Cookie Run Kingdom tier list (May 2024) - Best cookies in the game

a group of people are standing next to a blue monster in a video game .

a group of people are standing next to a blue monster in a video game .
May 30, 2024: Added the new cookies to tier list.

Cookie Run Kingdom has such a large character roster that it is hard to a grand list. We have made our own Cookie Run Kingdom tier list to make that possible with the newest and latest information we have researched online.

Every cookie has its place on the 250+ battlefields of this creative little mobile RPG, but some are inherently better than others.

The tier list we have created will let you save up on premium credits and possibly just skip other Cookie Run Kingdom banners that you don't want to pull from, so better take a peek down below.

Cookie Run Kingdom tier list


Linzer Cookie
Squid Ink Cookie
Snapdragon Cookie
Golden Cheese Cookie
Shining Glitter Cookie
Stormbringer Cookie
Sherbet Cookie
Elder Faerie
Fettucine Cookie
Stardust Cookie
Hollyberry Cookie
Pure Vanilla Cookie
White Lily Cookie
Crimson Coral Cookie
Rebel Cookie
Space Donut
Rockstar Cookie
Cream Puff Cookie
Creme Brulee Cookie
Wildberry Cookie
Tarte Tatin Cookie
Moonlight Cookie
Captain Caviar Cookie
Prune Juice Cookie
Frost Queen Cookie


Icicle Yeti Cookie
Capsaicin Cookie
Mystic Flour Cookie
Espresso Cookie
Cloud Haetae Cookie
Dark Cacao Cookie
Madeleine Cookie
Almond Cookie
Peppermint Cookie
Cotton Cookie
Vampire Cookie
Twizzly Gummy Cookie
Pinecone Cookie
Sea Fairy Cookie
Werewolf Cookie
Rye Cookie
Mango Cookie
Mozzarella Cookie
Pitaya Dragon Cookie
Burnt Cheese Cookie
Frilled Jellyfish
Eclair Cookie
Parfait Cookie
Sorbet Shark Cookie
Black Pearl Cookie
Milky Way Cookie
Schwarzwalder Cookie
Silverbell Cookie
Pomegranate Cookie
Mala Sauce Cookie
Butter Roll Cookie
Snow Sugar Cookie
Macaron Cookie


Sparkling Cookie
Milk Cookie
Oyster Cookie
Tea Knight Cookie
Kouign-Amann Cookie
Herb Cookie
Latte Cookie
Financier Cookie
Royal Margarine Cookie
Carol Cookie
Licorice Cookie
Clotted Cream Cookie
Cherry Blossom Cookie
Cream Unicorn Cookie
Blueberry Pie Cookie
Crunchy Chip Cookie
Pumpkin Pie Cookie
Black Lemonade Cookie
Affogato Cookie
Purple Yam Cookie


Mercurial Knight Cookie
Olive Cookie
Cocoa Cookie
Poison Mushroom Cookie
Strawberry Crepe Cookie
Custard Cookie III
Candy Diver Cookie
Caramel Arrow Cookie
Dark Choco
Red Velvet Cookie
Blackberry Cookie
Mint Choco Cookie
Black Raisin Cookie
Prophet Cookie
Tiger Lily Cookie
Carrot Cookie
Moon Rabbit Cookie
Princess Cookie


Matcha Cookie
Lilac Cookie
Cheery Cookie
Adventurer Cookie
Chili Pepper Cookie
Pastry Cookie
Sonic Cookie
Wizard Cookie
Ninja Cookie
Devil Cookie
Clover Cookie
Avocado Cookie
Raspberry Cookie
Tails Cookie
Knight Cookie
Pancake Cookie
Kumiho Cookie


Caramel Choux
Gumball Cookie
Fit Cookie
Beet Cookie
Alchemist Cookie
Strawberry Cookie
Onion Cookie
Fig Cookie
Muscle Cookie
GingerBrave Cookie
Angel Cookie

You might notice the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list above is short more than a few cookies. That's because of the rarity system. Unlike the World Flipper tier list, which has three and four star characters constantly top its tier list, the more common characters of Cookie Run: Kingdom are usurped by any in their role at a higher rarity.

You'll have to rely on these lesser baked goods like Beet and Avocado early on, but getting any similar character at epic rarity or above will, once comparatively built, prove more useful.

Is Space Donut good?

When maxed out with Solid Almond toppings, Space Donut is a fearsome front Charge unit that can take a proper beating. Even without promotions, its power level is surprisingly high at max level with a near-max skill. As an Epic rarity pull, it's worth trying for if you have the resources to build it up.

Prophet Cookie, a Cookie Run Kingdom character added on January 4, 2023.
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As a team-building gacha RPG, how you outfit your units will dictate how useful they are in your team. Top-tier units can perform comparatively well with little effort, but any cookie will shine with the optimal equipment for their skillset.

Toppings play a big part in this. There's no reason to use them to boost the offensive power of a defensive unit, for example. Luckily, we've rounded up the best Cookie Run: Kingdom Toppings in a separate guide. It's a big one, but it's essential reading to ensure you don't waste any valuable toppings on less-capable cookies. We even have a guide on Cookie Run: Kingdom cookie cutters to help you in that department as well.

And that's currently all for our latest Cookie Run Kingdom tier list. To save yourself from doomscrolling through the app stores, check out our lists on the best Android racing games, the best Android mobile card games, and even the best Android action games.

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