Cookie Run: Kingdom Toppings - Best Toppings and How They Work

Screenshot from Cookie Run: Kingdom, showing the lead cookie fighting against enemies

Screenshot from Cookie Run: Kingdom, showing the lead cookie fighting against enemies
May 24, 2022: Having already added Clotted Cream Cookie and Wildberry Cookie, we didn't need to make any changes to the best toppings in the game.

Our Cookie Run: Kingdom toppings list will break down all the different toppings in this colourful mobile RPG. It'll show you which toppings provide the best in-game stat boosts to your character, so you can choose a lineup that'll make you most effective in battle.

Our list of Cookie Run: Kingdom toppings will explain what each equippable topping does, and what in-game boost it unlocks. We'll also break down which toppings are most effective for each playable character, so you know which to pick for your cookie of choice.

If you want even more on Cookie Run: Kingdom, you're in the right place. You can check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list to see which characters to go after, as well as our Cookie Run: Kingdom codes list for a bunch of in-game freebies.

Image from Cookie Run: Kingdom, showing a large cookie surrounded by fellow fighters
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Bouncy Caramel

Boost: Attack Speed

Best for: Kumiho, Pastry, and Tea Knight.

Solid Almond

Boost: DMG Resistance

Best for: Milk Cookie, Madeleine, Dark Choco, Purple Yam, Werewolf, Pomegranate, Kumiho, Knight, Princess, Avocado, Strawberry, GingerBrave, Muscle, Strawberry Crepe, Raspberry, Hollyberry, Moon Rabbit, Cocoa Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, Cherry Blossom Cookie, Wildberry Cookie.

Searing Raspberry

Boost: Attack

Best for: Espresso, Chili Pepper, Herb Cookie, Poison Mushroom, Pomegranate, Kumiho, Rye, Vampire, Custard, Clover, Blackberry, Gumball, Pancake, Adventurer, GingerBrave, Wizard, Ninja, Latte, Black Raisin, Pastry, Devil, Mango, Sea Fairy, Squid Ink, Sorbet, Parfait, Tails, Sonic, Frost Queen Cookie, Tea Knight, Cotton Cookie, Affogato Cookie, Cherry Blossom Cookie.

Hearty Hazelnut

Boost: CRIT Resistance

Best for: Specialised battle scenarios where an enemy's critical hits are proving hard to avoid.

Swift Chocolate

Boost: CD/Cooldown Benefit

Best for: Snow Sugar, Milk Cookie, Poison Mushroom, Mint Choco, Purple Yam, Licorice, Kumiho, Tiger Lily, Sparkling, Alchemist, Cherry, Carrot, Onion, Beet, Angel, Cream Puff, Almond, Pure Vanilla, Strawberry Crepe, Red Velvet, Fig, Sea Fairy, Lilac, Sorbet, Parfait, Raspberry, Tails, Sonic, Mala Sauce, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Cocoa Cookie, Eclair, Frost Queen Cookie, Clotted Cream Cookie.

Hard Walnut

Boost: Defence

Best for: Specialised battle scenarios where your opponent's attack is overwhelming, Wildberry Cookie.

Healthy Peanut

Boost: HP

Best for: Dark Cacao, Tea Knight, Strawberry Crepe

Sweet Candy

Boost: Power/Amplify Buffs

Best for: White Lily (unreleased)

Juicy Apple Jelly

Boost: CRIT

Best for: Twizzly Gummy, Caramel Arrow

Fresh Kiwi

Boost: Debuff Resistance

Best for: Specialised battle scenarios where your opponent is using debuff moves

As you can see from the list, the most effective topping in Cookie Run: Kingdom is Swift Chocolate. Alongside Searing Raspberry, they provide the most significant stat boost, making them the ones to equip.

Of course, that isn't to say that other toppings aren't worth thinking about. Solid Almond is also a very powerful topping due to the boost it gives your defence. However, other toppings like Fresh Kiwi will be less useful in your everyday battles on Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Instead, those toppings will be used mostly for specific combat situations, where a particular workaround is needed. If you're struggling to land critical hits, for example, then that's the perfect time to equip the Juicy Apple Jelly. Generally speaking, though, it'll be less useful in run-of-the-mill battles.

Image from Cookie Run: Kingdom, showing the lead cookie leading other baked heroes into battle from a hilltop
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It's early days yet, but the stacking buff Tea Knight Cookie gets when his allies fall in battle suggests he's best when he's able to stand his ground as his allies drop. For that, a mixture of Bouncy Caramel and Searing Raspberry can turn him into a scary beast that'll clutch arena battles in a pinch. For more sustain, go with Bouncy Caramel and Solid Almond.

Like Frost Queen Cookie, Eclair is a mid-lane control mage more than they are a damage option. Their attacks are still strong, but you want to land the debilitating debuffs more consistently throughout the fight, which will amplify the damage the rest of your team can deal. For that, stacking Swift Chocolate toppings is probably the way forward.

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, toppings are boosts you can equip to help improve your in-game stats. As you can see from our toppings list, they can encompass anything from increased attack potency to better chances of landing critical hits.

You unlock toppings by completing story quests, with certain levels providing access to specific toppings. As you progress through Cookie Run: Kingdom and advance in level, you unlock more topping slots, allowing you to equip several toppings at once. Topping slots unlock at the following levels:

  • Slot 1 - level 1
  • Slot 2 - level 15
  • Slot 3 - level 20
  • Slot 4 - level 25
  • Slot 5 - level 30

Now you know what Cookie Run: Kingdom toppings are, and what they do, it's time to learn how to equip them. The good news is that it is an incredibly easy process.

  • Boot up Cookie Run: Kingdom.
  • Select the 'Cookie' menu, then choose one of the cookies in your roster
  • Tap the 'Toppings' sub-menu and you'll see a menu showing your toppings and available slots.

That's all you need to do! Once you're in that menu, you can refer to our toppings list to see which are most effective for the cookie you've selected, then equip it accordingly.

Screenshot from Cookie Run: Kingdom, showing four cookies having a picnic
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You can only unlock more toppings by completing certain quests within Cookie Run: Kingdom. This means there are no codes or easy ways to get free toppings – instead, you have to rinse and repeat certain missions. This will require a grind to accrue as many toppings as possible.

Levels to farm
Bouncy Caramel
6-1, 6-6, 6-11, 6-16, 6-21, 6-26, 7-3, 7-8, 7-13, 7-23, 7-28, 8-3, 8-8, 8-13, 8-18, 8-23
Solid Almond
6-1, 6-6, 6-11, 6-16, 6-26, 7-3, 7-8, 7-18, 7-23, 7-28, 8-3, 8-8, 8-13, 8-18, 8-23
Searing Raspberry
6-2, 6-7, 6-12, 6-17, 6-22, 6-27, 7-4, 7-9, 7-14, 7-19, 7-24, 7-29, 8-4, 8-9, 8-14, 8-19, 8-24
Hearty Hazelnut
6-2, -7, 6-12, 6-17, 6-27, 7-4, 7-9, 7-14, 7-19, 7-24, 7-29, 8-4, 8-9, 8-14, 8-19, 8-24
Swift Chocolate
6-3, 6-8, 6-13, 6-23, 6-28, 7-5, 7-10, 7-15, 7-20, 7-25, 7-30, 8-5, 8-10, 8-15, 8-20, 8-20
Hard Walnut
6-3, 6-8, 6-13, 6-18, 6-23, 6-28, 7-5, 7-10, 7-15, 7-20, 7-25, 7-30, 8-5, 8-10, 8-15, 8-20, 8-25
Healthy Peanut
6-4, 6-9, 6-14, 6-19, 6-24, 7-1, 7-6, 7-11, 7-16, 7-21, 7-26, 8-1, 8-6, 8-11, 8-16, 8-21, 8-26
Sweet Candy
6-4, 6-9, 6-14, 6-19, 6-24, 7-1, 7-6, 7-11, 7-16, 7-21, 7-26, 8-1, 8-6, 8-11, 8-16, 8-21, 8-26
Juicy Apple
6-5, 6-10, 6-15, 6-20, 6-25, 7-2, 7-7, 7-12, 7-17, 7-22, 7-17, 8-2, 8-7, 8-12, 8-17, 8-22, 8-27
Fresh Kiwi
6-5, 6-10, 6-1, 6-20, 6-25, 7-2, 7-7, 7-12, 7-17, 7-22, 7-27, 8-2, 8-7, 8-12, 8-17, 8-22, 8-27

However, it's good to know that all levels in Cookie Run: Kingdom are repeatable – so if you've finished a particularly fruitful quest and want to repeat it straight away, that's an option. The table above will show you which levels are best for farming certain toppings.

If you want to know the new Cookie Run: Kingdom toppings the second they release, then there's a few platforms you should keep an eye on. First and foremost, it's worth following the official Cookie Run: Kingdom Twitter account, which constantly shares information about special events, updates, and new additions to the game. It's also a good idea to check out the official Discord channel, where you can find all of this information, too.

Of course, we also recommend bookmarking this page and checking back regularly. We'll be updating our toppings list as and when new toppings or cookies release, so you know which gameplay combinations work best. New cookies are always in the works, with the Cocoa Cookie dropping recently to mark the end of 2021, so keep an eye out for more!

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