tier list - Best weapons, skills, and equipment (November 2022)

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November 2, 2022: With a new update out, we've revised our tier list slightly and added some tech templates for each map style.

You'll want to check out the tier list if you're hoping to breeze through the content and unlock new chapters as they come. We're here to help you navigate this new bullet hell shooter from the people behind Archero, so keep reading to reap the rewards.


Down below, you'll find three different tier list ranking the weapons at each grade, the equipment you can fill your slots with, and the weapon skills you'll want to aim for in each run. As the results of a round can depend on luck, wise combination decisions, and your ability to weave between enemies, the right choice isn't as simple as it first seems.

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For more on the hit new mobile game, check out our codes page. You can use those limited-time coupons to bag some freebies, speeding up your way to the best weapons, equipment, and weapon skill upgrades. And for more from the same developer, check out the Archero tier list as well. weapons - What's the best weapon in

Weapons Excellent Epic Legend
Lightchaser (waves)BAS
Lightchaster (Bosses)DCB
Kunai (Waves)DCB
Kunai (Bosses)BAS
Katana (Waves)CCB
Katana (Bosses)FDD
Revolver (Waves)FFB
Revolver (Bosses)CBA
Shotgun (Waves)DDC
Shotgun (Bosses)DCC
Baseball Bat (Waves)CBA
Baseball bat (Bosses)DDC

Whether you're grinding on waves or struggling against bosses, the weapon tier list can really help you overcome whatever bottleneck you worm your way into.

At the top of the list is perhaps the best weapon choice in the game. The Lightchaser is powerful enough at any level to turn most waves into mincemeat. After that, you're looking at the Baseball Bat or Katana at early levels to deal decent damage.


If it's bosses you're struggling to make it past, you can't go wrong with the Kunai. It doesn't start off strong, but one powered up, you won't find a better option. Second to that is the revolver, so hold onto it.

A character using the second best weapon according to the tier list. equipment tier list - All equipment slots ranked

Chestplates Excellent Epic Legend
Eternal SuitBAS
Traveller's JackerFDC
Protective SuitFDC
Full Metal SuitCBA
Army uniformDCC
Eternal NecklaceBAS
Bone PendantDCC
Trendy CharmCBA
Emerald PendantFFD
Metal NeckguardCBB
Army NameplateFCC
Eternal BeltBAS
Leather BeltFFF
Stylish BeltBAA
Broad WaistguardFDD
Waist SensorFDD
Army BeltFDD
Eternal GlovesBAS
Fingerless GlovesDBA
Protective GlovesFFF
Shiny WaistguardFDC
Army GlovesDCB
Leather GlovesDCB
Eternal BootsBAS
Prosthetic LegsDCC
High BootsDCC
Layered ShowshoesFDD
Light RunnerCBA
Army BootsDCB

For this one, we've stuffed the official equipment tier list into a single table split into each different equipment slot. The official tier list ranks things from SS-D before going to down to F, but to keep up with our other tier lists, we've converted this down to cap out at S.

What that means is most items have moved down a tier over the official list, but anything that was ranked D-tier has ranked F in ours. After all, if something's that low down with so many other options, you may as well ditch it at the first moment.

A choice of the best skills from the tier list.
Advertisement weapon skills tier list - Which skills to upgrade

Skills Waves Bosses Excellent / Epic Tech (Bosses) Excellent / Epic Tech (Bosses) Legend Tech (Waves) Legend Tech (Bosses)
Laser LauncherDFCDBC
Soccer ballABSASA

When it comes to weapon skills, there's really one that stands out above the rest: Lightning.

This simple bolt from the heavens works at practically ever level of the game regardless of how much you've managed to upgrade it. It's not going to clear the room like a bomb, but with enough power and speed, it'll strike enough to demolish grounds of tanky targets you manage to kite into a neat little ball. And bosses? They don't stand a chance.

Not far below that is the soccer ball. Stack that with Lightning early on and you'll walk through most of the initial stages and stand a solid chance of pushing through just about any wave if you're careful.

If it's bosses you struggle with, the drill might be your next best option.

Advertisement fan tier list

The tier lists above all come from the Discord channel and are the official weapon, skill, and equipment gradings provided by the developers.

If you want an alternate look at the tier list, though, you can check out the video above from a prominent player. Without details spreadsheets and data crunching, a tier list is mostly built from a player's own experience. So if you prefer to listen to a player's grading over the game designers, give it a watch.

How to beat chapter one in

If you're new and struggling to make it through chapter one, here are a few tips:

  • The chapter is 15 minutes long
    • Bosses spawn at each five-minute interval
    • Zombie swarms come in around two minutes before each boss
  • Hover around a bomb as swarms approach to quickly deal with them
  • Prioritize the Guardian upgrade to make them permanent
  • Get new area skills like Lightning, Soccer Ball, and Guardian before upgrades
  • Understand that you'll struggle without equippable gear
  • Hover around meat if you're approaching a wave you struggle to clear

By using the tips above, you should be able to make it through the 15-minute run, clear the first chapter, and unlock a load of new things. loadouts - Best weapons for each chapter

Chapter Weapon Tech Equipment
Square mapsLightchaserMolotov, Destroyer, Lightning Emitter, Guardian, Brick, RPGFingerless Gloves
Open mapsLightchaserEternal Light, Molotov, Destroyer, Quantum Ball, Thunderbolt Power Cell, Guardian

The quick builds above aren't complete and shouldn't be taken as absolute ways to survive a chapter. Luck plays into the tech you can get on each run, and not having a particular weapon or piece of equipment won't make it impossible.

What the table above shows is a way most consider to be an easy template to use if you're stuck on a particularly tough chapter. has many chapters with many different types of enemies. What is typically concrete, though, is the type of map used - square, open, or trial.

So, depending on which you find yourself in, you can aim for a particular build above, noting how each slight change makes it better suited to the way the game flows on that particular style of map.


How to get epic equipment in

If you're new to the game, you're probably wondering how to get epic equipment in They're always going to be at the top of the tier list, but the normal and good gear you get early on will only annoy you with their locked abilities.

Without putting too much work into things, you can get your first piece of epic equipment in by simply playing through to around chapter 5. Once you make it through Chapter 1, you'll have the equipment and knowledge to make it to chapter 5 before you'll need new equipment.

Thankfully, the login gifts, mission rewards, and other freebies will net you enough gems to open ten EDF Supply boxes, guaranteeing you an epic piece of equipment.

You can even get epic equipment in by completing the Autumn Leaves seasonal event. All those tokens can get you top-tier equipment like Eternal Suit and Lightchaster.

For more rankings, check out our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list for a fun RPG. We have a Diablo Immortal tier list if you're looking for a more graphically intensive mobile gear grind, too.