Tower of Fantasy - Best teams for PVE and PVP

screenshot of tower off fantasy characters fighting a world boss

screenshot of tower off fantasy characters fighting a world boss

If you're playing the brand new open world RPG Tower of Fantasy, then you're on the grind to get those powerful SSR weapons. But if you're looking for competitive teams for PVE and PVP, it might be a bit tricky to know which weapons to go for. Well, our Tower of Fantasy Best Teams guide will definitely be of great help to you.

The question of what is the best team really a variable answer. There's some weapons that stand out quite a bit more which comprise ideal teams, but depending on what you have you have options to compile a good team.

If your intent is to have a top tier PVE or PVP team, then one of our guides that you'll definitely want to check out is our Tower of Fantasy reroll guide. This will give you the flexibility to go for that top tier team. You might also be interested in knowing if Tower of Fantasy is coming to Switch.

What is the Tower of Fantasy best team?

If you're looking for the top team, then we have you covered. To put it simply, the top team in the game right now for PVEis Samir, Nemesis and King. Why is that? Well, Samir right now is one of the best DPS weapons in the game. It offers a very easy to use play style, and has a high charge rate. This gives you your charge abilities on your other weapons very quickly.

Nemesis, while being a support unit, has a very important special passive ability, and that's Volt Resonance. Essentially, when she's on the same weapon set as another volt weapon, in this case Samir, you'll get a passive volt damage buff. On top of that Nemesis is a good source of healing and offers some passive damage with her Electrodes.

The last unit on the comp is King, which offers incredibly high damage, and a very high shatter value. This will be our main enemy shield breaker. He also offers some damage over time effects when he is one star. For PVP, we simply drop King for Meryl. Meryl is typically a little bit better at breaking shields, but since our weapon resonances are not in effect during PVP, we don't have to worry about having our DPS resonance.

What is the best Tower of Fantasy team for me?

If you're not looking for the best team in the game, but just want to find a really good team for what you have rolled for already, then the exploration and options open up to you. First off, you have to think about if you want to roll for Nemesis or not. Nemesis is very strong because she's the only elemental resonance in the global version of the game at the moment. We will be getting the other elemental resonance weapons at some point though so you can plan around that.


Plainly, if you're planning to play nemesis and you want to play a DPS role, then your best bet is to try and go for the top team that we mentioned above. You can also shoot for Crow as your main DPS weapon, but he's typically harder to play than Samir. Either way, the last unit in your mix should be another DPS weapon, ideally one that has a good shatter value, or a Tank.

For third units, Shiro, King, Meryl or Huma will all due fine due to their high shatter value.

For non-nemesis players, you're going to beultimately looking for Samir and King for PVE and Meryl for PVP, regardless of what your first SSR was.


If you want to play a healer role for group play with Nemesis, then you will want another Healer, ideally Cocoritter, but Zero will be fine as well. Lastly, you want a Volt DPS, ideally Samir.

For solo play though, you'll want to default back to a DPS set up because you're going to need to be able to break enemy shields.

For non-nemesis healers, there's only two healers in the standard banner, Cocoritter and Zero, so you'll want both of them. Both of them have high charge values so you'll want to round your team out with a high shatter weapon. King will give you more DPS, and something like Meryl give you more tankiness.


For the tank players out there, like healers there's only two tanks in the game. You'll want to snag Meryl and Huma to get your tank resonance. Your last unit can pretty much be whatever you want. Huma has both a high charge and shatter rate, and can dish out some mean damage, but having a high charge DPS would really benefit this team.

Here Samir isn't necessarily the go to. While she synergizes well with the tanks by being a fairly close range play style, it's not the end all. Tsubasa has a high charge rate as well. You can play very safe, and when the enemies get too close, you flip into the tanks and go to town.

And that's all we have for you. Volkin has a great video about this very topic, with some graphics to show case based on what unit you started with, what your options are. Definitely check that out as well.

While you're here, be sure to check out our Tower of Fantasy currencies guide, as well as our voice actors guide, so you know who's voicing your favorite characters.

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