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Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List - Best Cookies

Committing the Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list to memory is a great way to defend your exquisitely baked town from the conniving cake monsters. Every cookie has its place on the 250+ battlefields of this creative little mobile RPG, but some are inherently better than others. So before you go spending thousands of gems on the newest Cookie Run: Kingdom banner, consult the tier list below to ensure you're not better off saving those for the next cookie to exit the oven.

Have you just happened across this page and have no clue what Cookie Run: Kingdom is? Well, it's a stage-based RPG battler with some fun little base building mechanics. Characters (cookies) are pulled from an ever-changing gacha system. Combined with equipment, experience, and a few other progression methods, cookies of all rarities have their place on the right team and will get you through some of the game's more difficult challenges.

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Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List

Tier Cookie
SDark Choco, Pure Vanilla, Sea Fairy, Licorice, Hollyberry
AHerb, Mala Sauce, Twizzly Gummy, Raspberry, Strawberry Crepe, Black Raisin, Vampire, Rye Parfait, Moon Rabbit
BSonic, Tails, Latte, Almond, Sorbet, Mango, Mint Choco, Poison Mushroom, Pastry, Tiger Lily
CPomegranate, Milk Cookie, Purple Yam, Espresso, Red Velvet, Sparkling, Squid Ink
DMadeleine, Chili Pepper, Lilac, Cream Puff, Fig, Snow Sugar, Kumiho, Werewolf

You might notice the Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list above is short more than a few cookies. That's because of the rarity system. Unlike World Flipper, which has three and four star characters constantly top its tier list, the more common characters of Cookie Run: Kingdom are usurped by any in their role at a higher rarity.

You'll have to rely on these lesser baked goods like Beet and Avocado early on, but getting any similar character at epic rarity or above will, once comparatively built, prove more useful.

The second legendary unit, Hollyberry, sits high on the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list.
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When Is the Next New Cookie Run: Kingdom Character?

A new and spooky Cookie Run: Kingdom character is said to be making their way into the game to celebrate the scary season. Presumably, this will happen around Halloween on October 31. It's also understood that new limited-time costumes will arrive as well.


How Do I Get an Ancient Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Ancient Cookies like Hollyberry and Pure Vanilla are typically some of the best characters in Cookie Run: Kingdom. These cookies are the ones you play as briefly during the game's opening cinematic, where you're thrust into the final battle before your adventure with GingerBrave begins.

Legendary cookies can only be obtained during limited-time events as and when said cookie releases. As of September 23, Hollyberry is the latest Ancient Cookie to release. It's available until October 8 through the Nether-Gacha banner.

The way this banner works is different to any other in the game. To pull in it, you use currencies obtained by taking part in the limited-time event. Even if you're starting fresh, it's possible to get well over 100 attempts at this, but your chances of scoring a full Ancient Cookie or enough Soulstones to make one are pretty low.

The pity system still exists in the Nether-Gacha system, however. So if you have enough currency to pull 250 times, you can get a guaranteed Legendary Cookie.

If you're just starting out, be sure to check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom codes guide to begin your adventure on the right foot.


What Are the Best Cookie Run: Kingdom Builds?

As a team-building gacha RPG, how you outfit your units will dictate how useful they are in your team. Top-tier units can perform comparatively well with little effort, but any cookie will shine with the optimal equipment for their skillset.

Toppings play a big part in this. There's no reason to use them to boost the offensive power of a defensive unit, for example. Luckily, we've rounded up the best Cookie Run: Kingdom Toppings in a separate guide. It's a big one, but it's essential reading to ensure you don't waste any valuable toppings on less-capable cookies.