Tower of Fantasy Characters List

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Image of a character in a frosty area in Tower of Fantasy.

Gacha game fans ought to get excited, because a brand-new mobile RPG is on its way! Our Tower of Fantasy characters guide will look at all the playable characters you'll be able to harness in this upcoming game from Hotta Studio. They may be reasonably new to the gacha genre, but Tower of Fantasy is shaping up nicely.

This guide will run through all the characters currently confirmed to appear in Tower of Fantasy. We'll also include a brief rundown of their personality, as well as their individual birthdays. Since there's no gameplay yet, we can't address how they'll perform in-game, so expect those details down the line.

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Tower Of Fantasy Characters List

Read on for a look at all the Tower of Fantasy characters, as well as a brief bio on their personality. Be sure to check back regularly, as we'll update this guide once new operators are confirmed.


Birthday: October 10

A secretive and reasonably detached member of the roster, Meryl operates best with a longsword in her hand.



Birthday: May 10

Samir is one of the more laidback members of the squad, often known to crack jokes. She also rocks dual pistols in combat.


Birthday: September 22

The group's scientist, Shiro is a more defensive character with a focus on upgrades and boosting other team members.



Birthday: June 6

A 15-year-old computer whizz, Zero isn't afraid of any threat and is willing to risk everything to get what he wants.



Birthday: November 3

Arguably the boldest member of the team, King is brash, committed, and happy to use violence if needs be. Definitely one of the more exciting characters to play as!


Birthday: March 24

The main archer, Tsubasa harnesses the powers of ice and wind in her combat style. However, she's more emotionally closed-off than most of the rest of the group.



Birthday: June 1

She wields an icy sceptre to fight enemies, though some team members consider her too innocent for her own good.


Birthday: December 17

Crow is a dagger expert, using two at once to carve through enemies. His only downfall? His inability to crack jokes.



Birthday: May 23

Trapped under the control of the evil Heirs of Ada, Nemesis was an experiment gone horribly wrong.


Birthday: May 23

Shirli is one of the first characters you'll encounter in Tower of Fantasy, as she saves the player character early on. She's also fiercely loyal and cares a lot for her family.



Birthday: February 1

Frigg is the second-in-command to Sage, leader of the Heirs of Ada. She's a no-nonsense fighter who holds no remorse whatsoever.


Birthday: November 12

Zeke is Shirli's older brother, and as such is very protective. He's a strong warrior and a keen fighter, though he's often reluctant to show emotion.

Image of combat gameplay in Tower of Fantasy
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How Do I Get More Tower Of Fantasy Characters?


As a gacha game, there's only one way to get more Tower of Fantasy characters: random spins. Since the game isn't out yet details are slim, but we expect you'll be able to purchase summons to randomly get one of the aforementioned roster of characters. Expect to spend currency you've earned through gameplay on these spins, with your fingers crossed that you'll bag one of the high-powered characters.

Of course, once Tower of Fantasy officially launches and we can get our hands on the game, we'll have more details on the summoning process. Expect there to be a range of banners to choose which random drops to purchase, with some containing exclusive characters or higher odds of pulling certain fighters. We'll have to wait and see!

That's it for our look at the Tower of Fantasy characters. Stay tuned, as more detail on these fighters and their gameplay abilities is sure to drop soon. In the meantime, feel free to use our Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list if you fancy another gacha game to pass the time.