fans have seen an official glimpse of the Sumeru region. At the end of the Version 2.8 Special Program, a voiceover can be heard. This is presumed to be Kusanali, the upcoming Dendro Archon. The screen brightens and shows some sweeping shots of various locations in Sumeru, including rainforested areas, a market town, and the Statue of the Seven.

Sumeru is the next region of Teyvat that we will discover - number four out of the total seven, with Fontaine, Snezhnaya, and Natlan still to be revealed.

The Element of the region is Dendro, and has the Lesser Lord Kusanali as Archon. The people of Sumeru worship the God of Wisdom, which aligns with the characters we've already heard of that have studied in the area or ar Sumerian scholars. Archon Quest Chapter III: Truth Amongst the Pages of Purana will take place in this region.

The region is said to be covered in both rainforest and desert, and is thought to be based upon Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures and countries. We can see this in characters names and designs, such as Dori with her genie and clothing.

Leaked maps suggest that the region is to the West of Mondstadt, and has many harbour areas. Stay tuned for more information being added to our Sumeru tourist guide as leaks and rumours get confirmed or denied.

Events in Genshin Impact 3.0

The Version 3.0 Special Program revealed the events taking place in the new update. We're not sure on dates just yet, but here's what's going down, and what you can get.

  • Graven Innocence

This is the pivotal quest that players should prioritise as it gets you a free Collei! Visit Acara Crafts in Port Ormos as they have a job for you. The toymakers need inspiration, and will task you with the following: photograph wild animals, take part in timed challenges to collect coins, and fight the regions' monsters too, like the Electo Regisvine.

  • Tablet Analytics

Budding alchemist Hajanad is doing experiments with their Remelting Tablets. You'll be asked to use the tablet during combat, and will get rewards including XP materials and Primogems.

  • Lost Riches rerun

Find Ulman deep in the Sumeru forest and help him out. You'll befriend a treasure-hunting Seelie, and will take part in combat trials to charge Seelie Vitality. You can get a floating Seelie companion from this event!

  • Fayz Trials

The Fayz Trials are a new combat trial where you can use a Fayz Potion, allowing you to stop time and observe the enemies like a photo. Their weaknesses show up and can, and should, be explioited. Complete them to help out a floundering researcher.

  • Ley Line Overflow rerun

The Ley Lines are overflowing again - and just in time. Every Ley Line outcrop will drop double rewards of Mora and XP materials. You can do this three times a day while the event is on.

What new weapons and artifacts are there in Version 3.0?

Version 3.0 is giving us not only new story, but a new region, and a new element. It also means we're getting some new equippable items to make use of the Dendro element.

The new artifact sets include Deepwood Memories, to buff the Dendro skill, and an incredibly powerful set for your best characters: Gilded Dreams. Here are their stats:

Artifact Set
2-Piece Set
4-Piece Set
Deepwood Memories
15% Dendro DMG bonus
Target's Dendro RES will be decreased 30% after Elemental attacks hit. Can trigger even if Artifact user is off the field.
Gilded Dreams
Elemental Master +80%
After Elemental Reaction is triggered, user gains buffs based on other party member's elements. -+14% ATK for every member of the same element. -Elemental Mastery +50 for every different element in the party.

We'll be getting two new bows - perfect for Collei, Tighnari, and Ganyu's rerun - which are the Hunter's Path (5-Star), and the End of the Line - a fish-shaped 4-Star weapon. There's a new set of 4-Star weapons in a distinct Sumerian design too:

  • Sword - Sapwood Blade
  • Claymore - Forest Regalia
  • Polearm - Moonpiercer
  • Catalyst - Fruit of Fulfillment
  • Bow - King's Squire

For more Genshin Impact goodness, be sure to check out the Genshin Impact tier list or our preliminary Nahida build. We even have a Genshin Impact 3.1 hub if you're already looking toward the future.

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