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August 12, 2022: Tower of Fantasy is out now on PC.

If you're looking at getting into Tower of Fantasy, the new shared open world RPG, then you might be interested if there's a Tower of Fantasy Switch version. The game is releasing on PC and Mobile versions globally, which is in line with the Chinese release, but is it on the Switch?

The game is developed by Hotta Studios, and it offers fast paced combat, tons of exploration, and a gacha system to tie it all together. The game is best compared to a competitor to Genshin Impact, due to it's anime stylized graphics.

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Is there a Tower of Fantasy Switch version?

At the moment, Hotta Studios has not announced a Tower of Fantasy Switch version. The developers have stated a few different things around a console releases of the game. At first they stated that the console ports were in consideration for development.

More recently though, they tweeted that their focus was the global launch for PC and mobile, so the console version was not going to be released anytime soon. That being said, it's unlikely that we'll see a Tower of Fantasy Switch release date in the near future.

Tower of Fantasy Switch release date speculation

If we had to speculate on a release date for a Tower of Fantasy Switch version, we would guess that we'd see an announcement in late 2022 or early 2023, with a release date probably in late 2023.

That being said, if the Genshin Impact Switch port is anything to go by, it could take a while to actually see a Switch release. Hoyoverse thought that porting Genshin to the Switch would be a fairly easy task, but it's been delayed and we don't have a release date for that either. Given that Tower of Fantasy has similar multiplayer functionality structures, but on a slightly smaller scale, it might not be as big of an undertaking for this game.

We would expect though as well that there's going to be a Playstation 4/5 release before the Switch release. This is similar to Genshin, and a lot of these Anime open world games tend to have a good traction on Playstation.

And that's all the info we know about the Tower of Fantasy Switch version. If you're interested in seeing a Playstation or Switch version, make sure to let Hotta know via their social media channels! While you're here, why not check out our guides on Tower of Fantasy Voice Actors, as well as how to reroll your account in Tower of Fantasy.

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