Tower of Fantasy controller support - platforms, keybinds, and how to enable

Two bikes racing along a futuristic road in Tower of Fantasy.

Two bikes racing along a futuristic road in Tower of Fantasy.

After the spotty past of its closest competitor, Tower of Fantasy controller support is bound to be a question on the lips of many. Launching on PC and mobile with no real word of a console port, the platform-agnostic players out there will want to know whether they can chill on the couch, or if they're expected to stay glued to the desks to play.

Below, we'll go over whether or not Tower of Fantasy controller support is a thing, how it works, how to enable it, and how to tweak it to your liking. That's probably given things away already, but the details are still a little murky.

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Is there Tower of Fantasy controller support?

Right now, Tower of Fantasy controller support is a mixed bag. The game includes a "controller" tab on the settings screen, but this mostly features keyboard keybinds on the PC version, suggesting it could be a mistranslation that should read "controls" instead.

In practice, though, Tower of Fantasy controller support is there. Sort of. You can connect a controller and have it work, but the results are somewhat limited.

Controller layout for Tower of Fantasy
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We weren't able to test on Android or iOS just yet, but our PC build would only register our Xbox controller via Bluetooth. Using a USB-C cable resulted in it not being picked up. The same was true with a DualSense controller as well.

Even when controller support worked, though, it was a half-baked implementation. Controller your character is fine, but you can't navigate any menus beyond the radial selection wheel, meaning you need to go back to a mouse to get anything done.

This might not be as much an issue on mobile when using something like a Razer Kishi or Backbone controller alongside a touchscreen, but if you're using a controller away from the screen, you're going to have a bad time right now.

In the game's defense, the controller graphic at the bottom of the Controller menu does show a "Coming Soon" message. This is likely just controller remapping, but it could suggest further Tower of Fantasy controller support features are in the works.

How to enable controller support in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy uses an auto-detection method for controllers. So long as your device picks up a connected controller, the game should automatically enable controller support when you press a button or move a stick. To go back to mouse/keyboard or touch control, just use them and it'll switch back.

Can you remap controls in Tower of Fantasy?

Through the Controller menu on the Settings screen, you can remap Tower of Fantasy controls to your preferred keybinds on PC. Controller rebinding looks to be coming soon.

Which controllers will Tower of Fantasy support?

Because we don't yet have access to the mobile version of the game, we can't test too many controller right now.

At present, the PC version suggests that any controller that's picked up by Windows should work just fine for basic use. You're not going to get far with a dance mat, but your Xbox or PlayStation pad will work just fine.

Tower of Fantasy is set to launch on August 10, 2022 and will be launching on PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store, as well as iOS and Android. The game will be cross play and cross progression as well.

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